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Realizing Populism
By Richard Eastman
All the money in the world has gone to the criminal families. Where the human race by now should have been living in a real world utopia with landscapes and technology  only imagined in cyberspace games -- because we lack the capital.credit to build them in the real world --  instead all of that wealth and power has gone to give a coven of super-criminals the power of Mephastophilis.  
And Mephastophilis is what they have become -- corrupted by aboslute unlimited power, dominating from high above us in control towers (prison towers) that we built for them because they are the monopolist employer. And we below in the prison years are kept  stuck in 1960s and 1970 infrastructure world -- while they live in Elite world Olympus.  
They dumbed us  down because our intelligence was always a threat (their power is built on our intelligence, not there own -- they control through non-productive monopoly and through manipulation of credit and the money supply.  
You see it everywhere -- but we are often blind to it.  
In school instead of reading about Brutus and Caesar and the question of how to recognize tyrants and how to overthrow them, all high schools have shifted to Romeo and Juliet -- a teen suicide story -- and Catcher in the Rye, and Of Mice and Men -- the old new-left communist curriculum to destroy middle class morality which makes for self-reliant self-governing people. In art class students are encouraged to draw themes popular in Hollywood -- glorifying death and occult superstition -- for future jobs as horror poster artists etc. On television showing homosexual lifestyle "brothers" raising a boy -- establishing the image in our minds of the lifestyle (whether the actors realize what he is doing or not) -- the lifestyle message is obvious -- and this is shown on daytime TV, along with endless horror and sociopathic crime action movies -- and the Science Fiction Channel, once sought by parents because science fiction once contained science and encouraged thinking -- is now almost exclusively "wrong turn" grizzly horror featuring zombie and/or psychopathic killers, or action pictures where everyone solves everything by kickboxing and blowing up and burning all the "bad" people who at the beginning of the move did exactly the same thing to establish themselves as bad guys --  and love stories that are all about dysfunction finding happiness in dysfunction. 
Hollywood dominates and so no program that a middle class person of any race would want to make will be made. Heroes -- having principles and sacrificing for others and championing the interests of the common man -- are mocked. On television the only threat to society is terrorism -- every social catastrophe is excused as diversity.  The family is everywhere degraded. The model of the good man is mocked -- and a false good guy -- Gibbs the super-patriot terrorist hunter, for example,  -- super patriot motivated exclusively by 9-11 -- endlessly using high technology to capture terrorists with the help of Mossad agents etc. 
And in the real courts -- judges and lawyers are all anti-family -- all indoctrinated with cultural-sabotage "politically correct" poison.  The social workers are all anti-family. The big corporations now sell us whatever they want -- because the government now serves Wall Street interests and no one else. And Wall Street is anti-American, pro-Zionist, and at the top controlled by Jews in America loyal to Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Zionism, and the destruction and degradation of all races. Yes they are allied with the Communist Dictatorship in China -- but only because they since Marx they bankrolled all Communism to replace liberalism (of Jefferson and Bolivar for example) with something under their control -- so that whenever the communist come to power the productive self-supporting and self-respecting middle class "petty bourgeois" and the farmers/peasants are violently murdered or else starved to death.  
And all US military are are in the hands of this criminal elite -- the officers above colonel behind sold out mercenaries and the men in the ranks  being deliberately poisoned by depleted uranium or blown up by Israeli planted "false-flag" bombs in wars against all Islam  started/provoked  by Jewish organized crime when they arranged the 9-11 false flag attack. The idea is to spread the US fighting man all over the earth to fight Islam -- only to have him kill Moslems and be killed in return -- so the Jew and the Han Chinese Communist/Triad Princeling  will dominate the earth together -- as Zion and as the Central Kingdom envisioned by the Legalists who first unified China (and were overthrown after only 40 years by a populist uprising of the Han !!! -- until 1949 when they finally got back in power thanks to their friends the Opium Bankers of the City of London -- for whom Zhou Enlai has secretly worked.
All that you know -- but you are probably wondering how to fix this problem with a minimum of loss, dislocation and and pain.
Here is how we can do it.
We go around them, as we ourselves start all over again with a new system that does not allow super-criminals to get all power. We replace their drug money empire -- opium is how Mao Tse-tung  bought his way to power with American traitor help (George C. Marshall etc.)  -- we replace their drug empire with a system in which the government provides every addict with the drugs they crave for cost -- pennies -- keeping the trillions of dollars out of the hands of international organized crime and in the hands of Americans.   In effect all of the power that that money represents will have changed sides!
Second we completely do away with Big Usury's  priviatly controlled monopoly of money supply manipulation and credit manipulation -- replacing it with fresh purchasing power that appears, as everyones' right, as a dividend owed to him or her, in the hands of every American household -- debt free and without having to be paid back -- (Note: if  the government wants to provide the electric power, airports, parks, sanitation, fire and police protection they can either tax the households or simply print fresh debt-free treasury money. The mix of public private is still up to the people to decide -- but there will no longer be Big Finance pushing for big government spending projects like wars or "homelandsecurity" etc.    
Furthermore, Inflation is really no big deal if the new money appears in the hands of the consumer and not in the hands of giant monopoly corporations or the crooked construction and real estate businesses that (along with drugs and lawyers) dominate elite organized crime in every city. If wages grow with profits and prices and there is no large pile of savings that is not indexed to purchasing power no one is hurt by inflation.  Instead, under Social Credit -- the household will buy for their needs -- and the entrepreneur will have the joy and pleasure of catering to the needs of consumers who actually have the purchasing power to make their local businesses and local factories worthwhile and pay off. And then there is a permanent Jubilee -- we  will repudiate all debt to the crime families who have NEVER given us anything back for the trillions they have stolen from us. 
Being the most ruthless "sonofabitch" is no longer the operational criterion for ruling the human race. Large ill-gotten fortunes will be redistributed. People who own rental properties will face some redistribution -- there will be a limit on how much rental property one can own. There will still be banks -- but they will not create money using fractional reserve mechanisms -- and they will not operate open market operations in the loanable funds markets. There will be no central bank. There will be no interstate banks. There will be no bank holding companies. And there will be no Rockefeller family which together act as a giant interlocking directorate. The new Anti-Trust will be an inquisition to concealed secret combinations of monopoly power.  There will still be state banks, entirely regulated by the state with no overseas investments -- and with no Wall Street investments --  which will simply pool people's savings, paying 3 percent to depositors, so entrepreneurs can get loans at 6 percent. 
Or maybe the spread will be smaller. (Today the elite loop that deals internationally can borrow money at a spread between hiring money and selling money that is actually less than one percent -- but we common people of the lower loop have a giant spread between the 3 percent that depositors get for their savings and the 18% prime lending rate that the biggest corporations get. That difference between the exogenous and the endogenous spreads alone is enough to build the giant criminal fortunes that have so distorted justice in the world. That can be ended easily.  In fact with the computer age and the elimination of monopoly usury people could get loans for very very little above what savings depositors get -- because the middle man usurer would be eliminated. Entrepreneurship -- with profit pull, instead of wall street usury push -- would begin rebuilding the country to suit the people and their posterity.
Yes there will be plenty be anti-trust activity.  First and foremost the media monopoly would be broken up. Hollywood closed ownership clique (Jewish monopoly) will be broken up. Everyone who wanted to be in movies would be in movies of their own making. Every community would make its own movies. Networks would allow fifty channels for each mid-sized town -- of local talent making really good movies reflecting community values and tastes -- instead of Jeudo-pornographic culture.
And we would no longer equate pornography with free speech. The Enquirer would vanish -- and good reading will return -- magazines like what Readers Digest used to be before Lawrence Rockefeller bought it up and converted it to another version of people magazine -- or magazines like US News and World Report before Mortimer Zuckerman bought it up with junk bond money during the S & L Crisis etc. Instead the news would be local. And there will be no barrier between the internet and the news media -- and both would improve -- because of selection of the best journalist by discerning and well-informed readers/viewers -- those who give good information  away because what they say is vital to the nation would suddenly have money from real household demand to provide true information to the people --  -- and the gatekeepers keeping out men who expose organized crime in high places  would no longer have employment -- and the monopoly mouthpieces -- allowed their monopoly by the Supreme Court and by FCC regulations written dictated by puppet Presidents and puppet legislators and their hand-picked staffs who write up all laws to fit Rothschild/Rockefeller policy etc. All of that will go, because people now know that it has to go.
Nuff said.
Begin here:
Insist on
1) paper ballots with continuous public viewing via video camera of the ballot box all the way through the counting -- with the camera getting the the ballots. And write in candidates possible. And a chance to vote for an elector of the electoral college if you don't like any of the candidates that the political parties have put up. And of course with social credit people will have cash left over after food and shelter to support their own populist candidates against the candidates of  the Money Power owned parties.
2) insist on debt repudiation -- they didn't earn it, we did -- they weren't the entrepreneurs and they weren't the inventors or the skilled workmen -- they merely withheld the credit until they controlled it all -- they must not keep such ill-gotten gains because they will certainly use that money to corrupt the world all over again if they had the chance;
3) insist on total re-regulation of foreign trade -- allowing our foreign creditors who were not part of the Rothschild/Rockefeller conspiracy to have all of the factories that the American financial elites have ownership in abroad. Investment abroad will no longer be legal. When the US needs purchasing power they will simply print up their own debt free -- with no Rothschild involvement. We will still have friendly foreign trade -- but only of finished products, partial finished products, raw materials and tourism, and higher education. No foreign investment will be allowed. No trade agreements for slave labor in exchange for investment capital.  But all done on the basis of balanced trade -- with no nation running up international debt -- with every country enjoying balanced trade. The IMF and the World Bank are predatory organizations controlled by international organized crime and will be abolished.
4) develop debt free treasury money that is in now way owned by private interests -- the government either spends the money into existence on the domestic economy -- and it also distributes it directly to households (gives household claims to it) with their social credit dividend checks -- which an economy needs as it needs blood. Inflation is not a bad thing, as long as wages and profits keep up with prices -- and as long as their is no savings to be eaten away. Similarly, deflation will not be allowed, because it crushes the debtor by adding tot he purchasing power he must earn to pay his old debts. And most of all we will not have a privately owned Federal Reserve alternately switch from inflation -- where people take out loans with high interest rates -- alternated by periods of chronic deflation (offered as the "cure for inflation") in which lenders get the windfall of the high inflation premium on the interest rates they enjoy in a deflationary economy. (There are many tricks like this -- this is one of the biggest. Another is the high price for a bounced check that people must pay -- one of the biggest sources of income for the commercial banking system in the US -- amounting to usury of 3000 percent for a two day loan on a $1 dollar check that is NSF just two days out from automatic deposit -- which is killing the poor but which no prostitute politician would dare touch if he wanted to stay in office (and continue breathing).
5) insist on social credit
6) insist on anti-trust being applied to media -- "there is no free speech protection for a monopoly on speech" -- that should be the motto of this one. Who decided that at whatever large super-market corporation you shop from the counters will have high-sugar candy for your children and your own fatness on one side and the Enquirer and the Star tabloids on the other -- showing you who is fat, who is ugly, who is cheating, who is dying -- instead of news, instead of books -- inexpensive books -- educational and uplifting for families etc. Cox and Newhouse and Zuckerman and Rockefeller won this media. Or perhaps you go further back into the store and look at the magazine shelf -- again it is all brides magazines, fix up the home, CIA controlled Discovery and National Geographic -- guns, automobiles, motorcycles, travel -- but nothing political that is not totally corporation-style politically correct. The Old Good Housekeeping is gone -- just like the old readers digest and the Saturday Evening Post -- the Monopoly simply will not allow publicans that really build up the family. (The only magazine that I know that is like what I am suggesting is the Awake Magazine published by the Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Society -- that is the most wholesome good scientific information and family living information you can find. And then there is the lifestyle magazines -- self and people -- all with exactly the role models that lead to destruction of marriage, and ethics and healthy relations.
7) and to all corporations that have been built by the usurers credit monopoly -- protected corporations that exist only because the firms built by the middle class have been beaten back, bankrupted and bought up by the credit manipulators.
As for the fact that organized crime with trillions of dollars can buy mercenaries with atomic bombs and as much of any destructive hardware that they need -- the answer to that is an armed citizenry that can simply execute anyone who sells their killing services to the money power -- either to the drug lords, or to whoever hires the mercenaries murdering people in Afghanistan and Iraq, to the hit men (many Israeli or dual-citizen Israelis) or the hiring of petty criminals to do the dirty work of the criminals who are now at the top of American power. In other words -- the solution to all this is Jefferson's -- if all the people are armed, and if the police are balanced in letting the middle class fight back to the extent that the police have failed to contain -- or the fact that the police are owned by the big drug money and big prostitution and extortion money etc -- then vigilantism becomes the real answer to security of the nation -- not Homeland Security with is really an organization for Zionist occupation of the US for the "security" of the Israeli "homeland" -- of which there is no room for doubt.
But I ramble
So who agrees enough to see it through? -- by which I mean -- who is actually willing to step away from this idiot box -- a mass form of autism -- and actually share the thinking on this page with other people face to face -- in the hope of getting some unity and resolution from which coordinated resistance in the form of mass demonstrations not controlled by the enemy (as the Tea Party Movement is controlled by Money Power double-agent organizers -- and the greens and the libertarians) -- you keep a revolution pure by not having an organization, buy having the masses educated and of one mind (only the truth has the power to organize without organizers) and in agreement that mass demonstration of "We refuse to let organized crime control this country and our lives another day. It all stops now. We won't cooperate with it. If they pull the plug on us, we -- who survive the initial crises, will make sure that their money is not longer our money, that their credit no longer exists, being replaced with our nationalized credit which serves the nation as a public utility, not in the hands of politicians, giving it out to whoever can deliver them votes -- but directly to each household so that true democracy -- the democracy of purchasing power and the possibilities of a free enterprise where people don't have to go into debt to play -- about which you can read more here:
http://www.citizensamericaparty.org/socialcredit.htm  Social Credit
Learn it. Teach it. Make it your personal responsibility that everyone gets this in place of debt slavery and war capitalism.
The following is not a party. You belong to it merely by giving your ascent to the principles named. Only three words need definition -- nationalist and Social Credit. Nationalist means for the good of the people of the nation, not for the good of international speculators and the political operatives they hire. Social credit is explained above. Populist, means the end of rule by an organized immoral majority and the expense of a majority kept disorganized and ignorant. It is that simple.
The vision of what can be done is, for me, best summed up in the Way of Life (Tao Te Ching) of Lao Tzu. The idea is to see the good that is locked up in each piece of nature for our good -- represented by the simple block of wood -- which man can make into anything if he is free to do so and has the capital/credit to test his ideas and allow them to bless others who then will support it.
The Way eternal has no name.
A block of wood untooled, though small,
May still excel the world.
And if the king and nobles could
Retain its potency for good,
Then everything would freely give
Allegiance to their rule.
The earth and sky would then conspire
To bring the sweet due down;
And evenly it would be given
To folk without constraining power.
Creatures came to be with order's birth,
ANd once they had appeared,
Came also knowledge of repose,
And with that was security.
In this world ,
Compare those of the Way
To torrents that flow
Into river and sea.
Populist Nationalist Social Credit Brotherhood of American CitizenPeacemakers of All Races and Creeds -- This is our Common Ground! 
This is the sea into which our individual rivers flow where we like dolphins can play and be happy together without war, without usury, without one group always trying to take from the others when man is made for delighting others with what our unique being can create for each other's benefit. Of such is the Kingdom of God.
-- ol' friend
This essay is yours. I give it to you. Chop it. Expand it.  Improve it. Use it. 
Richard C. Cook:  Dick, you tell people  to learn Social Credit. Might I suggest you include references to some resources.?
Clayton Douglas:   I like [the] ideas. Now how do we make them work? I have been trying to get to the truth and find answers. See My Liberty Village links.
Helen Lenka: 
You are not fair when you implicate all Jews in this. There are many Jews who are good Americans and are fighting to save our country from the communists. Jews who are also Middle Class may I remind you. Many Jews are losing their money as well as gentiles. I know of several Jewish businesses in my town who have closed up.
I do believe in punishing communist Jews but not Jews who are good citizens and believe in God as we all do. Remember the Jewish Rosenbergs who were executed for turning our atom bomb secrets over to the communist Russians? They got what they deserved for being traitors to a country which has freedom of religion. They instigated world destruction and madmen. Russia has a very bad reputation in the world for instigating terrorism but now the United States is also because the American people are allowing our leaders to instigate terrorism in the world as well. Don't rule out the gentiles who are letting this happen. What you are proposing to stop it is not going to be implemented because we have many gentiles and the Roman Catholic church also going along and implementing terrorism in the world. Even Europeans acknowledge this. I have been in communication with an Australian and an English person and am getting their outlook on what is going on in Europe. Here everyone blames all Jews and in Europe the Europeans blame the Roman Catholic church.
They are involved in this country. They are supporting illegal immigration and our Supreme Court in Washington DC is stacked with Roman Catholics who have seized and took control of our Justice system as well as the communists. Everyone is separated and each group is working to overthrow the western world. There are no longer white, protestant Judges in our Supreme Court. They have all been eliminated.

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