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Polio Was NOT Eradicated By The Vaccine
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello Jeff -  That is a very interesting article on the polio vaccine you have posted.
The Hidden History Of The Polio Vaccine
No one realizes that at the same time polio cases began to wane, the first world was improving sewage and water systems. I would liken the reduction in cases to improved potent water supplies and to improved sewage treatment. I remember in the early 1950's the city of Yonkers, NY came to the suburb of Yonkers, Sherwood Park, east yonkers and actually required us to hook up to the sewer system. At that time our home was using a cess pool and well water. Many homes, mostly older, in my area used the cess pool and well water systems.  
Polio is actually spread via feces/oral route. I would wager that President Roosevelt got his polio swimming in the Hudson river which is where many of my neighbors got their polio. I remember seeing signs which read "No Swimming due to Polio" in Alpine NJ along beaches on the Hudson River. The Hudson was notorious for having raw sewage enter it.   
If polio vaccine is the sole reason for ending the spread of polio in the first world, then why hasn't polio ended in India, the Congo and other countries? There have been countless polio vaccine campaigns year after year in Africa, India etc yet we keep hearing about outbreaks, currently, India and Africa have polio outbreaks. The answer is not vaccine but sanitation. In countries that have raw sewage entering the rivers, lakes etc where people use these same waterways for drinking and cooking the disease will never die away. The money spent on vaccine is only a fraction of what it would cost to put in decent sanitation which would include sewers and sewage treatment along with providing potable safe drinking water in the third world, so, consequently, the pharma industry with a lot to lose talks about the reduction of polio via vaccine. Ergo, the myth is perpertrated.
So, Polio vaccine ending the polio outbreak in the first world? It's a completer MYTH.  
Also, very little is ever said about the origin of some of the third world Polio outbreaks, that being, the live attenuated vaccine itself. There are times that Polio breaks out AFTER a vaccination program with Sabin live virus.
Unvaccinated people, just as what happens with live nasal flu vaccine, can contract the disease from contact with a recent vaccinated person. The article you posted points this fact out.
The Hidden History Of The Polio Vaccine
As I stated earlier, sanitation is preeminent in containing polio outbreaks. The polio virus lives in the intestinal tract and is spread via oral/fecal route. So, number one, good hygiene is the first step in prevention of spread and self infection. 2. Sanitation and a supply of clean drinking water is next. In Polio endemic areas where raw sewage flows into bodies of water and into the environment disease outbreak is a risk. I do believe that this is the way President Roosevelt might have been infected. If he swam in the Hudson River, which many people did at that time, he might have been infected by polio that was in raw sewage that entered the Hudson. 3. another problem, live polio virus vaccine which can cause outbreaks due to the live polio virus in the vaccine.
I am always amazed when I think back to the way I was vaccinated. I was in the early group that got vaccinated in my elementary school. I remember they lined all of the classes up in the Hall and took us class by class into the nurses office. There were a couple of people giving out the vaccine, and I assumed they were doctors but could have been from the vaccine company. I don't believe that my parents had been notified before the vaccine was given. They did mail a small care home that stated I received the polio vaccine. I think I still have that care to this day. I believe that I received the Salk vaccine
Lastly, there are some doctors who feel that CFS and nonpolio enteroviruses emerged as a direct result of polio vaccine. Check out www.whale.to/w/douglas.html
June, 2002 by Dr. Richard L. Bruno
Have you heard of a Dr. William Campbell Douglas and his contention that polio "may be with us again in a disguised form" and that the oral polio vaccine is causing PPS and chronic fatigue syndrome? Could this be true?
I have read Dr. Douglas' writings. He also says polio is "more common than ever." But I don't think he means that the three polioviruses are more common than ever, are "with us again in a disguised form" or that the oral polio vaccine is causing PPS and chronic fatigue syndrome. That is not to say that Dr. Douglas isn't on the right track about "polio" being with us again and that the oral polio vaccine is indirectly "causing" PPS and chronic fatigue syndrome.
This is because something unexpected, frightening and totally unrecognized happened after the polio vaccine was distributed: The number of cases of CFS/ME went through the roof. 
British infectious disease specialist Elizabeth Dowsett plotted the cases of CFS/ME she and CFS/ME pioneer MeIvin Ramsay had seen in their practice since 1919 against reported cases of polio in England. When the Salk and then Sabin vaccines brought the yearly number of British polio cases below 25 in the early 1960s, the number of CFS/ME patients took off. In Ramsay's and Dowsett's practice alone, between 1960 and 1980 the number of CFS/ME patients increased by fifty times. Between 1980 and 1990, the number of patients with CFS/ME increased yet again by a factor of fifty! Throughout the world 32 CFS/ME outbreaks were recorded after the polio vaccine was distributed. So something other than the poliovirus was causing CFS/ME.
What is that something? It appears that the vaccine that eliminated polio had an unintended consequence. The elimination of the three types of poliovirus left a vacuum that had to be filled. Just as a flock of dominant and aggressive blue jays blocks less aggressive robins from roosting in your back yard, poliovirus are the blue jays of enteroviruses, the viruses that live and grow in your intestines. When poliovirus "blue jays" disappeared from your intestines thanks to the vaccine, other enteroviruses "robins" took over the poliovirus' old intestinal breeding ground and filled the vacuum. With the polioviruses gone other enteroviruses were able to multiply, spill into the bloodstream and enter the spinal cord and brain.
In 1990 Dr. Dowsett looked for antibodies to non-polio enterovirus in her CFS/ME patients. Fifty percent had antibodies to the first non-polio enterovirus ever discovered -- the Coxsackie B virus -- named after Coxsackie, New York, the town where it was found to have paralyzed children in 1948.
Yes, paralyzed. It is not just the polioviruses that enter and kill neurons in the spinal cord and brain stem. Neuron damage, weakness, paralysis and symptoms of brain fatigue caused by non-polio enteroviruses can be so similar as to be indistinguishable from the actions of polioviruses. One Coxsackie virus, named A7, produces paralytic symptoms so similar to polio that it has been named poliovirus "Type IV."
Other enteroviruses that cause damage and symptoms similar to the polioviruses include all the other Coxsackie viruses, the ECHO viruses (which in 1956 were the first viruses associated with a CFS/ME outbreak) and the recently discovered Enteroviruses 71. One piece of evidence directly links an enterovirus to CFS/ME and damage to the neurons that activate the brain. Sadly, the evidence comes from a CFS/ME patient who took her own life. Traces of Coxsackie B virus -- the same virus for which Dowsett found antibodies in her CFS/ME patients -- was found in both the hypothalamus and brain stem, the very heart of the brain activating system which our and others' research has found is damage in polio survivors with fatigue and in patients with CFS/ME.
So the "disguised form" that polio may be talking is not a disguise at all but replacement by another enterovirus. And the oral polio vaccine is "causing" chronic fatigue syndrome by making way for other enterovirus to grow in the intestines and be able to do damage like that done by the poliovirus, except that the damage is most frequently found in brain activating system neurons and causes fatigue, not in the spinal cord causing paralysis.
Dr. Richard Bruno is Director of Fatigue Management Programs and The Post-Polio Institute at Englewood (NJ)
Hospital and Medical Center. His new book, THE POLIO PARADOX: UNCOVERING THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF POLIO TO UNDERSTAND TREAT "POST-POLIO SYNDROME" AND CHRONIC FATIGUE, is published by Warner Books. (AOL Keyword POLIO PARADOX.) E-mail questions to him at PolioParadox@aol.com 
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