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Everything Is Personal & Always Has Been!
By Jim Kirwan
Is 'Justice' just another prostitute, or has she become something far more sinister as she has sided with the Dark Forces that are taking control of the planet?
This society has been crippled from within by literally centuries of contradictions. Our former pillars of Western Society, always led us to believe, that they have always played a major part in the societal-backbone of Western Civilization. The reality was and today still is; a massive contradiction-in-terms that is at the root of what has kept too many Americans from reacting to anything at all-because nothing is what it currently pretends to be!
"Justice" in the West is always depicted as blindfolded figure with a raised scale of balances and her well-used sword at hand. But if she were truly blind and not just blindfolded; then she might be able to render her verdicts with much more clarity. Instead what has happened is that she has been paid too many times to raise that blindfold; just enough to tilt all her decisions, toward those that have the most to spend upon her 'illicit-favors.'
The public knows this all too well, for 'justice' today is definitely in-service to the filthy rich and to no one else. The image above was my version of what she could have been; had she arisen from the burning human heart that supposedly gave her life. What we have instead is a cold stone statue that stands near all the major courtrooms to remind us of the supposedly neutral judgments that we are supposed to derive from the intensely-unemotional courtrooms where she supposedly rules, across the world.
Society has for centuries maintained that emotions have no place in any courtroom-ever! I have never understood this bias, because our emotions are not less important than the thoughts or the mind, or the spirit of any one of us. Emotions are simply the most direct way to assess the importance of any event that we find ourselves involved in. So why have "emotions: been barred from entering into any trial where life & death and everything in-between is frequently on the table?
Certainly the judges have their emotions and in many cases tend to frame their trials accordingly; just as the juries also listen to their hearts and yet are barred from reaching verdicts, based upon what they might feel. This is a key component in how this society has been controlled since long before the United States was even born. The reason for this ridiculous attitude of those that rule over us; is that they fear emotions as they fear nothing else: Because if people were to listen to their hearts then many of those same pillars of the society would have been lynched a very long time ago-and we would not now be facing the global takeover by the same people that want to outlaw all emotions; whenever and wherever any serious topic is being discussed.
At the top of this article I mentioned contradictions. Here is the most glaring example of how the inherent contradictions within the elite community have been used to keep us silent; and themselves in power.
The world has always thought that good leaders tend to lead by example. Yesterday I reported on what took place in front of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and I did not spare its President, David Chiu. Several thought that I was too threatening, too forceful and perhaps too personal in my attack upon David Chiu, as a man. Given that so many seem confused by how the public needs-to-respond to the blatant-criminality throughout this society today: I thought I should do what I'm suggesting that others do: If we are to ever rid ourselves of this many-faceted-cancer upon the American-body-politic. So I made this question of 'Privatizing the Public" personal, very personal because whenever anyone or any government agency seeks to take away my freedom to participate in my own life or my city government: That is more than personal, it's a crime! So I responded in kind. (1)
Whenever anything becomes personal, it tends to require a response from the person or agency that is being questioned, preferably in writing so that nothing can be misunderstood. Society's answer to this "need" today has been "it's CLASSIFIED" or this violates the National Security Interests of the United States." As if having brought in those conversation-ending phases just means that 'this discussion is over'!
The card contrasts real Leadership that leads to prosperity, with Dictatorship that turns everything into ruin, chaos and self-destruction. We need to choose which we will follow and to exactly what degree: This choice belongs to everyone that chooses life over slavery; and liberty over the Outlaw Police-State that is who we are today.
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors had a duty to open the topic yesterday to the public that went down there to question them ­ in order to have a discussion, instead of giving people just two minutes to ask questions of those that did not and would not respond, because they view their positions as magisterial (above the need to respond in any way). That too made the situation more than professional ­ it had to be PERSONAL and required the public to demand answers in a much less formal way. Given that it was the Board of Supervisors that twisted the normal procedure to disallow either a public discussion or a publicly taken vote upon the matter (a matter they themselves had been considering for over seven years in secret) but which they approved of in the basement of City hall; and NOT in front of the same people they were selling out.
However what is at issue here is much larger than a matter of personal etiquette: This goes to the whole idea of so much of what is constantly being done to us all-and then justified by saying "Hey it's not personal, this is just business." Or, "You must not take this personally; after all we're just following the rules."
My point here is that "Everything Is Personal, & Always Has Been!" This applies to corporate life when they fire the entire workforce and move to another country where you have been replaced by slaves. It applies to presidents that break every single election promise they ever made, as Obamanation continues to do: That is personal, it's not faceless, it is not business as usual-it's personally insulting and it borders on the criminal because the only reason he was in the position to make any decisions was initially based upon the promises he made-to those that "believed" in him and in his so-called platform that turned out to be nothing but reams of toilet paper which will soon be replaced by useless dollar-bills.
To remove personal responsibility from every decision made by the government, by the corporations or by our totally criminal officials is to automatically render everything they do as "personal." Why? Because it means that they lied bigtime, of course they always do; but there are supposed to be consequences for that, and there are none today. That is what makes this 'PERSONAL' to everyone that they have spied on, tortured or attacked since Bush Jr. stole that Office back in December of 2000.
When your house is stolen by the criminal-activities that are beneath your supposed mortgage or when your retirement gets privatized: Or when Social Security and Medicare are now on the chopping block to feed the insatiable greed of the criminal-bankers and insurance giants-It's PERSONAL! When your medical plan does not cover your dying loved one, or disqualifies anyone from receiving life-saving care for any reason ­ you had better believe that "It's Personal!" When your loved-ones are sent under false pretenses to die in wars that have no legal basis whatsoever, and yet these illegal wars not only just continue, but they are EXPANDED-ON, that too is definitely PERSONAL!
When we allow millions of people to suffer, both here and overseas from supposedly natural disasters-for which help was promised but never arrived from Hurricane Andrew, to Hurricane Katrina; from the Southern California Fire-Storms to the freakish floods that have destroyed so many lives: Then these things are always PERSONAL-and every one of these scream for restitution. When BP was allowed to cover-up all that is still going on, and Haiti still has no clean water, or even any shelter while she is now being victimized again; this time by totally preventable disease: That's as PERSONAL as the massive and continuing 60 plus year crimes of genocide, torture, displacement and the murder of Palestine: It can't get more personal than that-but this will CHANGE only "IF" Americans finally waken to the truth: "Everything is Personal & Always has been.!"
If Americans ever learn that this old adage is just that-an old-adage that has to be replaced-then the public will have discovered this additional weapon that they need, in order to finally be able to see what the hell has been happening to them for the last several hundred years-but especially for the last ten long years of tyranny.
"Everything is Personal & Always has been!" can transform our situation virtually overnight-if the public can finally grasp the truth behind that statement, which has the power to free us from the chains of slavery that have ensnared us all, as surely as if those rusting-chains were actually upon on bodies each and every day.
1) San Francisco, The Death of Civic Center
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