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Damn! It's The MSG! Stop Poisoning Me!
By Dick Allgire
KITV Reporter - Honolulu
I am very careful about what I eat. Some would call me picky or even compulsive. But, having learned from Dr. Russell Blaylock and from personal experience, I avoid MSG.  At least I try.
I make my own veggie broth. (* Recipe below.) I cook most of my own food. I avoid almost all processed foods.
The problem is, I'm a TV reporter and on I'm on the road a lot. Yesterday, I was very hungry and stopped at Vietnamese restaurant in Aiea (Oahu) for lunch.
I ordered stir fried vegetables with some tofu (GMO, what can I say?) and rice.
The order came. I ate. I intuitively felt poorly about it, but I was stressed and busy and hungry.
A few minutes after consuming this food, I started feeling anxious. A good, healthy meal should not make you feel like you just drank 10 cups of coffee or took a hit of crystal meth. Something was wrong. My heart started racing and a horrible anxiety came over me.
My feet and legs got numb and my hands started tingling. It felt like I was losing motor control of the muscles of my extremities. I felt like I was about to have a seizure.
My tongue went numb and felt swollen and dry. (Classic MSG symptom.) I had difficulty swallowing.
My mind couldn't focus. I felt like I was about to seize up and die.
I actually had my co-worker drive to a hospital emergency room. I knew what was happening, but was scared to death none the less. I didn't go into the E.R. even though I was in dire distress, but stayed nearby just in case. I did some yoga exercises on the sidewalk outside the E.R. and the symptoms passed in about 20 minutes.
Because I have cleaned out my body, because I eat a clean, healthy diet, I have lost my tolerance to this poison. That Viet cook must have dumped a tablespoon of the neurotoxin my food.
God Damn MSG!  And the makers of this poison!
I don't blame the Vietnamese lady and her husband who made the food. They were not consciously trying to harm me. They just know when they put this addictive drug in the food, people eat more and come back.
Not me. I'll never eat there again.
There are now about 3 restaurants in all of Honolulu where I will eat. I prefer making all my own food.
If you've ever had the symptoms I described, think about what you ate.
Almost everything sold (even in "health" food stores) contains substantial MSG, called yeast extract, natural flavor, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy protein, etc.  These are all Poisonous neurotoxins.
1.5 cups nutritional yeast flakes (This is yellow yeast found in bulk food bins at health food stores)
3 TBS onion powder
2  1 / 2 tsp garlic powder
1 TBS salt
1 tsp celery seed
2.5 TBS Italian seasoning
2 TBS dry parsley
· Put all ingredients in a blender and make a fine powder. Store in airtight container.
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