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 Mercury Poisoning - An Urgent Reminder
 Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
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Today would have been my Mother's 96th birthday. It's a time of larger reflection for me than just her own passing. Her death was caused by mercury poisoning. Over nine-and-a-half years, I watched and helped her as I saw her fade into oblivion. From a vibrant and active person, she became unable to do anything. In her last two years, she was confined to a wheel chair and mute. She was one of New York City's pioneering women dentists, at a time when women did not train in hardly any medical profession.
Over her 47-year career, she urged her patients, young and old, not to have amalgam fillings done for any restoration work, that is, don't use mercury-based filling material for cavities! She lectured on it at numerous conferences, too. Gold foil or gold inlays were more expensive, and many of her patients couldn't afford this safer and far more permanent restorative procedure. [FYI: the newer "bonded" restoration materials and the glues used have other toxic problems.]
Mercury poisoning takes a long time to work its horrific damage. Hiding for decades in the body and brain before its lethal work is accomplished, people think it is safe to use. Early symptoms include: a "burning tongue" sensation, or metallic taste in your mouth, or a burning feeling at the bottom of your feet. First a word, here or there, is forgotten.
Then, a person cannot remember more and more words, or how to do even the simplest daily activities. In its final stage, over 9 or 10 years (sometime less), the brain shuts down. Then the body cannot function properly. A person becomes unable to do basic tasks or even speak. This is mercury doing its deadly work. So, billions of people have been sold decades of advertising and medical lies. There is no safe level of ingestion or any kind of use of mercury!
The story about Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter is really a cautionary tale. Why was he called the "Mad Hatter"? It was based on real, Victorian-era evidence.  Mercury use and its fumes wrecked his brain. He went "mad" because mercury was used in making those 19-th century, tall top hats.
Chemical companies and pharmaceutical corporations use mercury for thousands of products: Thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is used in countless vaccines, so that multiple doses can be made. It gives greedy corporations far more profits when they can produce multiple doses, instead of single ones. We continue to be yet another generation that is expendable for corporate profit. How long will it take for us collectively to "connect the dots"? These criminals must be held accountable.
Then the so-called medical journal "reports" are cooked research: anything goes to give un-informed and uneducated readers deliberate mis-information about the deadly consequences of mercury use. For decades, Robert F. Kennedy has been writing about "Deadly Immunity" due to thimerosal use.(1) The fact that children now are given more than 40 vaccines before they reach 20 is a major contributing factor to childhood cognitive injury.
Twenty or 30 years ago, children were given 3 or 4 vaccines. Today, the enormous number of vaccines (often manufactured with highly toxic ingredients) has contributed to this "deadly immunity." Vaccines with poison ingredients NEVER confer any kind of immunity; but they do give a child a lifetime of neurological damage. Two generations of children have been mercury poisoned, while the corporations get off scot-free. Government agencies continue to deny that there is any link between mercury use in dental amalgams or vaccines and brain damage. These are deliberate lies.
Add to this probably billions of tons of the release of toxic mercury in cement production and other uses, and we all are breathing this in the ever-present environmental pollution that envelops and creates massive harm to all of us.
There is no safe level of mercury use. Period.
There are countless scientific links to brain injury caused by any use of mercury. The explosion of brain-related damage to our precious children, ADD, ADHD, autism, and various dementia illnesses are all related to mercury toxicity. In fact, we are now seeing more young people with early-onset dementia. More than 25-years ago, these illnesses used to be rare. Now, we have epidemics of children and elders who cannot function properly, due to mercury exposure.
A simple hair analysis for high levels of heavy metals is the easiest way to find out your levels. Ask your health care provider. This should be a standard test when taking any medical check-up.
This is not just a one-problem issue. The out-of-control use of thousands of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals all contribute to daily hazardous exposure for us. The use of nano-fiber-coated aluminum in the daily, more than a decade long, Chemtrails assault on all of us is also another major contributing factor to brain damage. There is hardly any independent research being done now to show how these different poisons act together, often synergistically, in even more dangerous ways, in the body of any living being. This also includes our companion pets and all wildlife.
Scientists have been bought off. Universities are now "endowed" by Big Pharma and chemical companies. Who wants to turn down big bucks? Government agencies, with their corporate-revolving-door policies, are compromised. Ethics are out the window. Our society's moral compass is gone. Greed is in.
Mercury used in any product or medicine is invisible. As I have written in my last book: "invisible does not mean safe." There is a huge, lifetime trade off using or being deliberately and chronically exposed to this poison. Until we join together and DEMAND a total ban on ALL use of it in any dental restorations, military, and pharmaceutical production, death and destruction to those we love will continue. Corporations MUST be held accountable. It is long overdue.
1. Robert F. Kennedy. "Deadly Immunity." July 23, 2009: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14510
Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, "The Uterine Crisis."
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