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Memories ~ Regrets
This is a "PS" to the last four articles I've written. For those that haven't followed my work for the last ten years this might seem a bit strange: But for those of you that have, this might not seem out of place.
My articles run in sequence, each one adding to continuing conversation for the most part, with a few stand-alone subjects intermixed. In this case I wanted to add something to the last lingering topic that has to do with whether or not people will actually decide to stand against the Tyranny and the Treason in which we have all become immersed.
"The most amazing thing about ordinary people is that they can
get use-to anything."
There are things about this attack upon us all that far too many people have not realized because they have not lived in the real world: EVER!
The first thing that everyone needs to know is that these creatures who are doing all of this to us are NOT ALL POWERFUL. In fact they are some of the most ridiculous morons on the planet today. They do not believe in science, or in anything which disagrees with what they want to do to all of us. The NAU and the Banksters and the New World Order are not people that ever missed a meal, worked for a living, or ever had to consider anyone else whenever they make any decision about anything: This is a critical flaw that tars their entire effort because they simply have no knowledge of what it means to be a human being. The result of this basic flaw makes them a whole lot less scary than they would like us to believe they are.
The second major flaw in their so-called plan of annihilation for us is that they (The Elites) tend to believe that by having us constantly threatened by their thugs at virtually every turn-that they are somehow safe from these creatures they created. THEY ARE NOT! These robotic-thugs work for cash and the second that they are paid with money that is not worth anything: They will turn on their "employers" and kill them without a backward glance. This is also true of the mercenaries as well: THEY WORK FOR MONEY; everything else is beside the point.
Finally there are all the government thugs in the alphabet soup of agencies like the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, all the way up and down the list that actually believe that because they are working (whoring) for "the man" that they are somehow immune to what is about to happen. These fools do not realize that this government "EATS ALL ITS OWN." Once the guns come out they will all be in the totally EXPENDABLE front lines. This is why the cops have actually bought up all the available ammunition on the market in the states: because they KNOW they're going to need it once this begins because the lives they have lived means they have a target on their backs 24-7 ­ and ordinary people are going to target them right down to the very last one of them. What they don't realize is that they will also run the risk of being taken-out by the very agencies that have used and abused them as well.
This is all not just possible, but probable, because the creatures leading this takedown are seriously stupid people. The proof of that lies in the fact that anyone trying to destabilize the planet would "HAVE TO KNOW" that whatever they attempt to do to the planet cannot ever be controlled: Yet these particular Outlaws have failed to realize this extremely critical point. That failure guarantees that what they are doing will FAIL because it MUST!
Real Outlaws work three-times as hard to pull off the crimes they commit than they would have-to, if they wanted to achieve the same thing by legitimate effort. These characters are not even plausible criminals, because they do not even know the unwritten rules of any excellent con. The first rule is to make it believable: Nine-eleven is and was so full of holes that a simpleton could drive an eighteen-wheeler through their version of that story. From there they have gone on; thinking that they "got away with something" but that is not true! The numbers have totally deserted their version of those events-yet they still believe that by parroting this crap long-enough they can somehow make it believable when that mountain of lies can never be returned to the side of believability.
People: please wake-up! The people you are living in terror of are nothing and have never been ANYTHING ­ they are no different than shadow figures cast upon the nursery walls in the dead of night ­ they are only shadows that are meant to terrify you and me. If you let them they will convince you that they are all-powerful and inescapable with all their mighty and very weird weapons and their thugs. Yet look closely at Iraq and Afghanistan two countries where the population is still not defeated even though we (with the world's scariest military) have surrounded them and yet the damned wars have been going on now for how long-and whatever is happening we are NOT winning?
With that having been said just remember that we all will die sometime; the hard part is to live our lives with the kind of purpose that goes beyond 'acquisitions' and 'stuff.' There has to be real meaning in the things we do or our lives shall come to mean nothing at all.
The other point behind these words is only that wherever we can find the strength to do what we must; then we must act upon that and come to live each day as if it were the last day of this 'gift of life' that we were given-at birth. This is true because no one knows how long anyone will live. If you live that way; the chances are that your life will be fulfilling regardless of the outcome.
This is why everything we do has some kind of value. If we choose to live without "awareness" we are nothing. Consequently our lives can have no meaning. I just wanted to say that we alone, each and every one of us has the continuing chance to add to the book of our own memoires, to the realities of our lives, while we're here. But if we fail ourselves, then the beauty of that life we were given will be lessoned by our failure to use life well.
It's true we were sucked into this choice because too many failed to see this coming: Failed utterly, to figure out that everything could indeed be made entirely of lies-even and especially the way our own supposed government is actually participating in the take-down of this nation. Yet by now it has become impossiblenot-to-know who is for us and who exactly is against our own survival. So seize this moment now!
Stand up and take back your life. These people have stolen your lives your money, and your dreams: REFUSE to pay for the debt they have laid upon you. Be the men and women you were born to be and let's get back to being real people again by destroying these shadows of paranoia that we have allowed to take total control over our everyday lives.
Why not "seize this moment now" so that you can actually live the rest of your life as you decide that it should be lived-instead of having some government idiot dictate what you can do, when you can do it and virtually every single other thing in your life. STOP the spying on Americans, Disband DHS and take back this country by refusing to give them your labor, your lives, and especially your dreams. Just DO NOTHING" FOR SEVEN DAYS, beginning on Martin Luther King's birthday! That ladies and gentlemen is what it means to be truly FREE ­ anything else is just more bullshit to keep you enslaved!
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