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TSA, A Major Threat to Public Health?
By Jim Kirwan
The Transportation Security Agency has potentially become a major threat to the Public Health of the nation. This ties in nicely to amping the FEAR factor in this time of terror-awareness that comes with every holiday season!
All those blue-gloved creatures that are so busy fondling and squeezing and caressing the intimate organs of the human bodies of both men and women, as well as children and infants, present a very real problem when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS, Syphilis, and a whole family of sexually transmitted diseases are transferred by human-body-fluids.
Nothing has been mentioned about this by TSA, in their zeal to molest everyone that chooses to fly in America: But I don't recall ever seeing any of them changing their gloves from one "passenger" to the next.
Rude as this might seem there are a great many Americans that do not wear underwear; and these people tend to be some of the better looking people; hence the additional treatment that such people might get from TSA agents. However this practice might just be rewarded by leaving some of the liquids obtained from their exposed genitals upon the gloves of the agent, who can then freely pass those potentially infected bodily fluids on to the next person they are eagerly waiting to fondle.
No mention of this possibility has been even been "touched on" by TSA (pun intended) which is why I'm raising the topic here. But the threat of the possibility of passing out deadly diseases is more than just possible under the current practices and procedures of TSA: It is more than likely that you might have to pay for going through a molestation, given by that private-corporation that is the government, by contracting a life-ending disease; "just because you thought you had to catch a plane?"
It's your choice people ­ is your life worth the risk that TSA might give you AIDS or Syphilis, or any of the other extremely harmful if not deadly diseases ­ just because the perverts at TSA don't give a damn about the health or welfare of the chattel they routine molest every hour of every day!
Call the Centers for Disease Control and ask them if this "practice" of physical exams without changing gloves each and every time is healthy or better yet ­ ask them what they can do to prevent their brother federal agency from passing out major diseases wholesale - to the general public: In the interests of maintaining NATIONAL SECURTY of course.
If this turns out to be the case who is going to pay for this callous disregard of the Public Health in the name of National Security? Both are agencies of the feral corporation which has 37,000 subsidiary components ­ so who exactly is going to sort this out ­ because every aspect of the courts are also part of this giant stock-holding company that trades us like commodities on the Stock Exchange each and every day. Who among the 37,000 subsidiaries will absorb the "loss" when someone comes down with AIDS ­ which agency exactly will have to eat the cost of this little problem and how many of you want to run this risk! (1)
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