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Maddow Gun Control Rave
Earns Her More Zionist Stripes

From Gary Jacobucci
Rachael Maddow earns her stripes with the Zionist media in calling for gun control.
After opening her 'program' with the funeral procession for nine-year-old mass shooting victim Christina Taylor Green, and a tribute from Obama, Maddow goes into a gun control spiel.
Maddow states that the Second Amendment is a "view" - not a bedrock principle (!)
­ MSNBC throws up a graphic behind the anchor stating "The Right to Bear Nukes," as if patriotic Americans are in possession of weapons of mass destruction.
Selectively quoting from Paul Braun (R ­ Georgia) and Ron Paul (R - Texas) she concludes that
"The argument here is that the second Amendment exists so that Americans can overthrow the government."
etc. ­ typical and expected.
Hollywood (TV, movies, news shows) is awash in the portrayal of the patriot movement as home grown terrorism.
Patriots are not terrorists ­ they are the protectors of legitimate government.
- Gary
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