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Using Leaks To Rearrange The World
By Jim Kirwan
There's a new phenomena loose on the international scene. Not new in terms of the principles involved-but extremely 'new' in terms of the political-strategies being employed. For Governments: It's about ending leaks while subjecting the Leakers to a near certain sentence of "Death by public-opinion."
This case has been 'all over the news' with very little substance actually being touched on. Wikileaks is at the core, but this has just become yet another topic to be destroyed by the Propaganda-Arm of USI. This time it does not seem to be just another repeat of history's oldest crimes; spying being at least as old as "secrets." This time electronics and third parties are center-stage. The penalties apparently still end, much like the Goya etching above: Only this time the players involve some old nation-states and some truly global powers-instead of something far more personal, like turning in your neighbor to steal his wife or property.
Whether in Goya's time or ours; TREASON or LOYALTY was always the high-form of what Treachery & Lies soon become, when the point is to discover whatever is hidden. The Spanish Inquisition made torture into the unspeakable household word that it was long before Abu Ghraib: And Torture virtually destroyed the Empire of Spain in the fifty years of bloodletting that ended the power of the Catholic Church in Europe. It took fifty years only because it took a very long time for news or anything else to cross the world. But thanks to Goya then, the whole world could see in his etchings exactly what the Inquisition was all about; and they were sold in the New World as well as throughout Europewhich hastened the end of the Inquisition.
However in this age of instantaneous communications of all types and kinds, including satellites - it seems no one knows anything about 'anything' especially when 'whatever it is' might be 'SECRET.'
Torture was the key component in the Spanish Inquisition and it seems to have also laid the blood-soaked foundations for the New World Order which is what is behind the Wikileaks story. The Inquisition was also about TORTURE and false-imprisonment with no rights for those merely accused of crimes, against the Church (the fifteenth-century version of the New World Order). The same is still true today, but the stakes are much higher, because the principles are nation-states instead of people and the old Catholic Church has been replaced with a religion that worships only MONEY. "Spying' has morphed into Espionage and finally everyone gets a chance to "blame somebody" for the horrific-crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq by USI & the Zionistas.
The documents themselves were created by 'the leaking' most of the totally illegal and unilateral-government position-papers taken by USI. The policies and the execution of those policies are what is causing the entire planet to focus all their frustration on 'The Leaks from Assange through Wikileaks." Instead of questioning why and how these policies came into being in the first place (as the world should have demanded)!
The USI and the Zionistas have succeeded in changing the subject from "what was actually done by the world's two most prominent Outlaw states," not to others but rather to the character and the purposes of Julian Assange and his organization that despite the supposed powers of USI, managed to release these documents, for the entire world to read. The frustration and failure on a grand scale is what apparently is driving this attempt to "require" the murder of the messenger. Whatever is going on from 'distraction to treason' is what has enraged the world, regardless of which side of the argument you might be on.
What is most at risk here is the fake prestige of those that have always treated everyone else as serfs or prisoners: So it's great to see them caught by their own ineptitude on the same hooks they tried to blame everyone else for. The current argument has arisen because if the Outlaw governments can force this issue and succeed in getting the public to demand the death of Assange: Then the public will congratulate themselves (here in USI) and just get back to having to scavenge for food.
In this very iffy bargain the Outlaws are seeking approval from the global-public to simply kill the messenger. That would allow the Outlaws to indirectly gain approval from the global-public for their illegal actions, including torture, imprisonment and death. If they can pull this off then 'people' whether now or in the future might never risk trying to inform the public about how their money is being spent-or on any of the what, when, where, how or why of anything that is routinely kept secret!
It's actually a very slick trick: If they can actually get away with it. And because the general population tends to be extremely lazy when it comes to anything that is as many-layered as this topic is: The chances are the public will simply demand the execution of one man, and the shutdown of whatever enabled him to receive the documents. Then of course the continuing censorship of anyone that did not hate Assange immediately would follow. Then the public could consider the case closed! What the public will lose if this happens, is virtually any chance of ever finding out what has been going on in their names for the last ten years. Also lost would be what passed for policy, in the previous decades as well. The documents go back to before USI was actually outed for the Criminally-crafted-LIE that it has always been-since 1871.
Assange has been walking a very difficult tightrope since the latest cables were released. Thanks to the Zionistas part in all of this Israel escaped notice in the latest treasure trove-causing many to smell a rat-as far as the stated purposes of these releases were concerned. The cables however also seriously threaten everything to do with the USI Department of State-which has always been a leader in illegal actions taken by government decrees around the world. Ergo Clintonought to be forced to resign, and investigations of Obamanation, Bush and Cheney ought to begin immediately. But anyone that is aware of real-politic knows that won't happen. That is why this "new ­wrinkle was created, to give USI somewhere else to re-direct the public's outrage-in order to escape what should have been an automatic resignation, from inside those sewers, where the total-control of the USI is located.
Yes investigations should be launched; but these ought to happen in the global courts, and not come from a predator drone or an ambush in the streets. The "official excuse" being put forward that calls for vigilante justice by USI is based on a totally false assumption. It is their contention that leaking this information "put US troops in harms way."
The truth is that "the troops and the massive but privately controlled mercenaries" that are fighting (for us) against those people in the Middle-East are not the Good Guys. Those in front of our guns are there because they resent having their countries stolen; and have chosen to fight us rather than to lie-down or surrender. None of those people are resisting us because of Assange or Wikileaks-they are there to carry out illegal military orders, inside USI's criminal plans to crush all opposition to the New World Order takeover of the planet. All that the Leaks make clear is just how criminal almost everyone on our side has always been.
The lack-luster Amerikan public is not even aware of the illegalities or much of anything else. Most of them went straight for the knee-jerk reaction to a supposed threat to the troops-without ever even wondering about the truth behind what the documents show. It is no wonder that this has happened as it has-as the public has not gotten any other side except what works for USI. Media in Amerika didn't cover it. Those who cannot be bothered to read the footnotes would never take the time required to actually figure out for themselves what exactly has been going on since Bush stole the Whitehouse way-back in 2000 ­ "That might be Un-American"?
Any nation that cannot depend upon the willing cooperation of its citizens to defend the nation, against enemies both foreign and domestic, will never have anything they can call a nation of their own. The US is no exception to that time-proven statement. (1)
1) When War is Peace
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