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Janus Incarnate
By Jim Kirwan
"Janus is the Roman god known as the custodian of the universe. He is the god of beginnings and the guardian of gates and doors. He is lord over the first hour of every day, the first day of the month and January, the first month of the year. Two heads back to back represent Janus, each looking in opposite directions. His double-faced head appears on many Roman coins. Originally, one face was bearded and one was not, most likely representing the sun and the moon. In his right hand he holds a key. He was worshipped at the beginning of planting time, harvest, marriages, births and other important beginnings in a person's life.
The Romans believed you could ensure good endings if you began an endeavor with prayers to Janus. His principle temple in the Forum had doors facing east and west to mark the beginning and end of the day. Between the doors stood his statue gazing in opposite directions. In every home, the morning prayer was addressed to him and in many domestic undertakings, his help was sought.
Janus also represents the transition between primitive life and civilization, between rural and urban existence. He also maintains the balance between peace and war and youth and old age. Janus was considered to be a great king during the Golden Age and brought the people peace and great wealth. He introduced money, cultivation of the fields and the law. He was considered the protector of Rome." (1)
The United States and Israel have much in common; way too much in common!
'The problem is the United States is a very large geographical entity whose population one might say stretches from the late Bronze Age to the Space Age. Moreover, the obsession of Americans with status and celebrity and triviality is not different than the frivolity of other rich kids. We are not one nation but many little eddies in the river.'
On top of this neither "country" has any moral or cultural basis in reality. There is only one motivating principle in both places and that motivation is illicit power and the greed necessary to acquire whatever they are each seeking. Together they account for the modern day version of Janus the seemingly contradictory yet complimentary symbol for "January" from the ancient world.
In the last two articles I have tried to show some of the realities in this most criminal of all the murderous-liaisons that are in effect amplifying the goals of these two "outlaw" countries; as well as what their union as financiers and global-thugs are responsible for, in the world of today. Here is the concise outcome from what Israel did and is doing to Palestine! (2)
Israel as the perennial pariah; when it comes to enforcing US interests-worldwide-has become an intolerable thorn in the side of the whole world, while it continues to blackmail the planet in the name of their obsession with their own superiority over all other beings on the globe today. This must be stopped and scattered to the four winds, if the rest of us are to have any even remote chance of surviving, anywhere either today or tomorrow.
During the Israeli War on Lebanon in 2006 Israel held the whole world hostage for thirty days while they tried and failed to conquer Hezbollah inside Lebanon. In fact they were not able to get more than five miles into Lebanon and were beaten-back conclusively on all fronts; while Israel held the rest of the world hostage to their obscene demands.
"Power and money is what is being sought, to the total exclusion of all else. This clique of the elites is similar to a global and secret fraternity, not a family, and not confined to any one group of people. These super-wealthy renegades subscribe only to the dictates of global supremacy. Their members are drawn from circles of power around the world, in virtually every major profession, and in all aspects of the economy, of communication, of education and the arts, along with government positions at all levels - and of course the most brutal military people on the planet. No facet of this takeover escaped the scrutiny or the planning of the NWO. Now it's up to the people not affiliated with these outlaw regimes to rein-in and prosecute the criminals that are bringing the world to the edge of a nuclear war. This struggle between humanity and those who claim the right of total control must determine what really belongs to all people, and not just to a chosen few.
The task might seem daunting at first: But there are many holes in the myth of invincibility. Militarily, these "super-forces" of the US-Israeli-British cabal are stuck in twentieth-century concepts and policies that are better suited to fighting the First World War, than they are in creating the first major series of wars in the twenty-first century. The armaments may be awesome by the standards in place at the end of WWII, but they are of little value in meeting the resistance-fighters and the millions who are willing to die to the last person, in defense of their lives and their lands! American and Israeli brigades of Crusading bandits are dumping the treasury of the United States into hopelessly one-sided wars in which we are losing at every turn. Tens-of-thousands killed in Iraq just since the beginning of the year. Afghanistan is coming apart all over again, even as NATO tries to takeover from our hopelessly short-sighted polices, and these are the only two wars that we claim to be involved in." (3)
Here we are five years later and again Israel and US INC. are once more attempting to hold the world hostage while they play out yet another public demonstration of what they think of the real world that has refused to accept their leadership, or their super-security-considerations, under any circumstances whatsoever. How much longer will it be before America wakes up to the fact that the people of this country are that sleeping-tiger that could fling Israel to the ground and end her existence in seconds-if we ever awaken from the drunken stupor of our disillusionments?
In the battle over who shall run the 650,000 man Egyptian Army, American trained and equipped, yet this still unnoticed influence is being directed by a Zionista controlled US INC., that wants control of every resource on the planet and this evil construct is using Israel to act as our lighting-rod to get that done. In the meantime, true to the principles within Janus, the USA as Israel's Bitch, is providing the capital to Israel for its demented schemes to enslave the whole planet.
Please make no mistake: The people of the United States are the real targets here: Egypt is just a warm-up for the coming final takedown of this place: Because we have always been the real target of all these desperate measures that are meant to assist Israel in acquiring what they believe should be theirs; as a minimum down-payment for all their imagined-suffering as the world's premier money-mangers worldwide.
If the people of this nation do not begin to sever all ties with Israel, then we shall be slaughtered in the coming months, in the name of the criminal powers that have made everything that's happened since 911 possible!
It has taken over two hundred years to finally show our true colonial-colors to the world at large: Now even at this dark hour we still want to pretend that this is about Egypt, and its openly trusting citizens, in their battle with a corruption that we installed in that place and have supported in the trillions of dollars over the last thirty plus years. This battle in the square in Cairo, Egypt is about everything that will happen in the very near future; if we do not wake up. Until this very moment, the American public has so far chosen to keep their ears, their eyes and their mouths shut! But that's a luxury that we can no longer afford. In fact we must take the next step and begin arresting the traitors to this country that exist throughout this government and our disloyal military. We could begin by demanding the cut-off of all aid to both Egypt and to Israel: if it weren't for the fact that Obama has sworn-on-tape, before a nationwide audience: His 'undying loyalty to Israel above all other considerations.' He and Hillary and Biden and Condi along with many others all did this during the campaign before the boy-wonder was selected to govern from his stolen seat in the Tarnished House of this Zionist-Occupied-State of Corruption and Lies.
You have seen what others have done or tried to do around the world to end this nightmare: Yet most of us have chosen to do nothing whatsoever about any of it. Next-up will be the United States and those people here that are unwilling to surrender to the International Police-State that has replaced the nations inside this New World Order which is nothing more than a colossal bunch of organized death-squads whose only goal is to torture, to maim or to kill the vast majority of the current population.
If you think that this ought to be part of your world than do nothing: But if you actually believe that you do not want to live in the prison that's coming then I suggest that you at least attempt to do something about it-now!
1) Janus the god of beginnings (and endings)
2) I AM ISRAEL - video
3) Who Will Stop the Countdown
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