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What Goes Around Comes Around
By Jim Kirwan
Does anyone else remember the accusations made by Monica Lewinsky (a Zionista asset); against a sitting US "president," Bill Clinton? This might be slightly different but the creators of these "crimes" are obviously the same entity!
Those charges that featured the infamous Blue Dress, became an issue which led directly to an attempt to Impeach Clinton, for oral sex in the White House. In fact $65 million dollars was spent in that effort which ultimately failed. Today Julian Assange was taken into custody in London or rape charges issued by the government of Sweden, via Interpol. Apparently various elements of the opposition to Wikileaks have come together to attempt to thoroughly discredit Assange in all the usual ways that Israel has always used against anyone that dares to accuse Israel of anything.
The world needs to re-examine the validity of the UN's creation of "Israel" in light of their continued rejection of all International and humanitarian laws that Israel continues to shun, throughout their continued Genocide against the Palestinians. If the world had chosen to follow this course; then none of these outrageous lies would not, of necessity, be coming out now. And perhaps more to the point if such an action had taken place eleven years ago"there would not have been a 911 on which to base everything that's happened since that day.
"Whatever you think of Wikileaks, they have not been charged with a crime, let alone indicted or convicted. Yet look what has happened to them. They have been removed from Internet - their funds have been frozen - media figures and politicians have called for their assassination and to be labeled a terrorist organization. What is really going on here is a war over control of the Internet, and whether or not the Internet can actually serve its ultimate purpose"which is to allow citizens to band together and democratize the checks on the world's most powerful factions."
"Glenn Greenwald: Well what's interesting is that it's being depicted as some kind of international manhunt that finally concluded; that's what Matt Lower announced this morning on NBC News. The international Manhunt is over, the reality is that although this case has been around for quite some time; there was really only a valid arrest warrant for the first time in England, the country where he's been located. As of yesterday and last nigh his attorneys negotiated his turning himself in with the police department in London. So this was entirely voluntary, there was never any manhunt of any kind. Nor was he actually charged with a crime. The arrest warrant has been issued by the Swedish authorities in order to question him about the accusations that have been made. There's no judgment that he's guilty or that there will be a prosecution at all.
They are simply seeking to interrogate him and one of the strangest and most interesting aspects of all this, is that it's extremely unusual for Interpol the international police agency used in Europe and other places to be used in this manner and I mean he was put on the Most Wanted, list even though as I just said he's not charged with any crime.
They just want to interrogate him and for months now his attorneys have offered to the Swedish Police and to prosecutors to make him available for questioning whether it be by telephone or by Skype or by appearing in some other technologically suitable means: And yet they,ve been extremely insistent, very oddly so, that that isn,t good enough., That he actually make himself physically available in the jurisdiction of Sweden; in order to be detained and interrogated. And of course the real concern is, and it's a concern that Assange and his lawyers have is that what this is, is just a ploy to get him into custody in a country which is Sweden; that is very subservient to the United States. That is willing to extradite him to the United States, or turn him over with the slightest request. And any person that has followed the "United States Justice System" over the last decade knows that there is good reason to fear that." (1)
This story concerning Assange's arrest is just beginning. There is however a background story that constitutes a Hidden Tyranny which goes way back to the beginnings of Israeli positioning within the United States to create the kinds of power that have made this latest Zionista scandal so important and so obscene.
"The genesis of what we are going through today which was laid down in 1912 to 1917. Having an historical perspective, A REAL ONE, on our situation, makes all the difference in the world. It explains that which was unexplainable. These exposes on men in power between 1912 and 1917 fully explains why the military intelligence decided in 1919, along with congress, to investigate the protocols to see if they were valid and if international Jewry was a threat to our national security. In the beginning it appeared to be due to the Russian revolution which was known to be micromanaged, planned and funded by "international Jewry" of the day, in other words, Khazars, which today we call Zionists. But little did we know the blackmail etc that went on to take control of the gov back then. SAME AS TODAY BY THE SAME PEOPLE who did it then.
Same special interest group with different players but the same agenda. 
As you know we published quite a bit about this along with the protocols involved and the findings were, that indeed it was a threat to our national security. However, that report along with the testimony before congress on the subject was classified by Wilson (as ordered by his blackmailers) as top secret and stayed that way for 50 years. This series of profiles below, explains not only that but the creation and the manner in which it was created, of the Federal Reserve Bank, the League of Nations, and the first world war. He basically allowed the Zionists of the day to run our nation much to our chagrin today. That foundation was laid then that is haunting us now.
Once you read these, you will understand how and why and when it all happened. We can now directly attribute the situation clearly at the feet of the Wilson administration and this discusses why he did it, even though involuntary. Mandel House was a dear friend and advisor to Wilson, and thus was used and instrumental in "managing Wilson" and the Zionists agenda for them within the White House. What was surprising was that he had a history of working with and for THE ROTHSCHILDS IN EUROPE before serving in the White House under Wilson. This is up because I had no idea, and thus assumed many on here did not know about this. IT SHOWS JUST HOW FAR BACK ZIONIST CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT, GOES. I am surprised it took them this long to bring us down, "IF" they manage to succeed, considering the Khazar brilliance dwarfs the stupidity of the goyim as they liked to brag about in Rothschild's protocols...." (2)
The pre-plotting of the crimes against the constitutional United States took place to serve the United States Incorporated (USI) which has been using the Zionistas as moles, spies and traitors within this government for a very long time. The current colossal cascade of lies and disinformation along with the cloak & dagger mini-dramas that have so split the planet on the subject of all things Wikileaks related"that the global public must look very carefully into who is served by these "leaks" and who is damaged. (3)
The idea that two totally corrupted governments, USI & the Zionistas, are using these leaks of information to kill any chance of there ever being any more whistle-blowers is transparently awkward"given the background of pure criminality between the two Outlaw "powers." But perhaps the most damning thing that is becoming increasingly clear, is that what these Outlaws cannot do with their own PR organs they are now trying to accomplish by creating yet another "sting operation" to try and convince the gunshy public of the truth of all their lies"by setting up Assange as just another straw man to be liquidated in the false-name of "national-international security."
Enough is enough! The public must demand to know why these two governments have done nothing about the real evidence of military and mercenary murders, international torture and international dispossession that these two outlaw-governed countries have unilaterally committed, against so many of the nations of the world.
1)  Greenwald on the Arrest of Julian Assange and the U.S. "War on Wikileaks" http://www.democracynow.org/2010/12/7/glenn_greenwald_julian_assange_arrest_and
2) The Hidden Tyranny that Dwarfs All Other Issues http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/12/hidden-tyranny-issue-that-dwarfs-all.html
3) Wikileaks, Defining the Moment? http://rense.com/general92/wikidef.htm

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