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News Flash - Joe McCarthy
Was Controlled By Jews! 

Commentary By JB Campbell
Regarding This Excerpt - http://www.henrymakow.com/mccarthy.html
Well, yeah -- he was in the United States Senate, wasn't he? He was one guy, the junior senator from his state, with either Truman or Eisenhower as president, each of whom was a mortal enemy. There's a pair to draw to, top candidates for War Criminal of the Century.
Nobody can resist taking a shot at McCarthy, even guys who should know better. Jews were his mortal enemies but they brag that they controlled him and credulous writers think they've got a scoop. They say the same thing about Hitler. Hitler was working for Warburg, McCarthy working for Baruch. Do you really think the Jews controlled those two guys? That they go rabid at the mention of either name just for effect? Probably the dumbest statement in Marks' affidavit: "He is the best friend the Jews ever had," referring to McCarthy. Well, honest Jews, sure. He was the best friend any of us ever had but today we're all too dumb to realize it. In the Fifties, lots of Americans realized it. But the Communists and Zionists were shit-scared of McCarthy and they still are.
When you're a one-man show in a game of life and death, starting out with no one to back you up and no funding, you take support from wherever you find it. Then when you're strong enough, you take control of your destiny. The Jews may have started out believing they controlled both Hitler and McCarthy. They controlled everyone else so that was a reasonable assumption. But they definitely lost control of those two guys.
There were plenty of Gentile bad guys to go after, starting with the Secretary of State, George C. Marshall. Harry Hopkins was dead and Alger Hiss was Nixon's bird. But there was still Owen Lattimore and John Stewart Service. None of them Jews, but unbelievably treacherous and dangerous tools of Jewish world domination. Marshall, Hopkins and Hiss were just the most visible Communist spies in the Roosevelt/Truman crime family. McCarthy very cleverly went after Gentile traitors first but even Marks admits that once he had power he began calling Jews to answer for their treachery. 
So I would ask all the critics and arm-chair quarterbacks: What would you have done in McCarthy's place? In McCarthy's time? How would you go after Jewish criminals today?
I had the same problem getting the militia going. I wanted to go after the Jews but couldn't say it, even in 1989. It certainly wasn't any easier to go after Jews in the1950s. It's only now, in 2010, when Jewish crimes and atrocities and treachery are in your face that we can consider Defense Against Jewish Aggression. Jewish camouflage isn't working so well these days. But back then, it was working well.
Stop slamming McCarthy. That's the lazy coward's way. It's so easy to curry favor with the Jews by taking a shot at him. It shows how smart one is. That's what the sunshine patriots do with Hitler. Conservatives have always been careful to show anti-Nazi credentials before venturing to criticize a Jew, thinking the Jew will not accuse him of "anti-Semitism." Doesn't work.
Instead, have a look at the real Joe McCarthy in this CBS kinescope from '54, when the Communist propagandist Edward R. Murrow tripped over his own hubris and was forced to let McCarthy counterattack:
Ed Murrow should have thought about that popular TV show back then and thought: "Remember: You Asked For It!"
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