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The Fifth Dimension
By Jim Kirwan
Beneath the many levels of the battle for control of the planet today there is a fifth dimension. The place where shadows move to turn back the current threat that seeks to consolidate the world into one massive fascist state wherein all power, all privilege and wealth, shall be owned by the very few that seek to own us all.
That realm is where I live and work and have for over half a century. This dimension does not seek to draw attention to itself; but it has many creative followers that keep its arrows sharpened. By its very nature this dimension lives and moves beneath the major events and seeks to draw attention to the root causes that have brought the world to her knees in these dark times. Several million people own this image in one form or another, but very few are aware of what this Citadel of Broken Dreams was really all about.
Language and imagery have been perverted now for the entire time of this unending crisis, which was not something that I recognized when I began to try and add my voice and images in an attempt to interrupt this huge trajectory of personal-slavery in all its twisted forms. I was naïve enough in the beginning to think that if people could only "see" what was happening to them under the tyranny of LBJ-they would react with outrage at what was being done to all of us-because even then this evil plot was clearly visible. But it was a simple matter for those that ran this early-form of the New World Order, even then, to silence those of us that disagreed, so the actual birth of this nightmare was able to proceed without interruption.
As the issues continued to move from battlefield to battlefield, beneath the public's awareness; individuals continued to try and find new ways to penetrate this masquerade with images and words, but the blinders that society had adopted were already very carefully and deeply rooted at almost every crossroads that we all encountered as the nation tried to live its life. (1)
The Fifth Dimension is that place where the roots-of-change derive their nourishment to actually enable real-changes to become part of the public's arsenal against the unreasonable powers that have declared this war upon humanity. This dimension however remains almost invisible to the majority because it involves the exercise of free will and the determination needed to live in a world where justice and freedom have been turned into prostitution for the few, over the needs of the many that have sought relief in what they mistakenly have taken for the government and the laws of this land that have been hollowed out, to protect not the people, but to permanently shield their persecutors from any and all consequences for their crimes against the public.
The options and possibilities in the world were many when I began my battle with this artificially created tar-baby that now stands astride every junction where any alternative to the status quo might have been successfully challenged-from the ballot box to the media and everything in-between-because it has all been corrupted right in front of us: And yet the public continues to cling to these outmoded shells of our so-called political parties, as if they still held some possibility to avert this disaster that continues to unfold within every area of society.
Today Bank of America lifted its moratorium on foreclosures, announcing that they would go ahead with another 100,000 more foreclosures: This after Obamanation announced that he would NOT support the proposed nation-wide moratorium-on-foreclosures until the crimes committed could actually be investigated. The reason we are in this housing crisis is because the banks are making even more money on the foreclosures than they made on the run-up to the problem when they were 'qualifying' people without jobs for homes they knew the applicants could never pay for.
This is a bait and switch that led directly to the foreclosure crisis and it is the major banks response to the demands of the public for some relief from the criminal practices that led directly to the massive numbers of foreclosures across the nation. It means that not only will the banks that the public bailed out, not help those affected by their criminal behavior, but instead will become victims again of Part Two of the crisis that will make hundreds of billions more for the banks than they could have ever "earned" in any other way. All of this has been part of the plan all along-to steal and then profit from both the theft and the foreclosures-to a degree that makes ordinary criminal-activity look like child's play.
This policy was developed during the dot-com boom & bust. It was continued during the fake financial bust & recovery of 2008, and then refined during the totally fabricated housing boom & bust that has now provided the end of millions of lives that will be destroyed, to feed the vulture-capitalists who will take profits to a whole new level and be handsomely rewarded not just with the new sales of the foreclosed properties; but this engineered-windfall will be added to with the once-secret additional monies gained from federal kick-backs to the banks-to supposedly cover the highly publicized loses which the thrice-bailed-out-banks and their sponsors never actually had to face. And this is only one aspect of the financial plundering of the assets that most Americans once instituted to protect themselves against disaster. The same kind of criminal activity is going on in medical care, in education, in retirement accounts: All of this is and was designed long ago to terminate the ability of people to cope with what the government and its owners have decided will be the end of this society as we have known it.
This happened because the public was lulled into not seeing or hearing the events that would shape this nightmare while it was being constructed right in front of them, because the so-called media has given the public nothing but lies and disinformation on which to base their views of what's really already happened in this country.
The public's idea of their own dreams, for their own lives has been turned to stone, and the very weight of this failure has brought the nation to its knees: In much the same way as this human figure in the poster above from the 1980's; wherein the human-figure has fallen under the weight of this castle that is no longer his or hers. The dragon represents the fifth dimension that whispers the truth to the dying figure of the need to "wake-up" from this illusion, and to throw off the situation that has brought us all down to this.
However given our nearly-total disbelief in those that have been screaming into the wind for years, even before the obvious inside job which 911 was-there would seem to be little hope for this situation to right itself without a massive reaction from those who have let themselves be captured by the idea of unearned gains that could be had, without any real investment on their part, which is what has led us down this road in so many different areas of life where too many try to have much more than they could ever really afford.
What is critical now is that this new-awakening needs to find a way to reach the multitudes. One such way was given to us on Columbus Day when the government let us know that 58 million people would be denied a cost of living increase for the second time in as many years. That black-moment took place eight days ago and yet there has still been no response from the complicit AARP or any of the supposedly interested politicians that were supposed to protect the needs of all of us, not just the recipients of the Social Security Checks they have earned with a lifetime of toil, that are about to be terminated altogether in December, along with the private retirement funds that were opened to prevent people from facing ruin in old age.
We have all failed ourselves in some ways, because it's in the nature of human-beings to make mistakes-sometimes. But this situation need not remain a factor if the public ever comes to understand what's really behind all the false-flags that have been used to hide what's really happening to all of us since we entered into the war-zone that is the Twenty-First Century. (2)
Look beneath the headlines, and begin to ask of everyone else what it is that they think is really going on here. It's your life that is at stake and it cannot be lived without a job, a dream or any way to support either-even those with their heads buried firmly in the tar-baby of psy-ops fantasies have to know these simple facts!
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