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The Fed Usurps US Sovereignty
For The British Empire
By L. Wolfe
1. The fed was established by the networks allied with the British Empire with the clear intent of seizing control over US credit and financial affairs, usurping those constitutionally defined powers on behalf of private financial interests. At this point, the Fed, not the US government has control over these affairs, with no effective opposition from our elected government.
2. In specific all Fed Open Market operations involved in monetizing the US debt place the US government and our citizens on the line to back currency and credit illegally issued by the Fed, on its authority alone, without any interference by elected government. The Fed thus creates the conditions which debase the US currency through such actions, while effectively dictating levels of austerity to be imposed by the elected government, although the Fed has no real power to dictate such conditionalities.
3. While the Congress, and occasionally, the Executive have impotently demanded to know what the Fed is doing, and the Fed chairman routinely goes before Congressional committees to explain its actions, the Fed has especially in the most recent period been undeterred by any criticisms, and does what it pleases in imposing a monetary and credit policy.
4. Without approval by the Congress, and with the tacit approval of the British puppet in the White House Barak Obama, the Fed through recent actions involving the purchase and sale of toxic securities, including mortgage backed securities whose real value is nil, has effectively placed the full faith and credit of the US behind worthless financial paper, in an effort to bailout the hopelessly bankrupt Federal Reserve system of private banks, and to prevent the blowout of the multi-quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble. These actions have pulled the pin, so to speak, on a hyperinflationary grenade that will lead to a national and global hyperinflationary implosion of the global system. 
5. Having done this, the Fed and its chairman now demand that government back up these policies by imposing murderous levels of austerity on our population, including the dismantling of the Roosevelt-era created social safety net, including cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and limitations on unemployment insurance. 
6. The model for its actions can be found in the bankers dictatorship- established under the direction of then-Lazard Freres partner Felix Rohatyn over a bankrupt NYC in the 1970s. In exchange for the recycling of New York City debt by the state-chartered and backed Municipal Assistance Corporation, Rohatyn's ``Big MAC'' was given effective veto power over the city's budget, placing this agent of the banks above the impotent government. 
7. In the case of the Fed, the Fed dictated bailout policies, carried out by the British agent Obama and former New York Fed head and current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, requires the massive issuance of government debt, which the Fed then purchases and monetizes. If the Fed were to stop its purchases (which it does through its printing of its fiat ``monopoly money'' which is accepted as US currency), the government would go bankrupt. This places the Fed in a position to both covertly and overtly control US budget and related policy.
8. In addition, the Fed, through actions of its Board, without any governmental approval, has made available funds through its discount window and other bailout operations to foreign banking interests, including those of the bankrupt Inter-Alpha group that have branch operations in the US. The Fed thus places the US citizen and taxpayer on the line for these foreign bailout operations.
9. Further, the Fed has for some time been suspected of conducting totally illegal manipulations of the stock exchanges and bond markets through providing funds for the purchase of various stocks and bonds, through the distribution of funds to banks and brokerages.
10. The only way to call a halt to such operations, and to restore sovereignty to our government is to shut down the Fed and its Open Market operations, pulling the Fed's charter, and replacing the Fed with a chartered Hamiltonian National Bank that mediates the process of the distribution of public credit through the private banking system, as specified by Hamilton in his famous report to the Congress on this subject.
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