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Ending Freedom On The Internet
By Jim Kirwan
Back in stone-age before the Internet, I did this sketch to show what was about to happen after the first meeting of the Trilateral Commission. Their object was to force people to earn less, and thereby to eliminate the "extra-time that too many had (according to Kissinger & Brzezinski) which was giving people the time to "THINK MORE." Their mission then has been achieved now with the new TAX-CUTS that will finish off the poor while insuring that the rich can never be touched anymore. The illustration depicts what did happen when the middle-class was eliminated to enable the poor to 'support' everything, without being able to survive themselves.
The internet has been the only reason that Americans are still able to pretend that 'we' are still 'free.' This was the one tool that the Robber-Barons, who morphed into The New World Order, did not count on when they planned their global takeover of the planet.
Ironically this was a gift from the same Pentagon that now wants us all to surrender to their collateral agenda of world-wide-dominance: Which has always been opposed by the world-wide-web. This is our Christmas-Surprise, coming as it does just days before Christmas, that will be voted on today; while the public is being distracted (yet again) and just as congress gives us this dagger-in-the-eye before fleeing Washington for the year-to begin to spend all that money that they each received from AT&T and others, that have made this all so very possible.
Once again the nation has been BETRAYED. If you want to see what the world will look like after this becomes "law" just look at what has happened to all of the nation's so-called major news organizations; since the shift they all adopted once the NWO began to dictate what they could say and what they could not touch. The newspapers and magazines, the movies and television are all subservient now to Zionista controls over every aspect of information in the USI-except for the still independent Internet. No wonder this "had to happen."
Five people, under the control of our Information Czar at the Feral Communications Commission will decide what the 350 million people in the United States can be exposed to: In the interests of the Zionistas supposedly sensitive "national-security polices" that over-rule this country's real best-interests now, but especially for the tomorrows that will no longer be ours.
No five people on the planet ought to be able to decide what 350 million can "know," especially not if the place this is being done to, is supposedly a free Republic with any real rights or responsibilities at all. And given that this was one of Obamanation's key points in his selection for the office-this was never supposed to have ever become a problem. However:
The promises of every politician in this country can NEVER-ever-again be trusted-because as we have seen it is far too easy for all of them to just LIE!
Throughout the last ten years the various puppets in 'government' have been hacking away at what was once a three-part society. They have largely succeeded in eliminating most of the small businesses and most of the middle-class while they have increased those living below the poverty line to over 50 million people. Simultaneously the filthy-rich have soared to unimaginable heights with all their stolen loot: Confiscated from all the rest of us in one way or another. The results of this most egregious transfer of wealth in the history of the world, is only just now beginning to finally be noticed-that's because it is now unavoidable-despite their total control over what we are 'allowed to know." With the addition of the chains they want to put on the Internet, their victory over us will be total; unless of course we actually manage to stop this latest crime againstAmerica and Americans; which will also affect the rest of the world as well. Here's just one of the reasons, actually 300 billion reasons, as to why they want the internet to disappear. (1)
The world too now seems to be of two minds and that is reflected in the reporting on the web. Here are some videos that clearly show that in England, Russia, and Greece people are revolting and cities are burning: (not covered by American media). Places where people obviously still have a young population that are involved and are actually leading these revolts with energy and determination. Here in the states our students have all but disappeared; leaving it (and us) to the older generations to stand in front of the Tarnished House, along with Veterans Against the Wars to be passively arrested. I guess there are very few here that aren't totally consumed with their drugs and their toys, to even notice what the hell is going on, much less to attempt to do anything to stop it!
"Russia Today TV put this together to show all the riots that even the alternative press did not have and its surprising how many there were and how violent they all got in response to the viciousness of the police in responding. The Rioters responded right back and I believe it shocked many in Europe and Russia as to the level of response that occurred. If it moves up one more level, then I doubt the police will be able to handle it and it will then go military, but then that jeopardizes their plans inAfghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Iran. So the elite are between a rock and a hard place, guess they better pull out those aliens now instead of after WW III." Video (2)
BTW the knowledge and the videos that are so available today, along with images and articles are just some of what will be lost-forever, if we allow these five people to absolutely OVERRULE our needs and our lives.
Here is a huge and critical missing-piece of history that explains a great deal about GWH Bush, who is not who he has been portrayed to be. Bush senior was a spy. As it turns out Bush senior is related to the 50,000 Nazi's that were imported into the US at the end of the war to work within the Spider-network inside the American CIA. These people were referred to as being part of Odessa. The video is here. (3)
If you still think that this country has not been stolen; then either you really are brain-dead-or you are hopelessly immersed in this fantasy which has been woven over the last ten years to convince people that those who are "leading us" now are legitimate people and not the greedy, evil servants of the Zionistas that are the spear-points we have allowed to spike our efforts to remain free-at every major crossroads both inside and outside this so-called 'government' that the USI is in realty a private, foreign, for-profit corporation that has been calling the shots for the last 139 years. They are United States Incorporated (USI) ­ and they are here to kill us, not to help us.
I never did believe that this country would go down without a fight; but all indicators seem to be pointing in the opposite direction: This time I sincerely hope I'm wrong!
1) 911 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History
2) Riots in EU 2010 & Exposure of the Villains who created the problem
3) American Nazi's ­ video
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