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Phase II - Egypt Awakens, Strikes Begin
By Jim Kirwan
Doctors in their lab coats, lawyers in the black robes, Suez laborers in huge numbers all went on strike today in support of what began in Cairo. People from all parts of Egyptian society are now joining in the shutdown of Mubarak's Egypt; because while this action represents a major risk to everything in Egypt, including life and limb, there is no real alternative. This is the beginning of the real face-off between the global Corporate-controlled military-dictatorships and the people that allow them to function. Here are the five fingers of "the one hand" that over 80% of Egyptians are defending. (1)
Labor versus Owners,
Professionals versus Government tyranny,
Living wages versus. Survival
Civil society versus, Military Dictatorships
& People versus Multinational Corporations
Yesterday I tried to describe the look of the coming exterior of American Society, as a population that would soon become a numbered society, one through five, much like the marginalized and openly-labeled Jews inside Nazi Germany. (2)
I was wrong about that; because in the computer-age of technology nothing that common needs to be used. Seven-months before 911 the thought-police began amassing files on everyone in Amerika, both citizens and everyone else as well. That information has been converted to swipe-files that are chip-ready and already have been attached to passports and drivers licenses that accompany each and every one of us wherever we go. This is where the real numbering-system has already been secretly applied. This is also where the Disappeared American's that have vanished from the employment and the unemployed lists can be found; while they are dying under bridges or in the streets of this already dead place where a country and a Republic once flourished.
I got a response to yesterday's article that questions whether or not people have anything at all to do with the kinds of government that we actually get.
Comment: "good piece. Except the premise is false. Governments were created by people to serve the people that created them Or, maybe not, given what we understand about how one man came to rule over other men. Is it not a lie perpetuated even by you? Governments exist. Who do they serve save elites? Why William, surnamed Conqueror, established Norman rule over England. I do not recall Saxons being asked for permission."
kirwan: "'Governments' are not something that axiomatically just appears, nor are they divinely instituted by the elites! You might have forgotten that the Republic was given to us, after our revolt, by the same elites that had colonized this country with the ironic comment that "We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it!"
We didn't keep it then because our forefathers got very lazy very fast and stopped paying attention to how this country went about the business of everyday life, early on. We did however manage to avoid total failure until 1913 when "income taxes" were added to the fraudulent-crimes against us, along with that moment of treason when the Federal Reserve was created in order to steal the right of Americans to print and control our own money: Since then it's all been downhill. This struggle with the elites has been going on since we left the caves and created formal-religions (our first give-away to others), to basically take control over the most basic aspects of any life within any society.
After the wars of "protestation" (Protestants were created) the wars between church and states, over who should control (And steal) the profits from the their serfs and slaves who had been the first "citizens" of medieval times; has led us to the current impasse. The consequences of those early conflicts have morphed into the one we are seeing now in
Egypt and actually around the world, because people are literally starving to death under these tyrants; worldwide, and not just in Egypt!"
As a consequence of what happened when this 'WAR' against us began, for real, in 2008: We are now living in the twenty-first century version of the meltdown that does not yet resemble every previous meltdown which the globe has undergone.
It should be noted that; "There is nothing made by humans that can ever become too-big-to-fail, be it a corporation or a government" and the proof of that is unfolding in the streets of Egypt now, from Suez to Cairo and Alexandria to Raffia, on the border with Palestine. In fact anything that gets that big, with the idea of avoiding total collapse, has almost assuredly guaranteed their own failure: It's a kind of commercial-suicide, by greed and corporate gluttony that can have no other outcome except death by self-immolation that ends in outrage, and resistant-revolutions everywhere!
This is what will soon be coming here to the hugely-complacent USI that has not known a real war since the end of the US Civil War in 1865. (3)
"Amerrika" continues on into the haze of global chaos; oblivious to every sign, every indication that the actual end of this total farce has now become just another fact of everyday life. What will happen to "most Amerrikans" will be for them unspeakable. Yet they have been warned and warned and threatened, and then warned again: But most of those that really need to heed these warnings just went back to their games and still believe that the stock market bubble is real, that there will one day be jobs gain, and that soon the good-old-days will be back again and all will be well in Amerrikan-Oz again!
But when those phosphorous shells begin to blow away the now threadbare curtain that has hidden the filthy crew of Zionists and Corporate Banksters in their privatized-orgy of this rape of the world, which they designed: Millions of people will be outraged once they can no-longer deny the truth that will by-then be unavoidable!
By the way, PHASE III will soon begin which will be the attempted military-containment of everything that is happening in Egypt now, so that this very real rebellion does not spread to any of the dozens of other nations that are about to follow in Egypt's footsteps. The excuse is already moving into place with American Aircraft carriers and warships along with US Marines that will act because of the strike surrounding the Suez Canal, just for starters (within a week)!
But if you listen to contaminated winds that are blowing across this desecrated land of the no-longer-free-you can just begin to here that long lost cry of FREEDOM, that has begun to make her presence felt again, despite the darkness in this forgotten place where she once called to-others to "join her and begin to live your own life, free from government interference!
It's your life; can you afford NOT to risk it for the only thing that really matters?
1) Defying Regime Threats, Thousands of Workers Join Protestors
2) Five is the magic Number
3) Chaos is Now ­ Charlie McGrath
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