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2/3 SoCal Whooping Cough
Cases Hit Those Vaccinated

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello, Jeff  -  Yes, the cases ARE turning up in kids and people who have had the ENTIRE schedule of vaccinations.
I brought this up early December on your program and, as I stated then, I believe the Pertussis is coming into the US from Mexico.
Just look at the area hardest hit - San Diego...which has a huge Mexican population. Other ares in the country experiencing Whooping cough in those already vaccinated also have large Mexican and illegal populations.
One does not have to have a PhD to look at demographics. Look at the cases in vaccinated individuals and put
2 & 2 together...you can only arrive at 4. The Whooping cough we are seeing is mutant, different than what is in the vaccine. Just enough as to make the current vaccine useless.
After all of the years of vaccinating people for whooping cough, we still have it in the US.  The vaccine doesn't work, obviously.  We still see the "regular ole US" Whooping cough, too. The pharma industry likes to continue the myth that vaccines eradicate diseases from the population. They continue to perpetuate this myth with polio vaccine which we talked about.
Thanks for posting the article. You are one of the few, if not the only one, posting this information.
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