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The Backlash Begins
By Jim Kirwan
Finally one man has come forward to resurrect the Constitutional chain of legitimate responsibility that could actually do what the illustration above is suggesting we do; which is to charge George W. Bush with Murder; on the record and in court for the whole world to see. (1)
Beyond this pivotal event there are a series of seemingly unassociated actions which are underway at the present time, that were designed to finish the official takeover of theUnited States. Here are some of those actions.
'The reason for the intensification of thuggery, pedophilia and the sexual perversions in the Gestapo lines at US airports, is being done to divert attention from what is going on with what is left of the financial markets: Chertoff was given control over Homeland-Security by Bush even though Chertoff has always been an Israeli citizen, and not an American, which is why this sexual assault on the entire nation can now be taking place. This video ought to open many more eyes to what is really going on now! (2)
Amerikans are famous for not being able to manage anything that requires paying attention to more than one threat at a time. This entire groping, fondling and sexual assault-crime scandal ­ artificially created by privatized security forces is just the kind of cover needed to stop the public from seeing exactly what is going on with what's left of the monopoly-money (US currency) that most still think of as real.
We must disband Homeland Security & the Federal Reserve simultaneously IF we want to both take back our country; and LIVE to see that happen!'
On the corporate side of life new demands are now surfacing upon the time and money of the employees that supposedly owe their lives and their thoughts to the corporations and businesses that employ them. (3)
But something huge has been missing all along in the relationships between these corporations and businesses that want total control over those they employ. Because beneath the demands of the owners there is this very ugly fact that is potentially a business-ending cost that these companies will not choose to pay.
The untold story here is the fact that corporations want total control over the lives of their employees 24-7; while they will only pay for the time and the thoughts of their employees that are actually spent "on-the-clock." When the companies dictate what habits you can have, what clothing you must wear, and what ideas you can think about - then that goes far beyond simply having a job. When the "company" actually demands total-control over all the habits and thoughts in the lives of those they employ: that level of total control must be compensated for, by law. The Companies must pay for all the time they say that each employee must "account for-to the company" going all the way back to when this became official company policy! That is one hell of a lot of money that the companies actually owe their "workers" currently and retroactively!
That amount involved would be one-hundred and sixty-eight hours a week or eight thousand, seven-hundred and thirty-five hours a year. Even at minimum wage ($7.25 an hour) that comes to $63,336.00 annually, for the very least of the employees that any company employs - needless to say this figure gets a lot higher if you actually make a living wage - so where are the lawsuits demanding compensation, including retroactively, that is due to everyone that has had to suffer from this entirely illegal demand by the corporations & businesses' upon the time and lives of those they employ under false pretenses? This goes way beyond economic slavery; its grand theft under-color of business-law: And it's as immoral as it is illegal. No one in this country should be compelled to give their thoughts or their time to anyone without just compensation!'
The long awaited tipping point has arrived, whether we are ready to face it now; or not. These are our lives that we are talking about along with the actual security of this nation which cannot ever be protected from anything by the illegal actions of Homeland Security or any of the totally privatized forces that have been unleashed to spy upon our every thought or word or deed, 24-7. This entire structure can be utterly destroyed overnight by simply charging the creators of it all, with the murders they committed, in order to get us into this place that has no exit from their treasons against us all.
So here we are on the threshold of the final phase that will determine whether we shall live or die the Death of a Thousand-Cuts that has been planned for everyone who is not an insider in these massive crimes that have been taking place-virtually uninterrupted-since the New Millennium began!
It's choose of die! "Do something America"because it is finally clear that if you continue to do nothing; then the waiting is over; and the privatization of this country shall have been accomplished, while you stood there naked to the world, inside the illegal body-scanners brought to us by the same Israeli's that planned and coordinated the attacks of 911. Those explosives that brought down the towers were put there by Mossad, and paid for with collaboration and money from US intelligence agencies that blocked all of the legally required military responses that could have stopped everything after the first tower was hit. This may not actually appear in the Trial of George W. Bush-however it certainly played a massive role in creating the national mood to grant him his License to Kill-which expanded the murders to include millions upon millions more people than just the nearly 3,000 in the World Trade Center bombings-which was the crime that started it all! (4) & (5)
1) The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder - video
2) Reality check in less than seven minutes ­ video
3) Corporations Claiming the Right to Determine how all their employees vote:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/428657/
4) 911 was Not an Attack it was Murder!
5) From the Smoke & Flames the Truth is Rising
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