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Egypt - Wrestling With 'The Dream Of Reason'
By Jim Kirwan
Goya's Dream of Reason is where Egypt finds herself today. A nation that has stood against the nightmare for fourteen days now-with limited physical-support from the outside world: Except for that clearly overwhelming support of the human-spirit that has finally condemned what is still happening to Egyptians now.
This is a literal confrontation that could, and should be ended quickly. If the Egyptian Army had any real affiliation with the people they have until now been brutalizing: They would turn their tanks around and move to shut down the government in a single outburst of freedom that the planet would applaud. If they remain in the limbo they are clinging to, then the Army will also soon face the same fate as those that claim to be their current "masters.' Those people that are demanding freedom know where the Armies' families live and work; just as they know that if they continue to oppose this revolution they too will soon become targets, just as Mubarak and his entire government are today.
What has to happen is that the entire government, beginning with Mubarak and all his officials must be stripped of all their possessions, property and wealth in any form: The taken (naked) to the Israeli border and released. Anything short of this would be a defeat for this resistance movement that has suffered unendingly for the last thirty years of this tyranny.
What is being attempted today is no different that what was done inside Palestine when elections were held and Hamas won overwhelmingly-only to have the US & Israel co-opt that election and replace the leadership inPalestine with a US-Israeli puppet government which they call the Palestinian Authority. Then they began to hold "talks" with themselves (the PA) and began making laws that are totally in opposition to the what the Palestinians voted for when they elected Hamas to represent them.
This is the same process that the US, Israel, Mossad, the CIA and the Global-New World Order now want to see come out of these "talks" that are being held NOT to speak to the freedom of the Egyptian people, but to insure the continuance of the Egyptian Police State!
Any talks that are to be held must be convened under a banner that reads:
'Of all the people, By all the people and For all the people of Egypt ­ because everything else is secondary.'
Any and all participation in these fraudulent "talks," announced today, ought to be boycotted by everyone that cares about the freedom of Egypt's people. This ought to be the goal of any talks about the future of Egypt: Because it was the SECURTY-state with all its criminality that produced this revolt in the first place.
In the longer-view: The point of this whole process, in Egypt, has been totally missed. "Democracy is strictly a transitory process": usually this is used as a step down to create a police-state, and almost never has it been used to get back UP to a Republic. A "REPUBLIC" is a far more lasting form of government wherein all people have both a voice and protection from the majority, as well as from the government, for their personal views and the everyday freedom that life is supposed to be about.
However whenever any people are try to throw off a criminal-dictatorship and fascism at the same time; about all they can hope for in the short run is a 'democracy.' This cannot work in Egypt because the interim terms of office they are talking about now would last for SIX YEARS - which would obviously trap their "democracy'," not just in the quicksand of a legal-limbo, but in the continued tyranny that the current VP of Egypt would obviously immediately install.
The entire process is currently under siege by USI, by ISRAEL and by Mossad as well as CIA. All of these biased factions have all come together in the point man that spoke today for KEEPING MUBARAK IN POWER - as their answer to those in Tahrir Square. That man; Frank Wizner Jr. is also a Zionist, who is demanding that Mubarak be allowed, not just to shape the future of Egypt, but that Mubarak be allowed to write the ending to this uprising. This is the height of Hypocrisy and a massive betrayal of the human-spirit behind this reaction to thirty years of captivity, repression, torture and murder. (1)
Some have suggested ElBaradei be chosen because of his past performance and affiliations with the UN and because he stood up to Western War Crimes over the nukes issue in Iraq: And he also made noises about insuring that Israel be brought into the IAEA over the dispute concerning Israel's nuclear weapons. ElBaradei did do that: However his affiliations with the UN (a massively-criminal organization that was created as part of the New World Order, by Truman) - AND is unfortunately NOT on the side of this revolution but is in actuality part of the continuing problems throughout the world; in this struggle between 'freedom' and "SECURITY."
What he is saying now, may be positive. But whatever is "said" anywhere now, must be carried out in practice; and when it comes to that we must always look back to see how many of the promises made 'anywhere' were ever "kept." In the case of the UN - they have been behind the Clinton, Bush, Bush, and Obama years one-hundred percent. The UN did not prevent the US pre-emptive strikes in either Afghanistan or Iraq; nor has the UN done ANYTHING except to indirectly support the continuing totally-illegal- Zionist Occupation of Palestine.
'Last night they exposed the fact that the Mubarak family have a personal fortune of 70 BILLION with a 'B' and this morning word is the Americans are moving in - warships and troops to protect Americans and incidentally Mubarak and incidentally their masters interests. - in Tel Aviv of course.'
What is about to happen to the protestors of the Mubarak Regime in Tahrir Square and elsewhere in Egypt, will only turn out against the Egyptian people IF they accept this totally deceptive-masquerade as the only way way-out of this very real standoff.
Egypt cannot continue in the present impasse: Tourism is dead and Egypt has come to a complete halt: With American destroyers and aircraft carriers on the way: This can not be good-news for those that continue to oppose the criminal-regime inside Egypt. On the other hand no country can last very long with 90% of their own people enraged and living I the streets against a "leadership' that continues to have no credibility whatsoever-despite what the hand-picked American Pro-Counsel has to say!
VIVA Egypt! And long live the FREE people of Egypt, in their own country, under their own chosen leaders!
1) "The Empire's Bagman"
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