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Is DHS A Private, Offshore Corporation Also?
By Gary Jacobucci
It took nearly a hundred years, and tremendous effort, to create a public awareness that the Federal Reserve was not Federal, but a private, offshore corporation - a branch of the Central Bank of Europe.
And for a Federal Reserve Chairman to acknowledge this publically ­ as Alan Greenspan did in stating during his now famous TV interview "Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means, basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take."
I found myself elated when, during the course a Jesse Ventura interview with the spokesman for the Denver Fusion Center, that the spokesman made the comment, "The Federal Government doesn't manage these operations nor do they oversee them."
I had one of those "Wow, thank you!" moments.
In 1996 the Federal Reserve announced that they would stop reporting the M3 money supply, but a one-time disclosure was written into the banker bailout agreement revealed in December of last year that the Federal Reserve had created $12.3 trillion dollars unbeknownst to Congress or the American people.
While the reaction in Congress to this shocking revelation was only to wiggle uncomfortably in their seats for a moment or two, it clearly revealed the Federal Reserve as a rouge agency operating in our midst and out of our control.
But what about the Department of Homeland Security ­ is it too a rogue agency in our midst and out of our control?
There are over 70 DHS Fusion Centers in the U.S. that the spokesman in the Denver center says "are all managed separately."
Additionally, there a at least that many identifiable Private Military Companies (PMCs) operating in the U.S.
If the Fusion Centers are all managed separately, and the Federal Government is not managing or overseeing these operations, then who is?
And who is managing and overseeing the private military companies? And who is funding them? And to what end?
Can we look at the Fusion Centers that are militarizing law enforcement in the U.S., and the PMCs that are recruiting, training and weaponizing mercenaries, as part of an offshore private corporation similar to the Federal Reserve ­ as another Trojan horse in our midst?
The fact that Private Military Companies are under the protection of the Dept. of Homeland Security was made clear in the situation that took place in Sept, 2009 in Hardin, Montana that only received public attention through the efforts of the truth movement.
In brief, a shadowy mercenary group offered the town of Hardin, Montana $2.6 million annually to rent their empty prison facility. The figurehead for the company, calling itself the American Private Police Force (APPF), was headed by a diminutive Montenegrin Serb who presented himself to the town of Hardin as 'Captain' Michael Hilton.
It later came out that his actual Serbian name was Miodrag Djokovichand and that he was a convicted felon that had operated under many aliases.
One of the conditions insisted upon by 'Captain Hilton' in his business arrangement with town of Hardin was for a military training center to be built next to the prison property, disclosing that this is where the real money was to be made.
An average person accepting that the DHS is there to protect us from foreign terrorist cells operating in the U.S. might assume that this is who they would go after ­ right?
One might even anticipate an announcement by the DHS that they had broken up a major terrorist operation on American soil. So where were they?
Montana state code and the state constitution specifically states: "No armed person or persons or body of men shall be brought into the state for the presentation of the peace or the suppression of domestic violence unless the application of the legislature or of the governor when the legislature cannot be convened."
Some noise was made that the State Attorney General was going to investigate what took place in Hardin, but apparently the only role DHS played in this fiasco was in performing damage control for one of their 'contractors'.
Two of these PMCs have set up shop in the foothills of my own rural community and are operating with impunity. In the county, DHS has funded two paramilitary exercises with members of the Sheriff and Police Departments, a school shooting exercise and a mass-vaccination drill in the event of a pandemic. As a member of my County's Local Emergency Planning Committee, my biggest concern is in seeing the absolute unquestioning attitude of the head of emergency services toward any and all DHS policies and programs.
The Federal Reserve has been identified as a rouge, criminal, private, offshore enterprise that has taken control of the American monetary system.
The question is, can the Department of Homeland Security be identified as a rouge, criminal, private, offshore enterprise that is taking over control of America's legal system and law enforcement?
If the Federal Reserve can be seen as a key instrument in the creation of a one-world, privatized bank, can the Dept. of Homeland Security be seen as a key instrument in the creation of a one-world, privatized Army?
Is this what the $12.3 trillion created in secrecy is really being used for?
The conquest of America has always been the prize in the eye of oligarchy; the self-proclaimed right of wealth to rule. The same deception, unconstitutional laws, and all the other draconian tools of the trade of the Rothschild mafia that imposed the Federal Reserve upon our nation have been used to establish the Dept. of Homeland Security. Both are incredibly evil in their intent and both must be exposed and resisted if we are to have any hope of surviving a new world order agenda.
And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
- Dylan Thomas
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