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DHS And The Rebels
By Jim Kirwan
Originally this card represented the Lawyer and the Rebel because these two images tend to cancel each other out. But the same thing is also true if you see the Lawyer as just one of the thugs from the Department of Homeland Security.
His Plexiglas face-shield is as transparent as are his non-existent motives. The plume on the helmet stands for the closed fists of Hatred, Power and Control. However he can never retain control of any situation because his every act is strictly dependent upon a very limited time in the field. Once any confrontation, or demonstration, exceeds a few hours then everything that initially favored his methods to enforce compliance; will begin to falter as new crowds replace the arrested or the fallen will begin to shift the balance of power that is being disputed. The entire point of this armed and criminal onslaught, against US citizens, was originally designed to terrify and disperse those that they have come to brutalize. But once the crowds begin to grow instead of shrink: Then these 'superficially armored' thugs begin to realize that their efforts are about to be reversed into something that no amount of them will ever be able to stop. The public is about to figure this out, and will soon begin to respond accordingly.
But rebels too have very limited uses once they become visible. In their rage they can occasionally break the chains that have held them for so many years. But if they use too much force or lose control, then they run the risk of becoming exactly what they rebelled against. "Rebellion," just like illegal and excessive-Martial-Force are both temporary transitional states, that can never be successful as an end in themselves; without what must come next. And that will have to be as different from their beginnings, as the final solution to this takeover must be; from what the New-Old Order has called for: Over all that they have destroyed just to get this far!
Demonstrations in the US have always failed because they are almost always one day events; and then everyone goes home. That was the sixties thing to do-and it is why "demonstrations as political speech" never really worked; when it comes to changing the mindset of the puppet-masters' behind those very real problems that everyday people become routinely enraged about.
However, now things are actually coming to a head. Because we have almost nothing left to lose-always an extremely bad situation for the PTB to have allowed themselves to get into. All of this is in The Art of War by Sun Tzu; which is taught in all our military academies-yet this knowledge is disregarded by all our paper-generals and would be dictators; whenever they "plan" anything they attempt to do anywhere: Including and especially here inside this country. (1)
All we have to do is look at Europe-they set up shop on the streets and stay the course. Things there do get changed because the costs of using these thugs is far too high and once the crowd begins to take out parts of their infrastructure, such as vehicles, staging areas and the like ­ just as the demonstrators they initially 'surrounded,' the thugs have no choice but to surrender: They have to quit once the numbers opposing them just keep on growing. In the video coverage of the European riots the cops are the ones doing the running and it is their vehicles that are burning: Their 'command' that lies in disarray and confusion.
Of course these demonstrations are not covered by the lying-dogs that call themselves journalists here. No it is as if nothing at all ever happens in the wider world. Amerrikans need to wake up and smell the phosphorus that will be coming if we do not begin to make our grievances known to one and all-wherever these crimes continue to occur. The 'war' has begun and we are in the middle of it. We have to choose sides because to remain "on-the-fence" is to endorse surrender.
If you think you have "too much to lose": Think AGAIN! Because if the criminally-deceptive government wins you will never have anything ever again: no job, no family, no home, no dreams and without a doubt you will have no money to do anything else with. Plus you'll have the knowledge that you did nothing to stop these bastards from doing, what you can see, they are doing already to everyone they get the chance to assault, to brutalize or arrest and sometimes even kill without so much as even a suspension for anything they feel like doing to us each and every day here in this place. In that Amerrika that still thinks it is free and that this too shall be rectified.
P.T. Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute" but in Amerrika that number is far too low because we have the most denial-addicted population the world has ever seen!
So, do you really want to change things-if so then start behaving as if your life is being threatened every day in every way-because it is-and worst of all, you KNOW that this is true! (2)
1) The Art of War, online
2) Blood, Sweat & Tears

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