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'What We Have Here, Is A
Failure To Communicate!'

By Jim Kirwan
"The recently-escalated battle between the American people and the TSA is far more important than it first appears. ... If America has a single founding principle, it is this: no government has any authority to take any action without the consent of the governed. ... The concept of "the consent of the governed" means more than just voting, however. ... There are many laws on the books today which do not really have the consent of the governed, but the government enforces them with a light touch so as not to provoke a backlash. ... ...after all, government ultimately answers to the people, doesn't it? We are about to find out.
There is no question that America is in the midst of a long-overdue revolt against intrusive government... ... The molestations, porno-scans, and general harassment set off so many warning signals it's a wonder anyone's still flying at all. The people have made their fury loudly know. The TSA's response? Screw you! ... Is this how public servants are supposed to treat the public who are their masters? It's clear that the TSA no longer considers the flying public to be their own higher authority; quite the contrary, they are subjects to be ordered around at a whim and made to do whatever the
Powers That Be wish on whatever pretext comes to hand. ... So, we have the public being forced to do something they very strongly do not want to do, for no reason at all; they are protesting loudly and the government blithely blows them off. Something is very badly wrong here. ...
This conflict with the TSA is merely a skirmish in the far larger ongoing war to determine if there are any limits whatsoever on Big Government, but it's perhaps the most telling one yet. If Americans will permit their wives, children, and themselves, to be sexually molested and openly humiliated in full view of the public by uniformed government operatives - in what still purports to be a representative democracy - then, indeed, they will tolerate anything, and there is little hope for the future.
This battle must be won, for to lose it means losing everything." (1)
There are a few things that were once taught both in the schools and in life to anyone that was actually paying attention. I was lucky-enough to have gone to a highschool where students were encouraged to "Question Everything," and I do mean everything. It was a private Catholic-school in a state where Catholics were only 2% of the population. As a consequence the school tried very hard to have the best possible instructors in every class that was taught. The concept of Questioning-everything applied to everything that was taught including religion class (which was not mandated).
The key to applying this challenge to the students lay in the fact that whenever anyone chose to Question anything; the only requirement was that whoever asked the Questions had to be able to PROVE their assertions. A consequence of this policy led directly to dealing with critical thinking (the process by which one understands the need for proofs) when discussing any serious topic. Compound thoughts also played their part and the end result were people that could think and decide for themselves what the right course was that each person could then choose to follow. The phrase "PROVE IT!" was frequently heard and the conversations which this sparked proved to be compelling as well as interesting ­ and it left the students in that very small school well-armed and dangerous ­ in a world where understanding and intuition were not just alive-and-well but were actually necessary in the wider world then; just to survive.
Another key point in that long ago highschool experience was the understanding, gained through practical experience, both at school and in private life of the importance of knowing that 'NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS EVER CERTAIN' and that there can never be any guarantees about the future, or any actual protections for individuals that can ever be assured by any outside entity: That assurance comes from within, and is limited to one's skills and to the vagaries of life itself wherein there really is no way to know the future. So when this privatized-for-profit corporation that is masquerading as our government tells us that they will protect us from "everything" if we just give up all our rights under the now vaporized US Constitution ­ what those criminals should be hearing from the general public is:
We have to remember that virtually everything which this government coup has told us; since the presidency and the country were officially stolen from us on 12-12-2000 has been a lie. Every statistic, every reason for what they tried to do and have done has all been based on nothing but lies. Tens of millions of people have died around the world because of this theft of our nation; that a silent and therefore complicit public has allowed. And nowhere in any public press conference have I ever heard anyone ever ask aloud, and with some force behind the words: "Prove it!"
This would seem to be such a simple thing ­ so easy to dismiss as nothing more than some dissident crackpot trying to grab a few seconds in the public spotlight: But if a demonstration began to chant those two words whenever this government issues another of its totalitarian demands: Citing "the need" to crush yet more of our rights in the name of NATIONAL- SECURITY ­
Then the perfect answer to each and all of their idiotic demands is:
Life is uncertain and always has been, but how we conduct ourselves is more than just 'important' ­ it is the bedrock of what the idea of this country was built upon. If we fail as individuals to retain any ethics, any inner-morality upon which to live-and-let-live in this complex world that has been taken over by greed and criminality on a grand scale-then we shall all soon be living on our knees without any hope for anything else; because we obviously did not choose to believe in ourselves. Unconditional Surrender is what is being sought from us in this current lie, concerning the TSA, terrorism and National Security-all of which are false-images that this lying bunch of Privateers are using to finish imprisoning each and every one of us within these private-prisons of our individuality that they seek to use and abuse until we prematurely die from the inability to survive; which these criminals are manufacturing at an alarming rate. We must demand more from these thugs than any of them are willing to give.
They have said that these unending wars are necessary to our security and to our freedoms: While at the same time they have bankrupted the nation; turning the USA into the world's leading debtor nation, while they finish stealing all the rights that we were born with, some of which are outlined in the Bill of Rights. They made promises that were shattered, smashed and obliterated time and time again upon their private-for-profit alters to greed and criminality. And we chose to do nothing! NOTHING at all! It is no wonder that the head of TSA is not backing down, but ramping up the punishments he plans to inflict upon the population. Congress, the Courts and the Administration are all part of this attempted theft of the country and of everything most of us have been working for all our lives-and "we" have nothing to say!?
This government in the person of the Dictator George W. Bush said that Bin Laden was responsible for 911 ­
They have said that this government is financially sound and that the Federal Reserve is Not Responsible for the massive transfer of wealth from the people to the government ­
They have said that America is a free and democratic Republic ­
They have said that 'We the people' are in charge of this country ­
They have said that they did not steal any of the elections to office ­
Basically they have said what Richard Nixon referred to when he said "I am not a crook" ­
They have claimed that this nation is under threat of an imminent terrorist attack ­
"The Transportation Security Agency has potentially become a major threat to the Public Health of the nation. This ties in nicely to amping the FEAR factor in this time of terror-awareness that comes with every holiday season!
All those blue-gloved creatures that are so busy fondling and squeezing and caressing the intimate organs of the human bodies of both men and women, as well as children and infants, present a very real problem when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS, Syphilis, and a whole family of sexually transmitted diseases are transferred by human-body-fluids.
Nothing has been mentioned about this by TSA, in their zeal to molest everyone that chooses to fly in America: But I don't recall ever seeing any of them changing their gloves from one "passenger" to the next.
Rude as this might seem there are a great many Americans that do not wear underwear; and these people tend to be some of the better looking people; hence the additional treatment that such people might get from TSA agents. However this practice might just be rewarded by leaving some of the liquids obtained from their exposed genitals upon the gloves of the agent, who can then freely pass those potentially infected bodily fluids on to the next person they are eagerly waiting to fondle." (2)
"How did it happen that we came to find ourselves in this deep dark place that seems to border on World War III. How, in just over two years have we come so far down the ladder of civilized behavior, even as we continue at breakneck speed toward ethical and financial bankruptcy on a scale heretofore unseen and unknown?
It hasn't been a simple process or a pretty one. Since what I do involves mostly images, I decided to try to explore this implosion of things American, in some illustrations. In an effort to add to what the images allude to, I thought a few words on each might help untangle some of the more difficult underlying conditions for our collective fall from sanity." This is from an article written in 2003 that unfortunately is still critically important to understand, even at this late date. (3)
No people can be both free and totally submissive to a hostile government
that has taken over 75% of everything they have earned ­ in taxes, fees, fines and permissions to do the very things that living here was suppose to guarantee, without the need for any licenses or permits. This is not a nation, if it ever was one-it is a private-holding-corporation that rules with an iron fist over those people that talk about freedom but who, in reality, have already surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the power-mad dictates of the elitist few that both own and control almost all of us now.
PROVE me WRONG ­ please!
1) The TSA and America's Turning Point
2) TSA, a Major Threat to Public Health?
3) Through the Hourglass ­ Darkly
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