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Where Have All the Critical Thinkers Gone?
By Jim Kirwan
"Question Wiki-Leaks and Plausible Lies - Where Have All The Critical Thinkers Gone? ­ excerpts Joe Quinn, 12/2/10, Responded to by Kirwan
JQ: "The Wiki-leaks documents need to be considered in a broader context. By all means, alternative news sites should continue to expose American, British and any other government inequity that the documents reveal. But where is the criticism of the rest of the documents that confirm the standard Israeli/American narrative - that Iran poses 'an existentialist threat' to Israel and to 'moderate' Arab states? Does anyone care that these documents clearly support US and Israeli war-mongering? Does anyone else find that to be astonishing? Where is the critical thought? ..."
k - For "critical-thought" to even become a factor; one must have a mind. And the "Amerikan-mind" has only one perspective. After that perspective was set, by the propaganda line of public-indoctrination in USI - the human-mechanism inside the public mind which is responsible for asking questions was smashed. So apparently it is not possible for 'Amerikans' to "interpret" anything outside the boundaries of what has been force-fed to them as the only acceptable situation - hence NO CRITICAL THINKING is ALLOWED.
JQ: "Middle Eastern leaders want the US and Israel to attack Iran.
How can this not been seen as further US and Israeli propaganda?"
k -Simply put - because Amerikans have no conception of the multi-layered world of Middle-Eastern politics that actually rules international actions in that region. In the Middle-East almost nothing is 'directly undertaken'.' To put it another way, what might appear to be the case, is very often not - not only not the case - but frequently what might appear to be true is the exact opposite of what is going on. The situation in the leaked messages revealed is a perfect demonstration of 'the parallax view." n. An apparent change in the direction of an object, caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight.
JQ: "And what Middle Eastern country in its right mind would want that considering that the entire area will be unfit for human habitation for years afterward? ... And let's not forget previous Wiki-leaks 'dumps' of data,"
which included nuggets of US and Israeli government nonsense like Iraq really did have WMDs! And there you were thinking that the WMD business was a total lie! Well, guess again, thanks to some of the Wiki-leaks documents, we now know that the US was totally justified in invading Iraq and killing 1.5 million innocent civilians. And if that isn't enough for ya, then just remember...9/11! Bin Laden (who is alive and well according to previous Wiki-leaks documents) killed about 3,000 Americans that day, which leaves the US and Iraq just about even (500 Iraqi lives being equal to one American life). And don't go spouting any spurious conspiracy theories, because Mr. Assange is annoyed that such 'false conspiracies" [like 9/11] distract so many people (like you). ..."
k -To put this in context it is necessary to understand the relationship between the Zionistas and the ownership of Wikipedia (and by extension - Wikileaks as well). I don't care what the "cables say" - WMD was liquidated or moved during the 1991 War on Iraq that did not end (because of the 24-7 bombing raids conducted from the no-fly zones). The "2003 War on Iraq", was just the continuance of 1991 - and by 2003 (cables or no cables) there were no weapons of mass-destruction in Iraq.
The War on Iraq is America's longest running war ­ since it has been going on for NINETEEN years. This explains how it is possible for the US Department of veterans Affairs to have issued their casualty reports that clearly states: 73,846 US Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled. (2)
It seems, based on the information that was "leaked," that Israel and USI actually had a GREAT DEAL to GAIN by allowing these leaked documents to be "given to the public" - which would explain their reasons for not initially trying to arrest him or to kill him outright. What happened instead was that the totally compromised psy-ops news organizations of the US & Europe actually co-operated in the release to the information: Now why do you suppose that happened? Again it is the Parallax View that is being used to masque and to simultaneously promote the exact opposite of what is true. This is part of why I and many others refrained from jumping into this quagmire where white is painted as black and vice-versa.
JQ: "So why is no one contesting these very dubious and much more serious claims? These are claims that could be used to justify an attack on Iran and the murder of millions of Iranian civilians? ...
Assange on Netanyahu - In a recent Time Magazine interview, Julian Assange stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is not a naive man" but rather a "sophisticated politician." That's Assange's assessment of a man who is clearly a psychopath. In the same interview Assange said: "We can see the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu coming out with a very interesting statement that leaders should speak in public like they do in private whenever they can. ... Apart from the fact that he appears to be praising a pathological war criminal, Assange displays an amazing level of naïveté. Netanyahu's comment about Middle Eastern leaders making their private opinions public was in reference to the leaked allegation that the Saudi, Jordanian and Emirati governments were privately in favor of "cutting the head of the Iranian snake", something that Netanyahu has been cheer-leading for several years.
Despite this, Assange believes that this will lead to "some kind of increase in the peace process in relation to Iran." Say what?!"
k - A huge part of the above has to do with those in the Middle-East who "live" in the situation every day. Intrinsically the actual paradigms are known to those in charge, as well as the public in residence there: However what is voiced to the outside world makes no mention of what is actually going on. Assange floats over this reality like a surfboard without a rider - just being tossed about by every passing wave because he does not address either the reality beneath or the publically spoken substitute for that reality.
JQ: "But not everyone is fooled. On Wednesday, a senior Turkish official blamed Israel for the Wiki-leaks release. Addressing reporters, Huseyin Celik: "One has to look at which countries are pleased with these," Celik was quoted as saying. "Israel is very pleased. Israel has been making statements for days, even before the release of these documents." "Documents were released and they immediately said, 'Israel will not suffer from this.' How did they know that?" Celik asked. He doesn't even realize that probably many of these documents were created FOR leaking! ..."
k - BINGO! Which is the reason that he should be charged and face an open and public court: But precisely because of the dangers inherent (to the powers that be) in such a course also ironically makes the case for MURDER as the only solution - because if the truth comes out then those that have benefited directly, from this series of leaks, will become the losers (the Zionistas & USI) - as it does appear (to me) - that these documents were "created FOR leaking."
JQ: "The Wiki-leaks documents that provide evidence for what is already understood should be accepted, the documents that echo what we already know to be US and Israeli propaganda should be understood as just that - US and Israeli propaganda. Is that so hard? Why are many alternative news writers who railed against similar lies and disinformation when it came from US and Israeli 'Intel reports' now accepting, or ignoring, the same propaganda simply because it comes via Wiki-leaks?"
k - I can only speak for myself, obviously. But I stayed out of this until the dust settled - because of the vast amount of supposed information. To comment initially would have been premature to say the vey least. Now however as more and more of the substance and the garbage begins to become visible - it is at least possible to be able to form opinions and to say what that looks like to those of us that choose to have opinions - and to defend them.
JQ: "Do the Wiki-leaks documents have to be all good or are all bad? Is such black and white thinking ever a good way to discern truth from lies in a world where almost everything has some element of spin? Are we so desperate for a truth-telling hero ... that we have lost our ability to critically think? What happened to our ability to understand and identify the nuances and subtitles of big government propaganda?"
k- Of course not; except that that is the way most Amerikans have come to view the world. "You're either with us or Against us - George Bush" and the dutiful little mindless fools are still stuck on that obscene language taken from a period of time that consisted only of the LIES! Reality on the other hand has to do with the gray areas but more to the point we must all deal with the full-spectrum of brilliant-color which is what the actual world attempts to live in. As to: "our ability to understand and identify the nuances and subtitles of big government propaganda?" If that had ever been present then we would not be in this mess in the first place!
JQ: "The broad view of Wiki-leaks and its documents, so far, paints a picture of a concerted effort to supplant the alternative, anti-war media with an illusion of truth. As the Western mainstream media continues to reach new heights of mendacity and obfuscation of the truth, an increasing number of ordinary people have been turning to alternative news sites for a more accurate perspective of what is happening on our planet. This has posed a clear threat to those whose positions of influence and power depend on a misinformed population. ..."
k- This is also what has sped up USI's attempts to shut down or divide the internet into a two-tiered system which by definition would kill the actually valuable websites in a heartbeat. About the only real threat left to Western Mainstream Media - is the alternative media, with all of its strange and often accurate coverage of the world as it appears to those of us that have to actually live in it.
JQ: "The deception, of course, lies not in the release of official documents, but in the use of those documents, which in themselves do not constitute high crimes, as a cover to promote the same big government lies. I submit that, based on the clear evidence, Wiki-leaks is just such an organization and is designed to fulfill just such a role: the dissemination of Plausible Lies."
k- These so-called documents deal only with the lowest form of classification: If Assange had turned out to be 'real' then quite possibly a universal demand would have arisen from the public to go after the real stuff that deals with What Really Happens at the ministerial levels & above where the actual SECRETS hide? But since this issue has been anything but substantive - when it comes to verifiable truths - as compared to documents that seem to have been written for "a clandestine-discovery" that might convince the skeptics of all sorts of crap that has nothing to do with what has been and still is going on throughout the world - the only real solution for which is to shut down the entire GLOBAL-DISORDER mechanisms that will kill the planet very soon if they are not stopped.
"What USI has done is to overload their response-to-anything with piles of blubber in uniform, to imbed in the minds of the public that might be thinking about resisting; the idea that RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. However what they are trying to do is so blatantly weighted with overkill that the result clearly shows just how very afraid this government really is-of us!" (3)
1) Question Wiki-Leaks and Plausible Lies - Where Have All The Critical Thinkers Gone?
2) Since Gulf-War 1, 73,846 US Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled
3) Overwhelming Force, a Transparent Mirage
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