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Collapsing The Virtual Reality - Part 2
Monotheism - Exploding the Myth of Oneness
We Are Not One!
Explaining The Paths By Which The Truth Shall Set Us Free

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
In my earlier books, I have revealed that there are 2 mixed creations on this level:
1 A True, Theomorphic creation, the one made of the Divine Energy of the Highest Consciousness, and
2 An illicit pseudo-creation, spawned by an Evil Consciousness which itself was the result of an experimental error called, by Gnostics, the Celestial Error.
This "Experimental Error" occurred before the precipitation of the Physical Dimension. What follows here are simple thoughts in outline form. Readers are referred to my books for detailed accounts.
In the simplest of terms, the True Creation is the eternal Divine Creation; the pseudo-creation is a temporary, Demonic creation, whose beginning we can measure from the time of the "Big Bang". The True Theomorphic Creation and its Units of Theomorphic Consciousness were in existence before the precipitation of Matter (and its Time, finite energy, and Gravity) which coincides with the time of the Big Bang.
Both creations have expressive consciousnesses residing throughout the Levels of Consciousness in this dimension, in all classes of consciousness including the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal classes.
Before I proceed, let me remind you all that every unit of consciousness, whether Divine, Robotic or Demonic has been given this information that I am about to divulge, regarding the Correction of the Error, at some level of its being. Only fools have entertained the theory that consciousness is somehow a quirk of "Nature" and that a Day of Accountability would never come.
As you read on, you will come to the realization, if you have truly understood my writings, that the whole Physical Universe was doomed from the start, as have been the temporary and illicit structures it spawned, and as have been those expressive factors of the Celestial Error that gave rise to the Physical Universe.
The time of the Big Bang, measurable somewhat inaccurately by the existence of background irradiation and spectral light shift of receding galaxies, is the commencement of the temporary Physical Universe. Everything that came into existence from that time is doomed, unless modifications are made to individual units in order to allow existence of structures after the eradication of the Physical. Thus, you see, nothing of the mundane and purely Physical Universe is viable in terms of the True God Consciousness unless it has modifications made to it. I will discuss this at length subsequently.
Thus it is that true Theomorphic Consciousness precedes the Big Bang, precedes the commencement of the Physical Universe, all of which I call the Virtual Reality whose demolition I am now writing about.
Obviously I will be restricting my points below, which are merely a sparse representation of what has gone on, to our local area and our recent era of time with which we are familiar, but the whole of the Physical Universe is being torn down. Elsewhere (in books I wrote in the 1980s) I mentioned that approximately 90% of this Universe and its physical sub-dimensions (such as the Astral and Etheric worlds) have already been corrected and no longer exist as physical components.
I mention these points because now the plane is being flooded by the nonsense of unscrupulous so-called "communicators with Space Brothers", very much in purpose, to once again hide the reality of what is truly going on.
These deceiving representatives and "evil-sponsored chosen ones" are promising us everything regarding a future of health, wealth and abundance as Earth, according to them, is about to be turned, after some teething pains, into a heaven of previously unequalled and unimagined properties and proportions for all, regardless of ontology and absolute Goodness and/or Evilness. This is exactly what those of evil want to hear, and what the sycophants luxuriate in. But it is not the truth. What is needed now on this level is the Truth, for only the Truth shall set us free!
Alas, the stark reality is that even the most unaware will simply realize that the above concept is a non-possibility, for we ALL have a sense of right and wrong, a sense of eventual Accountability.
In typical fashion for this doomed existence, those who mouth such nonsense are fools and evil liars again peddling the Lies from which this dimension was born. And the only ones who give them credence are the spiritually gullible, and those who have been programmed, polluted and indoctrinated to swallow the nonsense emanating from the Father of Lies, and his willing Archons and Minions.
As we shall see, this whole Physical Universe has always worked, since its illicit inception, on lies, obfuscation and deceit. And, by its very nature it has been aetiologically entropic, inspite of what appear to us to be massive technological advances, which are really illusionary and useless, and, as I have explained elsewhere, only work in the long run to increase the entropy of the system.
And as we shall also see, it is one massive prison for the exploitation of energy from Theomorphic beings trapped within it. Without their energy, the whole system would collapse, and is, in fact, collapsing. All the mechanisms on this level are for the extraction of the Theomorphic energy. And all the systems of this Earth, as well as all the Physical Universe, as we shall see, are well-disguised systems doing just that to those the Evil System has kept inebriated and somnambulant.
If this were not so, there would be no need to destroy the Physical Dimension totally.
It is to these facts that we are now awakening. Many of the esoteric concepts I shall now mention will be beyond the comprehension of those whose awareness exists totally within the confines of the Virtual Reality. I will expand on this point in subsequent writings.
It is because of this awakening, even in its simplest detail, such as our being fooled by actions that occurred in this Generation (such as 911, etc., based on poorly constructed lies) that we are allowing the inevitable collapse of the Virtual Reality. And it is this collapse that will set us free.·
In Part 1, I stated that "The Assertion of Oneness is not simply a correlating Dogma of the Evil Assertion of Jehovah's Monotheism, but a destructive Illusionary Mechanism for better acquiring the exploitative benefits of the Virtual Reality".
The concept of Monotheism, where one jealous, incestuous, cruel and murderous god, who needs the slaughter of animals and humans variously to appease "him", and resides as the only arbiter over all creation, is ridiculous to all but fools. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that it has lasted as a valid belief for so many for so long.
That this "god" who describes himself, and acts, as a Ghoul, can choose a section of the population as his "Chosen" with which he can lie, cheat, steal and murder is an affront to all that is pure and Divine.
If "he" has chosen a section of the population, as his own, does that not imply that the others are not his?
If that is the case, how can he be the 'god of all' as Monotheism implies? He cannot be.
"He" is indeed insecure. 'He' knew from the beginning Correction of the Celestial Error would eventually come, and 'he' would be caught and transmuted. And that is the reason why he needed fawning sycophants to continually praise "him" and tell "him" how great "he" is, even as "he" sends his "Chosen" to steal, lie and slaughter at will. This has relevance for when we discuss the Masters of the Virtual Reality in which we are trapped.
I am not restricting Chosen to the Hebrews alone. That story is only 5 to 7 thousand years old. I am discussing issues that began at the time of the Big Bang, at the time of the commencement of the Physical Universe, at the commencement of Time itself.
His chosen are all the demons, and they are present in all cultures, in all races, in all religions and sects, in all lands, and sub-dimensions. The Jewish Chosen Ones is a come lately story of an essence being used for special purposes, and as most of you would know, that essence moved, in the main, away from the Hebrew race and inflicted certain converted residents of regions away from the biblical Holy Lands, so-called.
This Yahweh/Yaldabaoth/Saklas/Samael/Jehovah/Demiurge/Moloch/Satan consciousness, as it is known in various texts, is not the one and only god as it proclaims. 'He/It" is the fool, so-called by the Expressive Principle of Creation. It had been spawned by the Mind of the Error and has since been captured and neutralized, and thus has been sent back into Primordial Energy.
"His" creation, which we in the physical dimension share, is beginning to fracture for 'he/it' is no longer there to sustain it. The creation itself has no energy supply to sustain itself. Remember, I said such energy was cut off? So, like a collapsing computer program, this illusionary dimension in which we physically exist is now decaying, as was intended after the capture and transmutation of Jehovah and all the other creations of the Evil Mind.
So you see, the Doctrine of Monotheism was no more than another evil, idiotic assertion in the Illusion of the Virtual Reality. Woe then to the Children of Zion, which, I remind you again, does not simply mean the Hebrews, but all of the consciousnesses created by the Evil Mind that are scattered throughout this spurious dimension.
Briefly, as best as can be understood by the human mind, creation has a Hierarchy of Consciousness. It is the Highest Level of Consciousness that can express in the lower levels as manifestations of "God". This concept is as old as time. Thus, this Highest level which we can call the God level of consciousness, can express, and does express, in any and every other level of consciousness when it suits it. Thus we have Avatars, Sons and Daughters of God, in human bodies periodically. God consciousness can also manifest in the Animal Kingdom, the Vegetable, the Mineral, etc., etc. Thus we have the concept of God the Man, God the Elephant, etc. But below the Level of God consciousness, there is theomorphic lower consciousness which is not God Consciousness. I add this here to separate the concept from the erroneous concept of Pantheism.
It is when the Evil Mind encapsulated itself and declared itself the one and only god to whom all had to pay homage that the trouble began. It was not only an insult to the Pleroma (the totality of the Highest Consciousness); it was also a Declaration of War against the Highest Consciousness! Thus did the War of Essences begin, and now we are in the final phase of ending this war.
All that we see around us, especially the mess, the strife, the deceit, the evil, the destruction, the suffering, exploitation and misery, is due to Evil and its minions. The fighting between factions of Light and Darkness is due to the War. We are undergoing the separation of Light from Darkness, and this is obvious as each consciousness is being exposed in its ontological nakedness as I mentioned in Part 1, and each is acquiring lost psychic abilities to see exactly what has happened and what is happening to correct this Abomination.
In order to hide their evilness and their persistent exploitation of the True Creation, those of Darkness had to convince us all that we are the same and that no energy thieves were among us. How else could they exist amongst us? By telling us we are all the same, they gain legitimacy to be in our midst and slowly pilfer our energy so that we would eventually be starved by them, and spiritually die.
The physical bodies have a Filtering Mechanism, placed there by the body's Evil creator, which prevents easy recall of historical details we have implanted in the Higher Mind. That is why it is so very difficult to recall past lives, etc. That was another way of making us forget the Greater Reality and what has happened to us.
So, Jehovah was a fraud. As were, and are, his "Chosen". They are simply task masters in various shapes and forms, through history, created to control the rest of the entrapped creation by various mechanisms some of which in modern times I will discuss in subsequent sections.
These named manifestations apply locally in and around Earth, but similar mechanisms are also in existence all around the illicit Physical Universe, and that is why we have Evil Aliens of a similar mindset to Jehovah's chosen. Know that they have co-operated to keep the rest of us trapped, stupefied, drugged and harnessed mentally and spiritually.
Thus you see, the Myth of Monotheism, and the Myth of this sort of Oneness were, and are, an evil plot to obscure reality, the Truth to which we are awakening.
The Basis of this pseudo creation, this Virtual Reality was and is a lie; its sycophants are hypocrites, and the Father of lies was also a murderer from the beginning, just as Jesus said in John 8:44.
The Practices of Deceit, exploitation and murder have been practiced by the Progeny of the Father of Lies throughout the history of this physical Dimension. The Manifestations of the True Consciousness, called Avatars in ancient texts, which came onto this dimension periodically warned us of this, and talked about the Final Correction this Error. Of course, all their true writings and utterings were destroyed or distorted, and this includes the teachings of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc.
The dishonesty, deceit, exploitation and subjugation of the Theomorphs and robots, by the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, the spiritual children of Zion, have occurred in all eras, in all cultures, in all lands.
Of relevance to us now are the practices of modern times the exposure of which will see a fulminating end to the Virtual Reality. As simplistic, opportunistic and mundane as it may sound, here are included such mechanisms as the infamous 911 attacks, the murder of Jesus, Manichaeus, JFK, etc., and other practices that blackmail, abuse, and imprison those not of evil. I will give details in subsequent writings.
But for now, know that the "god" of the Evil Archons is gone. That is why Evil and its minions cannot win, and the Light cannot lose.
That is why it is time to destroy the Virtual Reality and all the mechanisms entrapping us. That is why success is assured.
That is why their exposure and inexorable decay will proceed as I have described in earlier writing.
This knowledge of a false, usurping pseudo-god is the knowledge that Jesus had said the sacerdotes had hidden. This is the knowledge those who served Monotheism did not want publically known. The Gnostic knew it and that is why they were hunted down and slaughtered.
Monotheism then is seen to stand on the Foundation of Demonism. In the last few centuries, such institutions re-enforce their demonic stance with the absurd drivel of "Church Fathers" such as St. Augustine of Hippo, St Dominic and St. Thomas Aquinas, sycophantic demons who are famous for their hatred of Gnostics, and of all who had the knowledge to expose the demonic fraud.
These demons did more than hate, just like their evil mother, the Catholic Church, which is NOT based on the teachings of Jesus but on the lies of Monotheism. They actively despised Gnostics. Hate is not a Divine attribute. And the practice of slaughtering those who would not accept Christianity, just as was carried out by the likes of Charlemagne on behalf of the Catholic Church was for this very reason.
And, by the way, the labeling of the "Goyim" was another mechanism of hatred and relentless exploitation. The Archons and their sycophantic minions actively hunted down and slaughtered any with the Truth, any who dared utter it. The Gnostics, in various eras with varies names, were the main targets. It was they who knew that the Truth would set us free. And that time has arrived in this Generation.
As an aside, the irony of how fraudulent this Virtual Reality is will not be lost on you when you realize that demons are often promoted to Sainthood in this profane illusion. Today we have the active process of attempting to make Karol Jozef Wojtya a saint for his work as Pope John Paul II. But how many know he was none other than Toms de Torquemada, the prominent leader of the Spanish Inquisition, a cruel, murderous demon acting in unison also in a previous life with the demon I mentioned above, Dominic de Guzman, who founded the Inquisition? He had been an active slaughterer in the Albigensian Crusades against the Gnostics.
Here also we have a glimpse into the function of these religions. Can they really be any good, based as they are on the Demonism of Monotheistic belief? They have been, and are, institutions specializing in energy extraction through physical, mental and emotional torture of those they can trap, especially the Theomorphs. Even a cursory glance throughout history shows they are instruments of hate and war-mongering, the very opposite to what Godly institutions should be. They speak of love but their trade is Hypocrisy.
Needless to say, the promises of Religions are empty promises, and the threats of Hell, damnation, etc., also empty threats. But the suffering and anguish they have imposed and continue to impose are real enough. Verily the ephemeral comfort they give the ignorant is like the narcotic balm of a whimsical wish for the spiritual anguish on the part of those fooled.
As the Virtual Reality collapses, their malevolence is exposed for all to see. No one will be fooled for much longer. By using overt and occult practices, they have been acting as extraction apparatuses for providing energy, stolen from their victims, to the Evil Empire and their Evil Overlord, Jehovah.
That energy extraction process and deceitful Illusion of the Virtual Reality continues into the Etheric and Astral Worlds. Thus so much of what is given as feedback from those areas in episodes such as in Astral Travel, from Psychic Mediums, and from Near Death Experiences is also false. I will cover these areas in subsequent writings. They have relevance for in their false bases lie the excuses for evil exploitation of unsuspecting individuals on this level via the imposition of Unjust Karma, Imposition of Negative traits and disease processes. Indeed we have been kept, very much on purpose, blind and unaware by Jehovah's Falsehood.
This phenomenon of burying the Truth and attacking any who wanted to resurrect it was not just a focal one where Judeo-Christian Monotheism ruled. In all cultures, in all eras, on all continents, this phenomenon occurred. And those of you who are becoming aware will know that was the case in Atlantis as well as in the other previous six eras of Class 4 (human) existence on this sorrow-filled planet. What little we have from Plato about Atlantis, and other incomplete glyphic remnants such as the Palermo stone, and from the Vedas and Puranas of the Indus Valley civilizations, aver to existences before this human epoch.
As many a starting to realize, these filtered, fractured glimpses back into an historical Greater Reality lend credence to the tenable notion that extant written history and its myopic misrepresentation of Reality is all bunkum. And guess who the editors are of what History is and is not? Who collated the bible ­ that compendium of historical spuriousness? Who destroyed everything it could get its hands on and gave us the Dark Ages? None other than the adherents to Monotheism!
Over the ages, their modus operandi was refined, as we shall see, but it was still to get the same result: Obfuscation of the Truth and keeping the robots and Theomorphs in mental and spiritual bondage while extracting the maximal amount of energy from them by various means that make them suffer maximally. And the most superficial examinations of history will reveal that unrelenting exploitation was carried on, even as religions abated, by other tyrants, despots, dictators, and instruments of governances, hypocritically dressed in all sorts of disguises to demonstrate fraudulent benevolence. In recent times no better examples exist than such things as secret societies like Opus Dei, P2, and Masonic Lodges, and the more overt Mammonic tentacles such as the International Monetary Funds, the World Bank, etc., etc.
Why have they been so successful? They have been successful because this is their Kingdom, and they, as Demons, as Archons, rule.
They are the Children of the Lie, for their Progenitor was a Liar. Hence, what do you think we will find in their thoughts, words and deeds, in the History they distorted, in the Religious they set up, and in all the other institutions of the Virtual Reality with which to trap their prey? Yes, lies, lies and more lies, and this we see in History, Science, Religion, Governments, and Schemes to make things go their way, to their advantage.
Why will they fail now? The answer is "Because their Patron, Jehovah, is no more". And, they cannot get energy from anywhere.
All we need to do is take the initial steps to start the total collapse occur.
That is why all their evil mechanisms of control will be exposed and destroyed, and their collapse will set the remaining trapped Beings of Light and the Viables free.
I repeat: the Archons and Minions of Evil cannot win. The Battle of Essences has been all but won!
As the collapse proceeds, the Archons' Arrogance of Invincibility, which is very obvious even now in the controlling tyrants, and despots, and those in power supposedly placed there as democratically elected officials, will be replaced on their countenance by the fear of Accountability to the True Supreme Energy of the True Creation. And their fear will manifest as insane anger and self-destructive behavior.
Without some understanding of the above, not much sense can be made of what is happening to us and around us in this Endtime.
The proof that we are not "One", that there are 2 creations, a true creation and a temporary, evil creation, will come with the total dismantling of the false creation in due course.
A little Metaphysics: The dimension was ethereal as were its Theomorphic occupants until The Evil Mind, Jehovah and his cohorts took control and solidified it. This correlates with the "Big Bang Theory" and the manifestation of corruptible Matter and the beginning of Finite Time as we know it.
They then created further robotic and demonic consciousnesses and began the physical process of developing physical bodies in which to accommodate them and the trapped Theomorphs. Stolen plans that were incomplete were used to initiate the evolutionary physical cycles with which we are somewhat familiar on this level, in this era. Eventually the only energy they could exist on was the energy within the trapped Theomorphs, for the dimension was eventually isolated lest it 'infect' the rest of Creation with its evil essence.
Since that time, a War has raged, the War of Essences, and we are NOW at the time of its final resolution.
That is why there has always been strife, conflict, pain and suffering on this level.
That is why Avatars, like the ones I mentioned above, and others in previous eras, came down to remind us that the Earth, all the dimension in fact would one day be totally destroyed and the Good would return home.
Jesus alluded to this when He spoke of the End of Days and the existence of many Mansions (dimensions) in his Father's kingdom. I guess the word and the concept of dimension did not exist in those days, even though he was aware of spacecrafts and multiple dimensions in His Higher mind.
I mention and quote Jesus the most because we, in this era, in the Western world, are in a Judeo pseudo-Christian prison. I say pseudo-Christian for what is presented to us as Christianity is an abomination, and has very little to do with Truth or Jesus.
(Am I saying again that consciousness existed before the Time and Space of this Dimension existed? Yes, I am. The critical point is that consciousness created by Evil within this time and space cannot exist outside of the dimension unless modifications are made to that consciousness. That is what the Rescue of Viable consciousness is all about. The Theomorphic consciousnesses that have remained viable are OK. They don't need modifications, but the consciousnesses created by Evil that have chosen Light need those modifications in order to exist when this dimension is collapsed. Note that only some robotic consciousnesses made it. No demonic consciousness has.)
Thus you see, it has been a case of "Them" and "Us" all along.
This is the only valid explanation of all that is occurring. Without this information, what is occurring makes very little sense.
What I have written above is a very simplistic view of Reality. It is far more complex. For example, The Evil Reptilians who started physical life on this planet and in this far out region of the Galaxy were escaped convicts. As I mentioned elsewhere in my writings, over 90 % of the Physical Universe has now been corrected. These Reptilians who set up the human experiment, among other things, intended to hide here, and they have. They created robotic consciousnesses for the bodies they created that were to act as slaves, and they entrapped ethereal Theomorphs who were in the vicinity in to these bodies also.
Jehovah, who supervised them, was only a small-time regional player, a localized corporal, as it were, part of the pervasive Evil Mind of the Dimension.
I appreciate the fact that many readers will accuse me of attacking the very core of life as we know it. And that is exactly what I am doing, very much on purpose. The corrupt, hypocritical and false pillars of this world, namely History, Religion and Science which uphold the Virtual Reality need to be pulled down to allow complete collapse. In the short term, many will reject what I am writing now. It does not matter. Even if not one person in the whole world believes what I write, the collapse will occur. But of course, this information will resonate, in due course, in the hearts of those born of Truth.
But know that proof for the veracity of what I write is not going to come from some polemical precipitation. Indeed not; the proof will come from events as they unfold. A visible collapse of this Fraudulent Existence, of this Virtual Reality will occur. It will occur, for it is time for it; the time to liberate the Viables out of this prison and take them home. Those of Light shall rejoice. Those of Darkness and those who have chosen Darkness have only the Road to Perdition ahead of them, and the strain of their Terminal Madness of the Endtime, that I have described previously, to keep them company. They have only themselves to blame for their fate.
In Part Three, I will write about the various types of consciousnesses in Human bodies.
Copyright J Chiappalone, February 14, 2011.
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