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Lipitor, CoQ10 & Bubba Clinton
By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
I have often wondered if Bill Clinton's doctors had him take the powerful heart nutrient, Coenzyme Q10, in addition to Lipitor after his quadruple-bypass heart episode. This is serious.
See, Statin drugs, like Lipitor (to artificially lower cholesterol) will not only block the production of cholesterol, it will also block the body's production of the CRITICAL nutrient Ubiquinone, more commonly called CoQ10. Both cholesterol and Ubiquinone are found down the same chemical constructional Pathway: "the Ubiquinone Pathway." And it follows that when you reduce one... well, reader ­ you, at the greatest peril, reduce the other!
Submarine "DIVE" klaxons should be going off about now!
See, Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) and/or the other, much better absorbed, "Reduced" active form of Ubiquinone, called Ubiquinol, are found -and used- in every cell! I don't exaggerate when I advise that CoQ10 just may be the most important nutrient we consume or produce in our body! This becomes essential knowledge when you remember that both the production of CoQ10 and its conversion to Ubiquinol decreases with age.
FYI: Ubiquinone comes from the word ubiquitous - which means "It's everywhere-It's everywhere"...because it is everywhere in your body. This point, as we find out later, is not oversold.
To continue, this extremely potent anti-oxidant (CoQ10) is the #3 selling supplement behind Multi's & Fish Oil! This is saying something because it is also an expensive supplement... especially the more digestible "Reduced Ubiquinol" form. However, you should only buy the Ubiquinol form because as you get older you stop producing the enzyme necessary to metabolize the cheaper "Oxidized Ubiquinone." More on this in a moment. The consensus in regard of this critical enzyme is that it dramatically starts to disappear as young as age 20!
FYI : If an advertisement just calls their product "CoQ10," it is the cheaper oxidized Ubiquinone form. Conversely, if it is the more expensive Ubiquinol, they will call it "Ubiquinol" CoQ10 to let you know it's the "good stuff." They want their "credit" for value added, right? So remember, if it just says "CoQ10" it's the cheaper stuff that you DON'T want... well, unless you're a teen-ager.
There is also an even better -if more expensive- form called "Hydrosoluble," a process which can be applied to Ubiquinone or to Ubiquinol. This process makes the normally fat-soluble Ubiquinone or the Ubiquinol, also Water-Soluble! This increases absorption considerably.
Hydrosoluble Ubiquinol, though, is as much as twice the price of regular Ubiquinol... so, if money's no object (...right...) then get the Hydrosoluble Ubiquinol. If money is tight? Then get the regular Ubiquinol; however, I would not buy the Hydrosoluble CoQ10 (Ubiquinone), again, unless you're a teenager... but I must add, teenagers shouldn't need supplemental CoQ10.
What's the big deal about CoQ10? Quite simply, the nutrient is critical for "energy production," so naturally it is concentrated around the energy producing organelle in each and every cell, the Mitochondria, plus several other cell organelles. Oh, and this is forgetting - all around the heart of Bubba Clinton (remember him?).
In fact, back to the heart, there is considerably more CoQ10 found in that never relaxing organ as there is found in all other organs! Unfortunately, as we age, remember, and produce less CoQ10, the greatest and fastest decrease of same... is in the heart! In fact from age 20 to 40 you will likely lose twice as much CoQ10 from the heart as opposed to the liver or lungs!
This deficiency in CoQ10 must almost surely lead to heart disease... because you see, people who live to age 90 near invariably have unusually high levels of CoQ10 measured. That this is not more common knowledge provokes me to further suspect the duplicity of governments, agencies, and institutions enthralled with corporate dollars and betraying or abandoning their charge to do no harm.
Don't misinterpret my tone... I love big corporations; they can provide quality jobs and solid careers. I just insist they be ethical - mammalian preferred to reptilian.
Consider. Isn't it strange that a thing you take to "avoid heart disease" can dramatically contribute to having that same heart disease? This is especially disconcerting when you consider that high cholesterol is not even a disease to start, though it can be a reaction to a disease! See, cholesterol is actually trying to help you and protect you when it responds to a real disease like arterial inflammation (caused by crap consumed!) or, it may be some other very natural condition which will never lead to heart disease!
Yes! Isn't it strange how a saturated fat, blubber-eating Traditional Inuit (Eskimo), even one with a very high total cholesterol of 300, or so, will likely never have heart disease; however, a thin Marathon runner with normal cholesterol can have a clogged-artery-heart-attack if he does some or all of the wrong dietary things. 40 to 50% of the folks who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol, fuh-God's sake! CNN's Doctor Gupta doesn't tell you that, eh?
This incongruity can easily be explained with the 1994 finding by the prestigious British Medical Journal, 'Lancet', proclaiming -as I have written before because it bears repeating- that 75% of the crap blocking your arteries is oxidized Unsaturated Food oils, like Soy & Corn oil, which are commonly labeled "Vegetable Oil." This does not include the unjustly maligned, healthful, and biologically important Cholesterol... ...Additionally, you know what? I'd be willing to bet a sizable sum that the remaining 25% of blockage material would not even be there, but for the preceding 75%!
What?! YeahYeahYeah... you're right, Lancet didn't call the blockage material "Crap."
Anyway, this Marathon guy with normal cholesterol, alluded to earlier, eats the following...
... Insulin producing, inflammatory-causing sugar & refined carbs
... Artery-clogging Polyunsaturated food oil like Soy, Corn, Cottonseed, etc. -and don't confuse with healthful MonoUnsat oil like Olive oil or the magical Coconut oil- ...gee Al, you mean all of the thousands of "Registered" Dieticians are lying when they say that Coconut Oil is bad for your heart because it is 90% solid Saturated fat. Yes, actually I think "Registered" means they have a 666 tattoo "Registered," somewhere, under their hairline.
... Mineral-binding Phytates & Oxalates in Soy, bread, cereal, pasta
... Mineral-binding, highly Indigestible Gluten in wheat, barley, rye
... Heart-stopping TransFat found in Margarine & Crisco and in virtually all commercially baked goods like Eric Cartman's "Cheezy Poofs" & "Snacky Cakes"
... Oh yeah, and lots & lots of sweet fruit juice to produce the insulin leading directly to Fructose Induced Insulin Resistance and the associated Type II Diabetes and your garden variety arterial inflammation... resulting in heart disease & strokes!
... And... let us not forget the sweet juice by-product of fructose metabolism, uric acid, providing for that crippling Gout we love so much. Ummm, hurts so good!
Back to bad-diet "Marathon Guy? Well, like Jim Fixx -and a host of other high performance athletic types who don't eat right and eschew any form of supplementation- he keels over into a scurvy skin-sack of over-exercised meat! That's the long and tall!
Moreover, if Bubba Clinton's MD's did not tell him about CoQ10, then SHAME ON THEM because, Jeez, he was the president of the United -freakin'- States! They should pull out all the stops and recommend Ubiquinol even if the Pharmaceutical industry -I'm guessing- discourages doctors from mentioning this Ubiquinone issue at all!
I mean, would doctors really keep this info from the President just because they themselves have dropped to their knees for the "Satanistas" of the Pharmaceutical Industry by keeping the CoQ10 connection under the radar?
On the other hand, if they did the right thing and put Bubba on 2 or 3 hundred mg of CoQ10 daily, it might get noticed and then folks might ask, "Hey, why did you tell Bubba and not tell us?" Perhaps they told him but refrained from telling us... Perhaps they both refrained from telling us! Conspiracy is FUN, eh?
The Lipitor web site, by the way, only goes so far as to tell you that a possible side effect might be muscle weakness (also called "muscle-wasting")... but never mentions the cause is a CoQ10 deficiency, brought on by the Lipitor! Though, more importantly, it is that they don't mention that you yourself can do something about it... like take Ubiquinol. More "diving Klaxons" are appropriate? You bet!
On reflection, I would really like to know why Statin-makers don't just go ahead and put a couple of hundred mg of Ubiquinol in every tablet. I can think of several wholly evil and nefarious reasons, but it would just be speculation so I'll keep it to myself. Uh-huh...
Regarding Lipitor-induced Muscle Weakness, here's an illustration: My co-writing buddy Lehmberg's now deceased mother, Twyla, who had COPD, could not raise her arms above her head after being on Lipitor for a couple of years. Her MD assured her it wasn't the Lipitor.
I recommended she become more adamant with her doctor because I felt that for sure it was the Lipitor causing the problem. Predictably, her MD was intractable. She decided to stop the drug on her own.
Well, guess what? That's right!
Within 2 weeks she could easily raise her arms above her head. Her cholesterol went from 150 (WAY TOO LOW) to 220, which is perfect for 76 year old women, in the aggregate, even though it was 20 points above the silly max total of "200" set, I'm betting, artificially low... why? To sell more Lipitor!
Yeah, that's right, reader. This is the dangerous chicanery passing for "best practice" in an obviously psychopathic and reptilian motivated "corpocracy"!
Think about it, Reader! If the Statin induced muscle-wasting is so bad you can't raise your arms - what's it doing to that other, single-most important, muscle? Your Heart!
As an aside, I was encouraged when months later Twyla went to a different heart specialist and volunteered that she had stopped taking Lipitor against her doctor's orders after experiencing muscle-wasting and he'd said "Good, you didn't need it anyway"...so hey, there may be some honest MD's out there.
See, it is natural for old folk's cholesterol to increase as they age; it protects them and, in fact, actually makes them feel better. Low cholesterol has the potential to cause or exacerbate a host of diseases and mood problems as I have shared with you many times.
Constructively, then, here are my top 3 heart disease prevention supplements:
1).. Ubiquinol --- take 50 to 400mg of Ubiquinol or the Hydrosoluble form.
2).. Complex B-50 --- take one B-50 daily...you're taking the whole B-50 (they're cheap) to primarily get the "Big 3 Heart B's" (B-6, B-12 & Folic acid). These 3 will dramatically reduce the #1 heart "bad-guy"...the artery-corrosive amino-acid, Homocysteine.
3).. TMG --- take about a gram or so daily (it's cheap). TMG works in synergy with the 3 B's above to reduce inflammation causing Homocysteine...plus it does great things for your liver.
FYI : Please read about the great & brave Harvard MD, Dr. K. McCully who did the research that showed this connection between reduced heart disease (caused by caustic Homocysteine) and taking adequate B-6, B-12, Folic acid & TMG...it cost him his career and was the subject of my very first NewsLetter & the name of his book "The Cholesterol Myth" found at: http://www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#CholesterolMyth
OK, remember, all the supplements in the world won't do as much good as cutting out the crazy crap that you eat, like Sugar, sweet juice, refined carbs, Poly-Unsaturated Food Oil, Soy Isolate and Trans-Fats like Margarine & Crisco.
Closing, you must think, reader, that I hate America because I expose how we are advised by registered Dieticians from the Government's "New Food Pyramid" that several of those things we just identified as harmful... are touted as "Health-Foods," according to them. These include things like fruit juice, Soy & PolyUnsat Food oils...
Yes that's right; and what is our ever-expanding "Nanny-State" government but entirely trustworthy... Somebody better reset that popped Sarcasm Circuit Breaker, eh?
...So, let me leave you on this cheery note. As you assume the "position" before "The Man", thank Him profusely for His loving protection, eh? Thank him when he imposes his imperialistic CODEX on us: we, the out-classed, wholly disrespected, but unvarnished and overpopulated masses...
CODEX, remember, is a handy little mechanism -in our best interest of course- which will require a doctor's prescription to buy substandard vitamins or minerals at unnecessarily inflated prices... but, oh yeah, don't forget to smile subserviently as he... "shows you the instruments of your torture," eh?
Alan Graham
Paper Archive - http://www.alienview.net/ALLTCON.html
That's enough, well be.
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