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Everything Changes
But Only When You Say it Out Loud!
By Jim Kirwan
Because What goes around must come back around
This is an indisputable fact of nature.
Every tyrannical dictatorship, every crushing Empire and every overbearing attempt to "own" this world has always met with the same gruesome ending.Whether it was the ancient Egyptians, or the Greeks or the Romans or the Ming Dynasties. Neither Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, the Vikings or the over four-hundred year war upon the native population in the West; all the way down to the occupation and genocide of the Palestinians. Not even the efforts of the latter day Nazis nor even Stalin's purges have been able to change the world into the Martial Madness that these freaks-of-nature are trying so hard to control, in their current war upon humanity.
Looking back it is easy to see that WWI was the beginning of this pathetic consolidation of the financiers and their war machines. That was followed by a brief pause until WWII was hatched to finish what they began in 1917. Afterwards there was no global peace; there was only the continuing preparation for this final chapter that was meant to end humanity and firmly establish a global police-state whose only goal has always been the destruction of everything that might advance humanity while stealing resources and life from every other nation on the face of the earth to over-fill the global-bankers-coffers and flood the surviving communities with millions of nameless coffins-of-the-dead which the globalists' began this fight to insure.
There was also an attempt made by these traitors to avoid the completion of the circle which Francisco Goya depicts above. Because at the supposed end of WWII the USA saved fifty-thousand of the worst of the worst Nazi's to use in our new Cloak & Dagger Operations worldwide; and other nations did their best to do the same. That's why "WWII" did not really end with the formal and unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers. In fact that declared-ending was in reality just the beginning of this war to take-it-all.
This fact has added unimaginable costs to the price that humanity and the planet must now pay for all that death and destruction. We allowed it to happen this way and then we kept silent about everything we've ever done toward creating this global-police-state. So we have virtually assured the brutality of the end that will be coming soon to a battlefield near you!
The NWO want us to FEAR them without reserve and everything they say or do is being done to accomplish that end-result. This cannot endure because it only takes away from life and puts nothing back into the life of the planet that is built on the natural renewal and the regeneration of life and growth; over the death and destruction which these few have set out to create as their own private legacy. This they believe will insure their artificial power over every other person or otherwise-natural event that takes place on this planet. Theirs is but an extension of their war upon nature, upon humanity and indeed upon the entire universe which they believe is theirs, and theirs alone to conquer!
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has always presented the world with its basic challenges to the way humanity lives upon this earth. Conquest, War, Famine and Death are the four things that mankind has failed to deal with; since long before there was 'a bible.' But instead of ending the futility of "Conquest," or ceasing to arm every corner of the globe for "war," or even attempting to end starvation, thirst and hunger as is now possible: We have continued to feed these ghost-riders from the dust of history with new ways to frustrate life before death makes its final appearance on the blood-drenched plains that we managed to fashion in our drunken quest among the ruins for plunder, power and unending war. (1)
This latest brazen grab has no future in it, anywhere for anyone, including but especially for those that are so determined to wage it; until there is no one left to oppose them. In the end there will be no real jobs, no workers, no products to steal, no value attached to anything that the remaining savages might choose to fight over-because all that will matter in the end is food (which they have poisoned) water which they are trying to permanently contaminate) and air which will soon become unfit to breathe; not to mention the soil that has become a cesspool for all the poisons and the chemical toxins which are being used to end all life. All that is being created now is death, disease and even more death! Only insane creatures would ever seek to own a world so totally destroyed that it will take thousands of years for the planet to heal itself-even if they stopped this today. And we let them do it all. Here's the template for the entire Shadow Government; This ought to clear away some cobwebs for you! (2)
We allowed them to patent life itself, for corporate profits. Just as we have allowed them to destroy every vestige of every law or vital human endeavor: Without which-what is living worth? Even now as our days left-to-live are shrinking inward along with our willingness to stand against these monsters: Still we refuse to see, or hear or speak of these things that could begin to change everything just because we refuse "To say the truth out loud!"
The entire premise for this obscenity comes from the idea that no one can ever be allowed to think for themselves-'all of mankind must be forcefully controlled.' That's pure bullshit!
In the late 50's I was sent to Guam as punishment for assaulting an officer and for refusing an appointment to The US Air Academy, in Colorado Springs (1959). A few months into that assignment a character named Gruich arrived and began to make fun of our language which contained almost nothing but profanity. He was merciless and he forced us to begin to think! We were an Air Defense Squadron attached to a SAC base where B-52's and B-47's were based to maintain Strategic Air Command's nuclear deployment of a full third of that nuclear force that remained airborne at all times all over the world-fully armed with nuclear weapons. New arrivals to the squadron were welcomed with this little speech: "If we are attacked your life-expectancy is eleven seconds in combat." This thought coupled with knowing that we were stationed at the metaphorical end of the universe and almost totally unnecessary to anything led to some rather unusual thoughts.
Within a month of Gruich's arrival we had already begun to talk about everything from soup to nuts, from women to politics, and everything in-between. We were living in two four-man rooms divided by a shower and toilet; there was no glass, only louvers for air. We and the barracks were sprayed with DDT every day, to keep down the mosquitoes. The squadron worked shifts. Three days, three swings, three midnights, followed by three days off.
This played hell with our biological clocks, but it also led to conversations unending. In my room at any given time there could be as few as a dozen or up to thirty people crowed into the concrete rooms, most having brought their own chairs. When not working or in town, we talked, and talked and talked: The result was a massively broad general education the likes of which would have been the envy of many universities (something I didn't realize until after I came home on leave) and attended some frat house parties at the University of Oklahoma where most of my highschool friends went after graduation.
It was amazing! The college students were juniors and yet they did not know anything about much of anything at all. They could argue all sides of most questions but when directly confronted they had no first hand knowledge of the topic-and no real idea of what they should think or how they should even approach a new subject. Whereas; because of the widely diverse people that were thrown together on this strange hell-hole of an island; this ad-hoc system of communicating with each other had given us something uniquely individual, by way of a real awareness of the wider world. That experience set me up for what came next and I haven't looked back since. It also just happened to produce a successful mutiny that ended up dissolving the squadron; which turned the 327th Radar Squadron of the Marianna's Air Defense Division (MADD) into just another closed-down relic of the Cold War. "Fighting the System and Winning" was one of the topics we kicked around daily.
The same thing happened here roughly thirty years later in coffee shops and bars in San Francisco. Conversation was the real attraction whatever liquids were being sold were secondary. People used to be jammed into the coffee shop and if you got there after 7 am you didn't really expect to get a seat. Smokers and non-smokers crowed the tables and the subjects covered such a wide range of topics that one could almost say that it was a rare day that you came away from coffee without having learned something really interesting.
The participants ranged from Garbage men to office workers, judges, lawyers, artists and writers, self-styled intellectuals, musicians, day-laborers, the unemployed and the passionate professionals-all of them cheek by jowl, of every color and sexual preference, many different nationalities, all ages sizes and shapes from the exquisite to the homely; from the obese to the anorexic: It was like a both on the midway in some traveling carnival that just happened to be coffee house in San Francisco; and there were several of these unassuming places at the time: In fact they were the reason behind the beginning of their polar-opposite; the ridiculous "Starbucks" that are now everywhere, sometimes two or three to the block.
Whether one was there because of writers block, or just for a break, invariably there was always something different going on. People then still read The New York Times, Harpers, and a whole panoply of small papers and leaflets ­ because those places were where the neighborhood went to talk about their lives and their problems. The range of opinions and ideas was something that has simply vanished from inner-city life today.
But that part of life did not just die by itself: those places were murdered in cold-blood by the forces that sought to divide this society at every turn. Banning cigarettes began the end for the whole idea of conversations-without end. Because suddenly it was far more important whether you smoked or did not smoke; than what you might want to get together to talk about. Eventually, because the secondary targets were the bars (drinking is bad for you), and since cigarettes went with drinking for a great many people the hope of the nanny-state-monitors was that the bars would fail as quickly as did the coffee houses-but it took them a bit longer to fall into the "victimhood" that was so prevalent among so many at that time.
My point here is that before shrinks, before PC Behavior, before all those that just KNOW what is best for you to do, by way of food or drink or conversation-there were conversations-unlimited: And they were the best answer to whatever might be bothering most of those that found them "interesting." Now comes this most recent breath of fresh air:
"The former diplomat, who is also one of the last surviving authors of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, just shattered publishing records in France by writing a bestselling political pamphlet that tries to rally his countrymen round the battle cry Indignez-vous! ("Be Indignant!" or "Get Angry!")
His message, squeezed into a 32-page booklet with only 13 pages of text, sells for ¤3 (about $4) and calls on the French to react and resist in order to transform society.
"I would like everyone - every one of us - to find his or her own reason to cry out," Mr. Hessel writes.
"That is a precious gift. When something makes you want to cry out, as I cried out against Nazism, you become a militant, tough and committed. You become part of the great stream of history and this stream leads us toward more justice and more freedom, but not the uncontrolled freedom of the fox in the henhouse."
The pep talk, coming from a charming distinguished old man with a track record of heroism and accomplishment, has struck a spark.
His reasons for indignation range from the growing gap between the very rich and the very poor to France's treatment of illegal immigrants, deportation of Roma, the need for a free press, a deteriorating environment, the plight of the Palestinians and cost-cutting attacks on the welfare system.
"It's true that reasons to cry out can seem less obvious today," Mr. Hessel writes.
"The world appears too complex. But in this world, there are things we should not tolerate. I say to the young, look around you a little and you will find them. The worst of all attitudes is indifference."
Young people, he insists, can change society for the better if they recapture the wartime spirit of the French resistance to the Nazis, and use that anger to reject the "insolent, selfish" power of money and defend the social values of modern democracy." (3)
Whatever we do now we must begin to "Say it Out Loud"!
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2) The Secret Shadow Government
3) France listens to former Resistance Spy's call to get riled up
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