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Clif High On The CERN LHC 'Fire Off'

|By Clif High
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The planned 'fire off' of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on November 9th has sparked a flurry of concern globally that 'strangelets' could be produced. Not only those in the wo-jo are expressing fear language about this latest LJC threat. Many thinking humans on the planet are into deep 'HMMMMMMMM!' mode as the officialdom minions announce the LHC latest 'torch date'.
My personal view of reality, that is to say, the nature of the continuous creation/destruction energy wave model of universe, would suggest that all of the intense hunting for ever smaller 'particles' is a total waste of time and resources. Further that strangelets can neither exist, nor cause ultimate doom. However, this is not to say that CERN LHC is safe. Screwing around with energetic universe by the LHC scientists, especially those with the darker shadows, can well have very negative consequences for this planet. The real danger of the LHC goes totally unappreciated by the 'scientists' currently stuck in their 'material world view' of universe. The LHC is capable of causing quite a few disturbances up the vibration chain from material reality. That potential (puns intended) can produce very very very negative results for life as we know it. The good news is that the mere presence of the equipment and all the energy going into the LHC is certainly known to UpFrequency LIFE in universe, and as universe has self balancing mechanisms in place, including Life and Consciousness, I do not expect to perish via planetary conversion to LHC produced strangelets.actually, I am expecting the LHC to goYAFU (yet-another-fuck-up) when they throw the switch for the strangelets experiment.
That said, i am still expecting wind born sheeit acceleration globally over November 8 through the 11th prior to the uprising of release language that will continue through to March of 2011. But, LHC? Conversion to Stranglet Zombies? Probably not. Likely only one word will be needed on November 9th about the LHC and its output....that's right......YaaaaaaaFuuuuuuuu!
Now on to real worries like what-about-all-that-time-stuff leaking out of universe?

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