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Calls For Homeland Security Chief
Janet Napolitano To Resign For Incompetence

By Frosty Wooldridge
After reading the most recent e-mail from Jeff Schwilk, director of the San Diego chapter of the Minuteman Project, with regard to the border patrol agent brutally murdered in Mexico and Obama and Napolitano allowing Mexico to "lead the way" in its investigation.
An American named Mr. Nedd said, "I promised a few of you that I would consider drafting a letter on behalf of Jeff and his Minutemen to send to California Congressmen Ed Royce, Brian Bilbray and Duncan Hunter to demand action. I haven't done that yet but what I have done is drafted and faxed a letter to the House Committee Chairman of Homeland Security, Congressman Peter King of New York, requesting him to call for the immediate resignation of Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Director. I also sent a copy of it to my own Congressman, Peter Visclosky. I have attached the letter in this e-mail. I removed the street address in this letter, though I added it before faxing Reps. King and Visclosky.
"While I am convinced that it is absolutely critical to remove Barack Obama from the Oval Office as soon as possible, knowing the political correctness that is prevalent on Crapitol Hill (misspelling acknowledged), I also believe we need to take the first step and insist on the removal of Miss Napolitano as Homeland Security Director. To that end, I believe it is imperative that we pepper Rep. King's office as well as the office of your Congressmen and Congresswomen with signed letters and signed faxes, demanding the removal of the incompetent one who's regularly been lying to us by saying that the borders are secured.
"If you're like me, you're tired of being an armchair commander and would rather be out on the front lines. Some of us can, others can't, depending on where we live and what is occurring in our respective states. 
"But what we all can do is make our voices heard loud and clear that the situation at the southern border is completely unacceptable. We must take SUSTAINED ACTION to pressure Rep. King to call for Napolitano's resignation. It will not occur if we let up.
"I have attached this particular letter, not for praise for how well I said what I said, but to compel you to action and to use this letter, should you wish to do so, as a guideline for what to say. You are free to use any part of it or none at all; it's up to you.
"Calls are fine, provided they are followed up with correspondence in writing or faxing. Calls, however, can be forgotten and ignored so regardless of whether you call, do write or fax your reps as well as Chairman King. Do not e-mail or even use the web forms provided by many lawmakers. They will likely be ignored. The fastest and most effective way to get correspondence to your lawmakers is to get a signed faxed to them. That is preferred to using one of those free or low cost fax services that fax by e-mail. They can be good but they don't have original signatures. Good letters need signatures.
"Keep letters to one page. I know it's difficult - I have this problem all the time. But if we're going to bury our lawmakers in letters, we obviously want them to look at what we have to say. If the letter is more than one page, they are less likely to do so if they know an avalanche of them are coming their way.
"If you don't have a manual fax at home, go to a real estate office, bank or printer to find one to get your fax sent. It may cost a couple bucks but it obviously will be well worth it. Letters will take longer because of the slowness of mail, plus because mail officials in DC will go and sort thru them for signs of anthrax or other powder. Do a fax.
"Make sure you have your full address on your fax. As I said earlier, for the purposes of this e-mail, I left out my street address. Feel free to add your e-mail address if you wish but not too many Congressmen and senators write that way.
"As tough as it may be, be polite in your letters. Be firm, yes, and even be insistent that action be taken to quickly oust Miss Incompetent. But never issue a threat (other than possibly saying that you will vote him or her out of office if they fail the people); not only does that not work but depending on what you say, you may get in trouble with the law.
"Make sure the font on your letter is reasonable in size and make sure you get a copy of your letter to your Congressman. Again, feel free to use my letter as a guideline 
"I have intentionally not said anything about the Senate because it's doubtful the GOP could muster a majority there to concur with the House. But since the GOP is in control of the House, we could very well see an ouster or at least a majority of the House issuing a no-confidence vote on Napolitano. And if we do, something may happen.
"As I also said earlier, we must remove Obama but it goes without saying that it would be much easier to first force Janet out instead of him. I believe Rep. King and his committee have an obligation to investigate Obama, not just on the eligibility issue but because of alleged mass fraud by using others Social Security numbers and allegedly committing Selective Service fraud. It has been said that as an ordinary citizen, Obama would be unable to gain security clearance by the FBI. It is quite believable and thus believable that the Obama currently there is fraudulent in every way, shape and form. But let's get Napolitano out first.
"Rep. King's office fax is (202) 226-2279 and the fax number at the House office of Homeland Security is (202) 226-3399. Use on or both numbers to reach him.
"If anyone needs assistance or guidance in composing their own letters, feel free to ask and I'll respond in due course.
"Post this note at every patriotic site, forum, blog, message board, etc. that you can. Enlist the aid of your fellow patriots by forwarding this to them. We cannot afford to let up on insisting that Congress, and for now the House, issue a no-confidence vote and that Rep. King will lead the way. Sustained faxes pouring in day and night will get the message something must be done. This cannot be emphasized enough. We need our borders protected and secured in the worst way. Let's start the process of removing this bimbo today."

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