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Blood Sweat & Tears
By Jim Kirwan
What can 'Blood Sweat & Tears actually teach anyone?
With just two days to go, before Americans either participate or not in a week-long and peaceful National Strike Against Tyranny: Some of the very real issues that must be considered have to added to what should be part of the reasoning behind this world-changing idea.
I'm just one who was educated by 'Blood Sweat & Tears' over the course of a life wherein human-values have always been at the core of almost all of that experience. One consequence of that way-of-living has been to automatically become part of the road-kill that the New World order is generating-planetwide-as they are now making their final dash to end all-life; as the rest of us have known it.
This society has been gripped by slogans and ideas, mostly commercial, but definitely 'lite' on the ethical and balanced realities that life itself can teach anyone: But only it can only teach those that pay the price for what can be learned by "doing."
Here are the words from a song that sets up the dichotomy of what we want to believe, versus what must be done to achieve this glowing concept.
Remember Who We Are ­ Krista Branch
"It's our time to take a stand,
Remember Who we are.
There's a call, across this land,
Remember Who we are.
We were a 'city on a hill,'
A candle in the dark, It started long ago,
Now we have come so far,
We keep our faith,
When there's no way out,
When there's little hope,
We show no doubt.
We know we're different,
No matter how far,
Ah ­ Oh,
Remember Who we are!
We've paid a price to be free,
Remember who we are,
With our Blood, Sweat and Tears,
Remember Who we are!
Will our children be the ones,
Asking us one day,
Why we didn't do enough,
Why We gave it all away,
We keep our faith,
When there's no way out,
When there's little hope,
We shown no doubt,
We go the distance,
No matter how far,
Ah ­ Oh,
Remember who we are!
Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes,
We will run and not be fazed,
The time has come for takin' chances
We are the Master's of our fate,
Ah ­ Oh,
We keep our faith,
When there's no way out,
When there's little hope,
We show no doubt,
We go this distance,
No matter how far,
We keep our faith,
When there's no way out,
When there's little hope, We show no doubt,
We go this distance, no matter how far,
Ah ­ Oh,
Remember Who we are!" (1)
Krista's voice is beautiful, haunting really. The words are made far more dynamic by the background sound that tends to embed this concept in the subconscious mind. All in all this is an extremely motivating song and one that could in theory drive some to do what they would not otherwise even attempt.
However look carefully at the key points which the words point to and see why too many have not chosen to do as she asks. In first stanza: "A city on the Hill." This came from Reagan and stood for the rich feeding off the world's poor to create privatization unending worldwide: That was Reagan's real legacy to not just the US but to the world. The next line was true for millions: because there was a time when this nation was indeed a candle in the darkness for most of the rest of the planet that was still imprisoned by the same powers that are trying to enslave the old USA, today. So far they have succeeded in converting us from a Republic to United States Incorporated; which is nothing "to sing" about.
Stanza Two: "We keep our faith" implies that "we" actually have an actual faith in ourselves; yet in reality this becomes very murky because we have buried any faith we might have once had, under layers of biased-lenses that are about self-concern over all else; greed, arrogance and the total lack of all compassion for any of those we have slaughtered (planetwide) just to feed this colonial need for unlimited power, regardless of the "price-paid" in humanity, in treasure, but especially in self-responsibility!
". . . everyone that has even a small piece of any real authority continually lies to us all - about everything they do supposedly in our names. In this poisoned air of a thoroughly destroyed system there has not been and still is not any way for anything to ever get resolved, according to (the) constitutional method of physical representation that has (been) legislated into oblivion.
Couple this with having the government declare the entire population of the nation as 'enemies of the state' and potential terrorists: Even as government continues to spy upon us all 24-7: Then ask yourself is it not reasonable that the public might justifiably be getting a lot more angry than ever before? The killings in Arizona are directly attributable to the massive failures of governments here, at all levels, to show even a minimum of concern for all that has happened to the people of this nation since 911. (2)
In stanza three: "Will our children be the ones (asking us) Why we gave it all away"? This presupposes that our children will live to even get to know their parents, much less question anything they did or didn't do: This is the ultimate question because it fails utterly to consider that as parents the last four generations have not done their jobs as parents: Being far to concerned with themselves and their own "business opportunities" to do actually "be parents" to their own children. Without this key component there can be no relationship between children and their "parents."
The forth stanza deals with the marvelous idea of "the Phoenix rising from the ashes." The image at the top of this article, of APATHY, is what has dominated our reality, virtually since the end of World War II.
If the words of Krista's beautiful song are to live in history then they must reflect a reality that Amerikans have not yet embraced. The truth beneath the way too many have clung to these half-true-ideals so fervently, without actually looking at what they have chosen to believe in; has been the reason that we have remained so powerless against the growing powers of this Darkness that threatens to extinguish the few remaining "flames of light" which could still save us from an all-consuming darkness that will descend-unless we actually resist with tenancy and determination. We must get behind a peaceful National General Strike against this privatized-Tyranny that has taken over the US.
The purpose here is to discover whether we can actually make: "Doing Nothing" count for Everything that matters! (3)
kirwanstudios@sbcglobal.net 2
1) Krista Branch ­ Remember Who We Are - video
2) Self-Responsibility
3) Part One: The Only Thing We Have to Fear . . .
Part Two: Is Fear Itself!
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