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At Last! Another First In History
By Jim Kirwan
As star-shells of joy continue to burst over the streets in Egypt and cities throughout that country; it remains to be seen just how this new chess board in the Middle East will choose to face the critical next-steps that could rearrange power in the world.
This "Quest" began nineteen days ago when peaceful people decided to try and block the continuing "Conquest" of armed force, as shown above in the Ace of Diamonds. This confrontation began with the people at the bottom and bubbled-up until it finally affected the entire population that simply came together to overwhelm Egypt's supposedly 'all-powerful police-state,' from the ground up!
What remains is the next confrontation between the corrupt generals that propped up Mubarak as they face off with against a resurgent demand for freedom of information and honest journalistic coverage, supported by a new wave of freedom-advocates worldwide. The Egyptian military is still the largest group that has the power to increase these real changes that must clearly come into Egypt: Ironically supported by the lower ranks in uniform that were with the people all the way; and who actually enabled this to happen, because of the number of them that refused the order to "fire" upon the population; in countless and invisible decisions that paved the way to this joyous celebration.
Now the same kind of revolution, or at least the same kind of resistance is about to felt in at least eleven more countries, plus Algeria, because of the similar brutal repressions that have led to abject poverty, to starvation, to torture and murder throughout the world. The rest of us continue to wrestle with the need to overthrow the criminals everywhere, that are still hiding behind their own military protectors. Here are some of those countries; and in the attached footnote below they are each covered in more depth. The reasons vary, but the mood of their populations mirrors that determination which took Egypt to victory: Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Vietnam, Venezuela, and China: Plus the 25 countries (a footnote inside the article) that could get crushed by Food Price Inflation. (1)
Tunisia was first and Egypt has added to their victory and expanded the very real possibilities for nation after nation to break out of their individual and feudalistic prisons into a new dawn of real possibilities! It is time for people everywhere to listen to the millions everywhere that have been enslaved for far too long. The world has finally witnessed the power that resides in any people that finally choose to take matters into their own hands because in reality there is no other choice!
The time for this revolution was 'right' because this global oppression and tyranny, combined with the crimes of so many states that have produced only poverty and more destitution; instead of clean water and real jobs for real wages ­ particularly throughout the Middle-East; but in reality this is becoming the case worldwide as the global-elites attempt to lock-down the world while they finish stealing everything in sight. This totalitarian surge by global-criminals that was led by the privatization of whole nation-states is just too much to tolerate any longer. The time has come to take back the world!
The massively successful Egyptian demonstrations were part of this first step. That overwhelming success of the people must now continue to change Egypt from the ground up; until Egypt can be truly free to shape their own future in a Middle-East that is still marked by so many other 'iron-fisted-tyrannies' which are about to have to face their own challenges, from their own people, that are also seeking to forever-alter this pattern of captive-criminal-nations where there ought to be free people.
As I write this, it is still dark in San Francisco on a Saturday morning. The sounds of celebration on Democracy Now are in the background but the sounds of the same celebration can be heard drifting up from downtown San Francisco, in the blaring of car horns and the distant sounds of joy outside my windows. This is obviously a spontaneous celebration here, in the belly of the beast (USI) that has been financing this global-tyranny now for decades-oblivious of the FACT that had we not financed the Mubarak's of the world; none of this would have to be happening now.
However I cannot help but notice that 'real-joy' is in the air. Yet at the same time I can smell the chemicals in that "air" here, as literally-everywhere is now under siege from above: To poison, to pollute, to infect and to kill the population here as well as everywhere else on the planet. This too comes to us from the same forces that repressed the Egyptians and the Tunisians. This leads one to believe that every nation must soon follow the example of Egypt so that the world as one people, can begin to cauterize this now global disease which has descended upon all of us.
This morning the whole world is Egyptian, because its people dared to take on the Generals and their supposedly impregnable police-state dictatorship. The most amazing thing was that they did it with calm and reserve, depending only upon their own determination to be heard over the military uniforms and the fear that they finally killed by shear perseverance; accompanied only by the voices of that deeply-determined-dissent that in the end could not be silenced, despite their force of arms.
Ordinary people in every corner of this planet need to begin to figure out how they can each begin to make the changes for themselves that will lead them to that same uncharted path to freedom from this nightmare, that has dreamed this hellish dream of total-global-control, and has now begun to fail wherever it has planted its blood-stained boots.
Just as it was in Egypt; our revolutions will need to begin at the bottom with the damned and the downtrodden, with the youth and with those that demand that their voices will finally be heard. What happened in Egypt took just a few weeks in Egypt, because the protestors did not just "demonstrate" they came to stay until their criminal was forced to leave. The whole world watched as their determination grew with every new attack against them. That spirit of freedom began to work its way upward through the scum of corruption, that always rises to the top, until there was nowhere left for the figureheads to go-except to escape to exile-in order to try and hide from the real world that has finally began to make itself felt around the world.
This "outcome" is the one thing most feared by elites everywhere-and those of us in many countries need to make this dream into a constant and growing reality before the bastards have the chance to regroup.
We are the POWER and "and the Answer" to all our own problems. We must "Seize This Moment" and build upon it everywhere, inside our own countries-NOW!
Amerrikans have collectively been responsible for all of this; because we have financed every weapon, every airstrike, every pre-emptive and illegal war, throughout all the wars that followed WWII. We have been responsible for allowing the monsters to take away our dreams and the dreams of people everywhere: Now we must lead the way to begin to end this global-criminal-reign-of-terror or it is we that shall be fleeing for our lives; because none of this has ever been a secret to those that we have arrested, maimed, tortured and murdered throughout all the decades that have preceded the end of Mubarak!
1) The 11 Counties At Risk of Becoming the Next Egypt
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