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The 'Allegories Of Good & Bad Government'
An Art History Reminder

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
All rights reserved
Here we are in the thick of utter chaos all over the world. It's not just here in the wrecked USTA [aka, United Tax Slaves of America]. So, let's pause for a bit, and go back historically in time to look at some art. It is a worthwhile digression. There are some magnificent frescoes, done more than 600 years ago that speak volumes to us all these centuries later.
Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti were brothers who lived in Siena, Italy, during the 14th century. They were artists working at the beginning of the Renaissance. It was a time considered a "rebirth," an awakening from the so-called "Dark [not true] Middle Ages" and a revival of a strong interest in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. The Renaissance had its beginnings in Florence in the 14th century, and Siena is not very far away. Over the next 300 years, this collective era of magnificent creativity made its way up to Northern Europe. Even with all the difficulties of the bubonic plague breaking out frequently (because sanitation was unknown), it was an exciting time for artists such as the Lorenzetti brothers.
Ambrogio (d.1348), and his sibling, Pietro (c.1290-1348?), spent their lives painting in and around Siena. Today, the city retains much of its Renaissance splendor; and one can walk its streets and still see many of the magnificent buildings and churches erected during this time. In a sense, it is possible visually to go back in time, just by wandering Siena's gorgeous Renaissance streets. The Renaissance still lives in many Italian cities.
In 1338 (10 years before the first plague devastated Europe, coming first to Italy), Ambrogio was commissioned to paint a fresco cycle for the walls of the city's Sala della Pace [the "Room of Peace"] in the Palazzo Pubblico. This room was behind the wall of the Great Council Chamber, where the city's government held their meetings.
The commission required painting a series of allegorical frescoes on Good and Bad Government. As the late art historian Frederick Hartt points out in his monumental, "History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture," this was "a subject of intense significance to medieval Italian communes, and then to represent in [artistic fresco] detail the effect of these opposed regimes in town and country." Ambrogio chose a better area in the chamber to depict the allegory of Good Government and, as Prof. Hartt wrote, he left "Bad Government to languish in the shadows" on another wall. Although, amazingly, the frescoes have survived these 673 years, some areas are in poor shape. Yet, it is still a marvel to see. The cycle was groundbreaking for the time; and in some parts, one can even see the beginnings of an understanding of one-point perspective (something missing in art of the Middle Ages). Here they are:
Art is not created in a vacuum. It is the vision of any artist who expresses that personal creativity through the social, economic, and political lenses of the time in which the artist lives. This goes for any artist in any society. The artist expresses what surrounds her or his daily life. For example, whether it is the magnificent Renaissance court portraits of Sofonisba Anguissola or Michelangelo's monumental marble sculptures, both artists speak from their own experience and era. Yet in many ways, their works are timeless. This is what great art is all about.
The Allegories of Good and Bad Government are being played out again, right now, in our own lives. The beauty and tranquility of Lorenzetti's Renaissance Italian countryside, and the gathering of Siena's commune to hold their meetings, show that when people have a Good Government, everything works well ­whether one lives in the country or in the city. Tranquility reigns. People are happy and prosperous. Days are filled with work, camaraderie, and music; and, overall, PEACE REIGNS. Then, even with difficulties, life has meaning.
There is no famine; and there is enough food for everyone. We can see the "majestic Commune figure of Siena, holding his orb and scepter, and guided by Faith, Hope, and Charity, who soar above his head"; and "Concordia presides over 24 members of the Great Council of the Sienese Republic." Or, in the great countryside scene that gives us an innovative panorama (never attempted before, and showing the extent of Medieval life), we see harmony only when society has leaders who know how to govern well. The nude lady overhead, called "Securitas" (Security) holds a banner "proclaiming that all men walk in peace under her tutelage, and lightly [she] holds in the other hand a gallows from which swings an executed disturber of the universal tranquility."
When there is a Bad Government in charge, there is turmoil, famine, war, and pestilence. This story is a very old one.
This is what we are experiencing today: Perpetual War, created illegally, to invade and destroy other countries and steal their natural resources; pestilence created in black ops bioweapons labs; extensive famine in Africa, India, and now Haiti; millions of American children, too, are without adequate daily food; a contaminated food supply created by corporate chemical production and dangerous husbandry practices foisted on us by greed. The soil is destroyed, because genetically engineered and carcinogenic plants can only grow in soil that must be loaded with pesticides. This is now part of a globally poisoned food chain. Medicine is no longer the practice of doing NO harm, but rather radiating critically ill patients and injecting young and old with poisoned vaccines that have created two generations of children with compromised cognitive function [ADD, ADHD, and autism] and damaged immune systems. The list goes on and on. In all of it, precaution is hardly ever used, and harm is the avenue chosen.
The greed of today's private bankers had it origin 500 years ago with the Renaissance Medici family in Florence, Italy. They lent money at usurious interest rates and bankrolled the popes and many wars. They also collected art and supported various artists, including Michelangelo. At least money then was based on the real value of gold and silver ­not today's green toilet paper that is printed out of thin air.
We are now at an epic crossroad, and the time is about up. The NW dis-order, created centuries ago, with a plan to eventually govern [sic] the entire planet, is "creating" (but not for any public discussion about their secret meetings) all sorts of terrible events to force Americans and all other nations to be "governed" [under the cover of the corrupt UN] by a group of these wealthy insiders. One could rightly question if there is any "humanness" in their actions.
Here's the scenario of the past more than 10 years: from altitudes of about 35,000 feet, our entire population has been illegally sprayed with a daily and deadly brew of aerosol poisons; but there has been neither public discussion nor have we ever given our permission to be assaulted, or to be used as uninformed experimental lab rats; through geo-engineering and highly toxic weather modification, the military, with lots of governmental collusion, has destroyed our natural weather and created one catastrophe after another; threats of forced vaccinations with an assortment of deadly ingredients foisted on us by the UN (done in back-door deals with the pharmaceutical companies); Depleted Uranium bombings of innocent citizens in the US Pacific Northwest, Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan; the gigantic theft of our tax dollars and collapse of our financial system, run by a private banking consortium and answerable/accountable to no one; and the destruction of millions of jobs off shored to give corporations huge tax breaks, while millions have had their houses, stolen from them in historically unprecedented white-collar financial ponzi-schemes. Let us also not forget that these "Perpetual Wars" are the only part of the economy that is thriving.
This is at the enormous expense of killing other human beings and destroying our society's entire infrastructure. No society can continue when destruction is the main focus. What then is left?
This is the contemporary version of Lorenzetti's Bad Government ­only it is no allegory. It is very real for billions of people.
This is a very PERSONAL ISSUE for ALL OF US (as Jim Kirwan reminds us)! Do we want to give up our sovereignty and be perpetual "debt slaves" to these criminals? In the last 10 years, or in the last 100 years, when have we seen that these elites (or their puppet "leaders") know how to "govern well"? WHEN? All we've had is their deliberately creating one war after another to kill our children. Additionally, with back-door secret dealings, these people have produced a worldwide environmental scenario to make our planet un-inhabitable! This has been done over decades. How can we possibly think they are fit for any kind of global governance (any more than Congress is fit to do so)? Those in charge are the ones who have created this wreckage. Think about this! Do you get it?
Where is real prosperity for all --not rigged from behind the scenes, just for the wealthy? Only less than 1% are rolling in luxury, while their plan remains to gut the Middle Class, permanently wreck our childrens' health, and quite literally destroy the entire FABRIC of our existence! The very web of ALL LIFE is under lethal assault: the Gulf of Mexico is still under continuous chemical siege with governmental approval; and the massive killing of millions of birds and fish around the planet last week is supposed to be a warning that, unless we capitulate to these criminal insiders, we are next. These animal deaths were neither accidental nor natural. Does it sound as though these people are fit to govern or to make any sound decisions for any of us? Can we connect the dots?
ARE THESE THE PEOPLE [sic] WE WANT TO RUN [OR RUIN] THE WHOLE PLANET? What will be left? Everything is being trashed. The entire web of life, from the smallest micro-organism to the magnificent whales, and all of humanity, too, are all expendable. What will be left with this global destruction of everything? What can they rule, then?
Do we not get this? Is anyone really thinking this through critically? All of it is totally irrational. Nothing connects.
The complete disregard for any kind of life is evident just from the on-going Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe and the enormous killing of wildlife. No one, not one species (including us), is being spared! Do we want them running a global government ­or, for that matter, to continue wrecking our own and stealing us blind? It would be laughable and good for late-night comedy, if it weren't so serious. These people have no humanity; and, in fact, all that has been transpiring indicates collective elite behavior that is alien to the best of what human beings are capable. There is no leadership; but there is off-the-scale enormous harm and malevolence.
Ambrogio Lorenzetti's "Allegory of Bad Government" is what actually is filling our days. Is this something we want to continue under the threat of NW dis-order and their planned and continued chaos directed at us? Lorenzetti's 673-year-old frescoes are here for us to look at through the marvels of the Internet. We don't have to go to Siena (though it is a fabulous city!), get mauled by TSA goons for absolutely no reason except to instill a huge fear factor, or pass through carcinogenic back-scatter x-ray Machines of Death.
We can look at the fresco reproductions online. It is these art stories that have major significance now in our lives. These frescoes give us many reminders of the choice of direction we want and choose to take at this crossroad. How much more harm do we want these criminals to do to us daily? Can we wake up, and imagine, and actually begin to create a healthy and safe direction towards a REAL, not an "Allegory" of Good Government before it is too late? For each and every one of us, this becomes our personal choice. Can we rise to the very height of humanity's excellence, instead of being sheople? Can we become the best we ever can be, living out our days in peace and harmony?
All quotes above come from Frederick Hartt's "History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture," third edition, 1987: pages 115-119. See also: Prof. James Petras. "Networks of Empire and Realignments of World Power." Jan. 2, 2011: www.globalresearch.ca/ index.php?context=va&aid=22601; and Dr. James Polk. "coup d'etat ­ The Historical Framework of Globalization." Dec. 29, 2010: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=22551
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