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Another Life Save From Aspartame Death
By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Is An Artificial Sweetner To Blame For Your Fatigue? (PDF)
Notice it says 80% of American women suffer from aspartame overload. I would be more inclined to call it aspartame poisoning. Unfortunately, our web sites were left out but this is an article you can pass around and help warn others. Isn't she beautiful! She looks like the blonde on the cover.
Understand aspartame starts poisoning when you put it in your mouth. The aspartame industry tries to tell you that aspartate and phenylalanine are some of the building blocks of protein. Dr. Madelon Price who worked side by side with Dr. John Olney who tried to prevent approval of aspartame once explained this very well.
She said, the difference is that in food they are bound into complex proteins and linked to complex carbohydrates that take many hours to gradually break down and be slowly absorbed in appropriate quantities into the body by mechanisms destined to do just that.
The trouble with aspartame is that in the acidic warm environment, of the stomach it is broken down very quickly and overwhelms the protective mechanisms that keep aspartate, phenylalanine and methanol from being taken up by the blood stream too quickly or that dispose of toxic by products.
Aspartame, of course, is not even an additive but an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug and adjuvant that damages the mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell, and interacts with drugs and vaccines.
We have a global plague on our hands and especially at this time of the year when there are many parties we want to warn and save lives. In fact, I had just written a note for people to use flyers and articles on our web sites wherever you go, and this is an excellent article to do that with. I'll add that note below my signature showing that in many cases we can actually yank victims from the jaws of death. If people need medical texts on the subject, movies or detoxification go to www.mpwhi.com and click on resources. There is also an aspartame information list on that web site you can subscribe to and keep up-to-date.
All my best,
www.mpwhi.com, www.dorway.com, www.wnho.net
Aspartame Toxicity Center, www.holisticmed.com/aspartame
As the holidays get closer aspartame experts, activists and victims know there will be lots of parties and affairs, and many. many people getting sick, and some possibly dying on this chemical poison. On www.mpwhi.com at the top of the page you will find a button for the Aspartame Flyer, while long, you can shorten if necessary. However, its ideal to send to people on the Internet.
Remember aspartame/AminoSweet/NutraSweet/Equal/E951/Canderel/Benevia, etc. damages the cardiac conduction system causing sudden cardiac death. It's obviously the reason so many are athletes are dropping dead, and there is a button on this also so you can print out the reports by experts.
Over the years there have been many victims saved who were so close to death, I'm going to mention a few. Many have seen this article about a woman who knew she was dying, was diagnosed with MS, and in a wheelchair. Off Diet Pepsi she went dancing. Here is one of the sites: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/26423 There is no name on it but I knew I had been in touch with the sister and found her post with her name for validity.
At 09:18 PM 4/1/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Hello Betty....
Here I am just another victim of the diet soda syndrome.
In October of 2001, my sister became very ill. She had joint pain, stomach spasms,
headaches, blurred vision, sturred speech, memory loss etc. She started
going to the doctors.
Because of her stomach spasms, they diagonsed her with
Krohns Disease. She had no symptoms of it but they felt they had to
label her with something. She could barely walk, and great depression set in, her menstral
cycle was way off and she often felt dizzy.
She is a correction officer in Cleveland, Ohio, and a single mother. It took everything she had in her to
keep her job. Barely able to get out of bed in early March 2002, she felt
she was dying, and decided to put her home, life insurance, and custody of
her younger children in her older daughter's name. She wanted one last
hoo-ray, so she planned a trip down to Florida, (knowing she'd be going in a
She was due to arrive in Orlando on March 22, 2002 - on Friday
March 15,2002 she was scheduled for a biopsy at the hospital in which her
daughter took her too.
At this time the doctors had her on a cocktail of 24
different presciption medications, including, steroids, oxycotin, and
so on.
So, on Tuesday March 19, 2002, I called my sister to see how things
went at the biopsy, she told me they ruled out Krohn's Disease, and said they
told her she had MS. Then it clicked. My friend had sent me an email on the
nutrasweet thing, and I asked my sister if she drank diet soda.
She told me
she did drink diet pepsi and while I was on the phone with her, she was
getting ready to crack one open.
I told her to stop drinking the diet soda and any other stuff with aspartame in it.
She called me the next day...32 hours later...she was crying. I thought
"OH, NO what happened?" But she was crying with joy...she was WALKING again,
her stomach stopped having spasms. She said she felt much much better and
has not had one diet soda in 32 hours. I thought WOW...this is unreal.
She took the email to her doctor that day. He was amazed at her recovery,
gave her a big hug, and informed her that he was going to contact all his MS
patients to find out about their diets. I live in FL, so when my sister got here
on March 22, 2002, we went dancing and she didnt need a wheel chair...
Thank you so much for saving my sister's life.
God Bless all of you....
Marcy Nolan
The post she had read that had made world news was when I lectured for the World Environmental Conference: www.dorway.com/nomarkle.html Many may remember that someone by the name of Nancy Markle and disorganized a post I had written to a neurological list. The RD's, dietitians, Monsanto's media flacks had defended Monsanto who owned NutraSweet at the time in papers and magazines.
Front groups and professional organizations tried to make it out as a hoax but too many people like Marcy Nolan decided to see if it was true and get off the poison. Aspartame can mimic and precipitate MS: http://www.mpwhi.com/new_report_at_neurology_conference.htm Also, most people don't know that aspartame is also an immune stimulator, an adjuvant and adjuvants all cause the same things like MS and lupus. So many people reading the post saw where Clarice Gaylord of the EPA had said in the keynote address: "We have an epidemic of MS and lupus and cannot identify the toxin." That"s when I answered I was there to lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as NutraSweet. There were so many people around the world on aspartame with diagnosed MS and lupus, to this day my phone has not stopped ringing about it.
The cases saved from the post let you know how globally epidemic Aspartame Disease is. One lady called from Michigan who said she read the post and four people in her office were using Diet Coke and all four had MS. A woman called from a hospice who asked why 30 year olds had Alzheimers. Aspartame which damages the mitochondria knows no age. She had 6 friends on diet pop diagnosed with MS.
Another victim called who said she had to quit work because she was diagnosed with MS and finally in order to try and make some income she got a file job. While filing one day she found the World Environmental Conference post and then got off of aspartame. She was crying when she called to tell me the story and said, "I'm off aspartame now and all my symptoms are gone. I have my life back."
One man called who said he knew he was dying and was at a funeral home to make arrangements. While he was waiting he read a paper on a table that was the World Environmental post. He said he knew then why he was dying and left. He said he was now fine.
We used the case of William Reed in the Aspartame Awareness Weekend post: http://www.mpwhi.com/aspartame_awareness_weekend_2010.htm This is a man who had a day or so to live and his family was making arrangements for his funeral. We not only got him off aspartame and yanked him from the jaws of death buy my husband who was in Michigan got to visit him this summer, 15 years later, and his wife wasn't a widow.
Many years ago a friend of Janice and Peter Britos who helped us start Mission Possible Intl by utilizing their network of 900,000 people called. She told the story of her mother who felt she was so close to death that she said she wanted to be buried in her home town. While she was there buying a burial plot her daughter, a medical student, was in the laboratory one day when she found a bottle of aspartame and on it was a skull and crossbones. She immediately called her mother and said, "I know what's killing you, get off the aspartame!" She saved her mother's life.
Cori Brackett was in a wheelchair and could hardly walk or talk, diagnosed with MS, and had a huge lesion in her brain. She read a story about aspartame, actually some information I had given Alex Constantine, an excellent writer, and eventually walked out of her wheelchair and went on to investigate the issue, and those who tried to say it was a hoax. Eight months later her lesion all but disappeared. More of her story is above in the MS post. I remember the day she called and said, "A movie needs to be made!" I said, "Tell me about it!" She replied, "I own the film company!" She went on to make the fabulous aspartame documentary now known all over the world, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, getting the facts from the experts who have been fighting this war for decades. You can get a copy of it from her direct at cori@soundandfury.tv or from www.soundandfury.tv
My own brother, a Green Beret who has fought to get over Agent Orange, couldn't get over the addiction of aspartame in Diet Coke.
When he was in the VA Hospital in Oregon and they didn't think he would live, another brother called and said, "He wants to be buried in Oregon." Fortunately, Dr. James Bowen, who has ALS from aspartame was in Oregon at the time, went to the hospital, found him in ICU drinking a Diet Coke and demanded that the medical personnel not allow him any aspartame. As his horrendous symptoms disappeared a sign was put over his bed: "No Aspartame". I can thank Dr. Bowen for saving his life. He is still alive today but in a wheelchair.
Some years ago Mrs. Delores Patricia Jackson wrote: "I've been on aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal) for over 10 years, diet soda, Equal in drinks, sugarfree gum, etc. My health has continued to deteriorate without explanation. I've got numbness, tingling, loss of sensation in arms and hands, muscle twitches and spasms, even in my feet and legs. I often say I have "dead feet". I've suffered terribly with memory loss, nausea and dizziness constantly. I have loss of motor control and typical MS symptoms. I have a "fuzzy head".
I was just getting ready to get some life insurance because I felt I might not be around very long. Then someone told me these are the classic symptoms of Aspartame Disease, and that it is a deadly poison. My house gets cleaned out TODAY!
Also, I've learned how deadly this product is for diabetics, and that it even precipitates the disease. My husband has been on it as long as I have. In 1991 he was diagnosed with diabetes. His vision started deteriorating so badly that in one year he went from single glasses to bifocals. He suffers from numbness, muscle tics, tingling, shooting pains in the legs and his blood sugar remains out of control no matter how many times his physician changes the medication. He has suffered with insomnia terribly, memory loss as I and definite mood swings and paranoia.
To think we could have lost our live because of the green and wickedness of the manufacturer of this poison. This is a criminal act to poison the food supply. Had we not read Mission Possible material along with the FDA report of 92 symptoms, we could have easily lost our lives.
We add our support to the demand to recall this poison and hope this letter can be used to warn others like ourselves who though the FDA could be trusted.
Mrs. Delores Patricia Jackson (Mrs. Harold F.), 2182 Polar Rock Place, Atlanta, Georgia 30315
P.S. Now being acquainted with the problems caused by aspartame I know of many others who suffer without knowledge. We will help to spread the word, and hope they too can be saved. Also have had tachycardia and joint pain and doctor didn't know why, could not be diagnosed. Now I know why since I've been given reports. "
A book could be written on victims of aspartame yanked from the jaws of death by being warned in time.
So keep on warning. When I have to give gifts like some anniversaries coming up I always give books on aspartame or the movie Sweet Misery. Save a life at every opportunity.
www.dorway.com has warning flyers that are one page. They may need to be brought up to date but I'm happy to do that for you. Then we have the long form on www.mpwhi.com Under resources at the top of the page on www.mpwhi.com you will find books, detoxification, etc.
If you know victims of aspartame or have problems on the web sites there are expert's reports on such things as MS, birth defects, diabetes, joint pain, headache and the different diseases and cancers. Make sure they have a copy for their physician. You can subscribe to the Aspartame Information List on www.mpwhi.com Click on Aspartame News for articles.
Remember how important it is to warn. Dr. Maria Alemany who did the famous Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA, told me in Barcelona that aspartame would kill 200 million people and I believe it already has. I always remember the cries of Kelli Motluck who had a head full of aspartame brain tumors and said, "I want to live, I want to live, I want to live, but if I die let the world know Monsanto murdered me." Keep Diane Fleming in your prayers whose athletic husband, Charles Fleming used aspartame and creatine, and when he died by his own hand, she was indicted and convicted of poisoning him because the autopsy said: "Acute and chronic methanol poisoning." The free methyl alcohol in aspartame is classified as a narcotic, and causes chronic methanol poisoning. This affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction. It is difficult to get victims off of it as many times they are so addicted and irrational they won't listen. Dr. Bill Deagle said this is because aspartame effects the frontal lobes first and its like talking to someone who has had a lobotomy. Lane Shore, Mission Possible Chicago, was unable to get many in his family to listen, and he has lost 8 members to aspartame. These victims need our help, and the merchants of death need to be stopped. Ajinomoto has now changed the name of aspartame to AminoSweet, and is trying to get another aspartame product approved, Advantame. Be warned.
All my best,
Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242 - 2599
www.mpwhi.com, www.dorway.com, www.wnho.net
Aspartame Toxicity Center, www.holisticmed.com/aspartame
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