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'5' Is the Magic Number
By Jim Kirwan
"Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that does fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange."
I seriously doubt that when Shakespeare penned these immortal lines from Full Fathom Five, that he could have ever envisioned what the number 'Five' might come to stand for. Do you know what that number actually stands for in today's Amerrika? Five is the number of the different types of people that are left in this place. Out of all the nationalities and all the hyphen-people, all the specialized hybrids of individuals and combinations of blood lines, interests, passions and professions: It all comes down to just "5" kinds of people in the USA today!
The FIRST group is the elites and the wannta-be elites: the people that believe they are above all the laws. This group includes those professions that service the filthy rich, those that suck from their leavings, and hate whatever the masters hate.
he SECOND group contains all those that are trying very hard to remain in the PERFECT class of consumers. These are the people with perfect credit histories, perfect attendance records, and perfect lives that can easily be measured against every single "must-do-nanny-thing" that this screwed-up-society now requires of every person in it. These are the people that never commit to having any real concerns or private thoughts of their own: for they have proudly become the backbone of "The Herd."
The THIRD group of individuals and by far the largest of the five are the Snitch-generation: These are the fear-filled and permanently terrorized failures in the world. They are paranoid, ignorant, and are usually employed by some division of the police-state, or any of its hundreds of thousands of secret-agencies that are being created every day to serve and support the secret THOUGHT-CRIMES units in every city in America. These are the people that are usually thought of as The WATCHERS of other people's lives: Just as they have usually appointed themselves to be judge, jury and executioners over the lives of total strangers. If any "stranger" does anything that a 'watcher' does not approve of; then it automatically becomes THEIR JOB to turn that person or group into the proper authority that will deal most severely with the offending "criminal" whether any crime has been committed or not. Their role-models are Stalin, the Stasi of East Germany and the SS of the Nazis that all specialized in snitchers as a necessary organ of all they managed to do to millions of innocent people.
The FOURTH group contains all the criminals and terrorists that supposedly exist in the millions throughout this country: But who have somehow managed to remain nearly invisible in this time or heightened public awareness, as to their actual existences. The numbers of these people vary widely, depending upon who is looking for them. The government tends to believe that there are millions upon millions of them; Rogue agents, sleeper cells, terror-cells, rapists, fiends of all kinds, and lots of criminals that somehow the ever watchful cops just fail to notice. In fact all the agents and agencies of the ever-growing fascist state have somehow missed the existence of most of the massively-criminal elements in our midst.
Gang activity is skyrocketing, but they are not bothered by "law enforcement." The same is true of drug-dealers (the ones that are not yet government agents) ­ they too are NOT `interfered with' to any large degree. The same is also true of vast numbers of HATE-Groups, their numbers are going through the roof-but do not seem to concern DHS. The same is true of people-without-papers; probably the largest sub-group in the USA right now, numbering in excess of 20 million individuals: yet these people do not have to undergo any of the treatment that ordinary Americans must endure just to get on a plane or a bus or a train or to attend any conference or event of any real size. So while the government claims this category is huge; the rest of us know that of the thousands of them that do exist - probably most of them just get counted perhaps a million times over, so that their real numbers seem far more than just inflated.
Then there is the FIFTH group, what the government tends to think of as Lone-Wolves: These are just people that think for themselves and act accordingly. Most of these people are outspoken and determined to resist the tyranny that passes for everyday life today. It's interesting that this tiny group of individuals is being tracked and categorized so closely, as their numbers seem so small compared to any of the other four groups: But there it is-the entire makeup of "the freest country on the planet"!
And you thought This could never happen here, SHAME on YOU!
Just take a look at the painting above. See the capitals of so many of the earth's major cities and countries, underwater. That's just part of what's coming both metaphorically and in reality as well: And all because YOU failed to understand that YOU have always been the main-target for this government's unbounded-hatred and life-threatening-fury that has been directed toward you and everyone you love, since at least the nineteen thirties.
Governments were created by people to serve the people that created them. What has happened now is that those same governments that were intended to serve us have become our masters: Masters that now hunt us down like rabbits in the field, to be captured tortured or shot at the whim of those in some kind of uniform. It's happening across the world; so why should we be any different here? We're different because we have the literal means to resist this openly-criminal-assault upon this entire nation: But first "We have to recognize that it is "WE" who are the targets of all this criminal-activity that involves tyranny, treason and war crimes as well as genocide and mass murder on a global scale (all of which we pay for): Each and every one of us is RESPONSIBLE for paying "our part" of the $1.4 Quadrillion DEBT that we have stood silent about for so very long! In fact because of our continued SILENCE ­ the grifter's and the Privateers have now managed to keep all the profits they have stolen from us, and now have dumped their global-DEBT on all of us while they design their global-get-away! (1)
So please just remember the number 5 and what that really means when it comes down to what this country has lost and shall continue to lose so long as the rest of us continue to fail to stand against this nightmare that we all created!
The war on us has started already so it will be a real bitch to even think of changing categories now. Besides everything you are is already entered into those illegal data-bases that they have been organizing since seven months BEFORE 911 even happened. So even if you would like to alter who you are you CAN"T! You've been warned repeatedly, but too few listened and even fewer actually began to fight against this mob-of-monsters that have already taken over so much of what you actually thought belonged to you and you alone!
Well if you don't know it now; you soon will become far more than just familiar with this new categorization plan which is not unlike what happened in the Ghettos of WWII. How long will it be before we have to wear armbands in addition to carrying National Identity Cards: To define exactly who each one of really is? It's all for greater "NATIONAL SECURITY so you MUST comply; or face whatever comes next. I know what I'm going to do-do you ?
1) Implosion - AGAIN! - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jf-g1vH8oc
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