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Yada, Yada, Yada!
By Jim Kirwan
Today the GR-20, officially opened Global-Repression discussions among the top twenty of the world's most compromised governments at their meeting inside Fortress Toronto, Canada. This international-lie being just another diversion from the massive crimes being committed against the world, in the now polluted oceans that began in the Gulf of Mexico a little over two months ago.
This slow-motion annihilation of the globe has been made possible by something as seemingly harmless, to most people, as the fundamental restructuring of common-use language around the planet. This process has been under construction by the PC universe for over fifty years and the results have created horrific effects upon the public's ability to not only grasp what's really going on ­ but it has been responsible for keeping the silent-public secure in their private-security bubbles that now threaten all life; because of the inaction that has been the result of this deceptive language of surrender which is now commonplace.
Just try to listen to those that are supposedly reporting on the demonstrations about anything now. But this time listen carefully to the language used. Hear the question marks at the end of every sentence, Notice the length of the titles necessary just to introduce those that are supposedly being interviewed, by the time they finally get asked a question, whether or not you care about what they came to say. Because no one actually says what it is or was that supposedly-motivated them to demonstrate against anything. The words they used today do not allow the use of the words "problem" or "lies."
Instead people just have "issues" and "misunderstandings," at worst perhaps there might be an "untruth" but there are no lies or crimes or problems that must anyone in charge must ever be held responsible for.
Even the breaks between stories, on Democracy Now, feature just noise in languages other than English, or in the mumbo-jumbo of hip-hop that contributes next to nothing to understanding. Every speaker is "fighting against" fill in the blank ­ but in reality no one is fighting anything; except on paper. The list of descriptive adjectives such as warriors and activists or networks and social gatherings are just more 'stuff' that in the end has changed nothing at all. This continues because our collective throats have been cut just as our collective voices have been silenced around the world because for all the noise and pageantry no one is actually fighting for anything ­ people are just acting out their frustrations as if anyone in power gives a damn about what anyone besides those 'in power' really thinks about anything any longer.
If people were serious then they would disown this corporate language that was designed to frustrate the truth that most people have learned to embrace. Instead of saying 'issues" say "problems" and include the facts that prove the reality that you are alleging. Crime, Torture and Murder are not "issues" they are massive problems that must be clearly punished, as surely as they must be eliminated from every policy decision that is taken by any of these criminal-colonial-colonies of the USA-Israel that were once independent states, in a global community.
America today is not a Democracy; it's a Republic in meltdown that is trying to establish mob-rule under a fascist police-state while it finishes the job of abolishing the Constitution that was created for this Republic. Under a Republic the rights of the minority are protected while under a Democracy the mob rules and no one, except the filthy-rich, can be protected from majority rule. (1)
If you want anything to change then you must embrace your own dream-of-freedom. What we do instead is we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his speech in which he had 'a dream'. That is not enough, because each of us must dream our own dreams. We must begin to call things what they actually are, whether they are crimes, tortures, annihilations, genocides or mass-murder: When nations commit these crimes they too must be held accountable to the world for what they do.
No Corporation can be exempted from the laws that people and nations must respect, around the world, because without law there is only chaos. If nation-states are replaced by corporations then the globe will become a vast and lawless pirate-colony in which the only laws that matter will come from the barrels of weapons that can be turned on anyone that disagrees, anywhere and at any time: Such a world cannot exist for long and the only certain thing about that kind of tyranny is that it will ultimately-fail and it will take down most of the former world with it.
What has happened in Canada today is that Canada has become nothing more than a US war-colony, because it is now totally subservient to the US-Israeli War Machine. One example is the Tar Sands Development of Northern Alberta.
"A group of lawmakers are calling on the Obama administration to take a closer look at the significant environmental impacts of a proposed massive pipeline that would carry Canadian tar sands oil 2,000 miles from northern Alberta all the way down to refineries in Texas and tankers off the Gulf Coast. Tar sands mining emits three times more greenhouse gas pollution than traditional oil and has come under heavy criticism from environmental and indigenous groups. Tar Sands mining emits three times more gas pollution than traditional oil and has come under heavy criticism from environmental and indigenous groups. Tar Sands development of Northern Alberta is Canada's greatest climate-crime. If you ask people in America 'Where does America get their oil, most people will say the Middle-East but the number one provider for oil and gas [to the US] is of course Canada. Right now within the tar-sands there is approximately 1.8 million barrels produced every single day, with 68% of that going to the United States directly.
Tar Sands shouldn't even be referred to as oil; it's an entirely different classification of fossil fuels altogether. It's about 10 per cent fossil fuel mixed with about 90 per cent clay and sand. And they have to remove vast tracts of the boreal forest which is of course a critical carbon sink, second biggest on the planet, next only to the Amazon Rain Forest.
The process itself of mining the oil [from the tar-sands] out of the earth ­ they're using the biggest trucks on the planet to move this stuff twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week: 300 hundred tons carrying capacity, per truck. The biggest earth movers on the planet are ten stories high, 300 tons per scoop, are operating 24-7 in Canada. They have a work force in Canada of 77,000 workers to drive this massive-massive development. They remove 600 million cubic feet of clay, a day. The impact of this project is absolutely catastrophic!" The dialog used in this interview is an example of the 'qualifying' PC language that was mentioned at the beginning of this article. (2)
To get back to actually taking action against governments, corporations and all those that continue to block real changes in the way life is being attacked worldwide: We must begin to say what we mean in real terms that carry real penalties, for the failure to perform the tasks, that people are being paid to do, everywhere that the public's rights are threatened. The toxins that have been released into the oceans and the skies as these are described in the illustration above, are only the beginning of what waits for us if we continue to fail to seriously challenge those that believe they own us all-outright!
1) The American Form of Government
2) Indigenous Groups lead struggle against Canada's Tar Sands

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