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A New Ticket To Fly Home
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD
In late 1999, I did a show with Jeff Rense on the HIV-Aids epidemic. It was the tenth show I had done with Jeff.
I stated that the causative factor for HIV-AIDS was a purposely introduced agent.  It did not arise from a simian virus as some in the medically fraternity claimed.
I mentioned that HIV-AIDS was part of an evolving pattern for annihilation of at least 80% of the human population of the planet by the Evil Archons.  The Archons are the Reptilians who act for and on behalf of Jehovah. Jehovah is the manifestation of the Evil Principle in this sector of the physical dimension.  The physical dimension is a Virtual Reality about to be erased from the face of creation, along with Jehovah, the Evil Mind that spurned Jehovah and these Reptilians and their spurious creations.
I have discussed these concepts in my books.
In the show I mentioned that previous attempts to eradicate populations had failed.
1 Ebola was too virulent and uncontrollable.
2 The Marburg 'virus' was similar to Ebola.
3 Then came the prions of Mad Cow Disease ­ they too seemed to stall but in fact were the precursors of the prions which are now manifesting as a number of diseases including Morgellon's disease.
4 Interposed have been SARS and the latest, the ineffective H1N1 ­ the swine flu, which has turned out to be a flop.
Near the end of the show ten years ago, I mentioned that the world was being saturated by prions and prion-like particles, and I gave the percentage of the human population who were already infected with these agents.
On January 18, 2000, I posted an essay on Jeff Rense's site stating that chemtrails were being used to spread these prion-like particles far and wide.
Now, the prions are near saturation point in humans and in the animal and insect kingdoms.
There is no escaping the fact that we all have these particles within us.
As I previously indicated, these particles are activated by microwave technology. Now you may begin to guess at the extensive and sinister purposes of all those mobile phone towers around the world.  There are far more than are really needed to relay messages.
These particles respond to certain wavelengths and actually agglutinate in the body at various locations to form radioactive fibres ­ as seen in Morgellon lesions on the skin.
They emit their own wavelengths as feedback.
They invade all organs in the body, the prime target being the brain as I mentioned ten years ago. Their intended function was and is MIND CONTROL. They intended that, when necessary, by increasing the intensity of the signal, they would reduce aggression, anger, thinking ability, etc, in target populations.
But, just like everything else these Evil Reptilians develop, the mechanism is flawed and does not just lead to mind control.
Other side effects have occurred, and the dermatological manifestations are just one such unexpected side effect.
In my medical practice, even in rural Australia, I have noted a trend which is inexplicable by conventional aetiological factors.
The first and most serious effect is a reduction in the intellect of patients. Many appear to have the vague neurological symptoms suggesting a space occupying lesion in their brains.
CT scans often show nothing specific. Radiologists report brain changes attributable to small vessel disease even when the patients have no reason to have small vessel disease. I have as yet not personally acquired MRI reports on these cases.
These CT scans are too imprecise to give answers. A biopsy would be needed to find the fibres. But no one in going to order a biopsy for these patients.  Such a condition as fibres occupying a brain or any organ is not, as yet, readily accepted by most of the medical fraternity as being a reality.
Radiologists are unable to diagnose the condition because it does not exist as far as they are concerned.
The Archons who control all governments and institutions are not going to tell any of us that they created this scenario on purpose.
Many of you are aware of the battle that has raged for recognition of this Morgellon's disease to be taken seriously by most doctors. They majority until recently have labelled it a disease of mental dysfunction (which paradoxically it is with the fibres being the cause, not the result of the dysfunction).
The fact is that the common symptom in those with and without dermatological manifestations is mental dysfunction.
This manifests as mood swings, depression, gross anxiety, early symptoms of dementia with patchy memory loss, and obsessiveness. Human behaviour is going to become more erratic and unpredictable.
Animals are infected with these prions, as are birds, reptiles, bugs and insects.
There are reports in the literature of these fibres forming as the precursors descend from the chemtrails. It may well be that the electrostatic charges in the atmosphere or microwaves produced by towers sponsored this in that area.
These particles and fibres are the result of alien nanotechnology and include genetic material within their structure. Some have been noted to contain globules of fluid within them. These are differing toxins which will make the body they are in even sicker and perhaps cause its death.
A small percentage of the population is immune to these particles. They have deliberately been given antibodies to prevent agglutination and fibre formation. Most of these will have been abducted into the Reptilian crafts around the planet, and their stories can be deciphered under hypnosis.
So, is this a Doomsday mechanism for Humanity?
It appears that way.
Since the 1920s the Reptilians, represented by various political leaders around the world, have expressed the concern that there were going to be too many people in the world. The Eugenics Program was implemented and since the late 1960s and early 1970s, they have been seeking a way to cull ­ yes cull - the numbers to a manageable level.
In an essay in late 1999 I have revealed that Theomorphic civilian consciousness had been evacuated from Earth.
The consciousnesses that exist in human bodies now are made up of the following:
1 5,000 Theomorphic warriors who are assisting me to clear out the other levels of consciousness ( animal, vegetable and mineral);
2 Almost 30 percent of the population are demonic beings. They include the Reptilians, the Soulless beings, and the Hounds of Hell. You can tell who they are by their actions, They kill and destroy at will. Many of these intend to return to deeper Hell once the culling is complete; and
3 The remainder or everyone else, made up of a Counterfeit consciousness (robotic).  A percentage of these have responded to the Light and the Golden Rule. They will have modifications made to their consciousnesses so that they, too, can exist outside the physical dimensions. The others will cease to exist.
I realize I run the risk of confusing people, but one needs to understand that minds are operation on 3 levels of awareness at present.
1 On the Prosaic Reality level, which includes the majority, we have the sheeple. They believe what they are told. They believe in the history of the world as it is written and taught to them, in science and in religions with no questions asked. They are but cannon fodder, one is sorry to say.
2 Another group in the Arcane Reality has awakened sufficiently to understand that much of the knowledge is hidden but they are unaware of the full picture even though they understand the existence of aliens, and other realities.
3 The third group is the minority. They are awakening to the knowledge of the Supramental Consciousness which is descending unto this plane, as was forecast by Frederick Nietzsche and subsequently by Sri Aurobindo last century.
Part of my role is to awaken those who will respond to this Supramental Consciousness and prepare them for Evacuation and the Journey Home. Finally there is to be an end to this Hell.
There are a number of steps that can be taken to alleviate the suffering caused by what is to happen on Earth, by these deadly fibres, by the coming disasters, wars, hunger, etc.
My partner, Subhana Bella, and I will speak about these steps in the Rense broadcast on 16 June 2010, and in future shows, and Conferences with workshops, in the hope of lessening the suffering that appears inevitable.

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