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What's Going On? - Part 2   
The Mental War - Section One

By Dr Joseph and Sophia Chiappalone
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It
Some of you are being torn asunder mentally by the rate and extent of deterioration of all factors in your lives. These factors affect the physical perspective, the mental, the emotional, the psychic, and even the spiritual one.
Physically we have more climatic changes, more accidents, disasters, diseases, asthma, cancer, etc. New diseases such as Morgellons are set to devastate the globe. The fauna and flora are decreasing, and news of Earth's fragmentation, as well as Solar and planetary fragmentation within our Solar System and in other areas of the Universe is now impossible to hide.
Mentally, people seem to be losing the ability to think clearly, sanely, positively on any topic you wish to name. The rate of memory loss and higher cerebration malfunction are of epidemic proportions, and affecting people of younger and younger age groups. It seems that what we as a Race learned over tedious centuries in order to claim Rights of harmonious existence is being abandoned in a race to become more and more greedy, cruel, and maleficent.
Emotionally many people seem to be regressing to a stage of tribalism and personal idiocy that tends to lead to self destruction. Road Rage, indiscriminate hate, pornography, exploitation of others, excessive alcohol consumption, the use of hard drugs, the monumental use of anxiolytics, antidepressants and anti-psychotics because they are needed more and more, all affirm this atavistic tendency in all societies. At a time when individuals have more than ever before, they are less and less satisfied emotionally so that anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorders and more sinister disorders are increasing exponentially.
Psychically there is definitely a fragmentation of boundaries so that inter-dimensional beings and contents are being witnessed by more and more. Phenomenology, as a consequence is on the rise, as are contact with, and sighting of aliens, both good and bad. Contact with other levels and dimensions of existence has never been as obvious, but many are falling victims to the mutterings of residents in demonic levels.
Spiritually, more and more seem to be overtly, unashamedly rushing headlong on the Road to Perdition. Demonism is obviously rampant. Ever increasing Demonic possession, as occurs especially with consumption of such substances as crystal meth, is clear to those who wish to see clearly.
On a more personal level, you will have noted there are many thoughts bombarding your mind, increasing at an ever-accelerating rate, especially as you awaken and see the illusion crumbling, see who and what others were and are, see the traps you had or have fallen into, and feel the physical, as well as the emotional, scars you have been left with.
In your attempt to focus on the Paradise to come, your mind seems to want to torment you with thoughts of vengeance, anger, remorse, frustration, impatience, or inappropriate and underserved guilt imposed by Evil in the form of Karmic retribution.
Karma, by the way, is an evil tool in this evil system to punish and exploit true beings further.
Testosterone poisoning may try to program you to want to lash out in inappropriate ways, and this can occur regardless of your gender, and make you fall further into the traps set to exploit you even more. Take care, not all the thoughts in your head are yours.
Paradoxically, the very mind you want to protect seems to want to destroy you. Often it highlights supposed past failures on your part, present deficiencies, recurrent mistakes and functional incapacities due to age, geography, financial position, filial restraint, etc. And your mind seems to do this in order to belittle you and stimulate emotional responses not in your best interest.
Those thoughts, if it is your mind creating them, or accepting them from elsewhere, are in the polluted lower mind of the body and its ego. It is more likely your mind is accepting implanted thoughts which serve, not Good, but Evil, for they harass you, destabilize you and drain you of energy, even if you do not act but just leave them in your head. You must eradicate them.
It is the Higher Mind you want to nurture, protect, and live in. It is the Higher Mind which is to win the battle. I have discussed the concepts of a Higher and Lower Mind elsewhere.
The Battle of Essences (Good vs. Evil) is in two sections.
The first section is the General War. It is outside of you on the Mental Plane generally, with your mind against all other evil-created minds which are in conflict.
The second section is the Personal War which it is within you between your relatively useless lower mind and your unique, essential Higher Mind..
You cannot be effective in the General War unless you win your Personal War. And from your correspondence I know many of you are in the midst of such a Personal Mental War. Stick in there. If you do not give in, you cannot lose!
You are running a spiritual gauntlet, and if you lose sight of your goal you may hesitate and be cut down. You may be distracted and delayed, so as to miss the ship of evacuation.
If you stop to deal with everyone who spits on you or lashes out at you, or scratches you, or insults you, or abuses you in the myriad of ways those of evil have invented, you will never make it to the finishing line. There may appear to be a personal component in their attacks, but really, evil beings and those programmed by evil, even if they are not ontologically evil, attack whoever and whatever is near them. If it was not you they tried to exploit and destroy, it would be another.
Look back and see that some of your experiences confirm that this is so. If you evaded the schoolyard bully, he did not sulk; he just found another in your place. You were just one of many. If you have distanced yourself from a former so-called friend or spouse who was a louse, s/he is still a louse and will treat another partner accordingly.
Do not let it bother you. Unless they spiritually awaken, not many people change their nature which allows them to exploit others. And those of Evil do not want to change because that is how they survive! Personal changes you undergo can also seem to want to attack and drive you crazy so that you will flounder in that Mental War raging just inside your skull and no one else's, or so it seems.
But do not fall for that old bogey trick. Realize that this Mental War is affecting all levels of consciousness, even animals. Some can mask it, most cannot.
Why do you think society is crumbling? Why do you think so many suicide, especially young ones who have not the experience or support to cope, and who suffer testosterone poisoning maximally, but cannot adequately express the urges it forces upon them because of lack of knowledge, a lack created by the ghoul, Jehovah, in this mess he created?
Why do you think nations are collapsing, institutions are disappearing, and road rage rules? Those in power and in government are aware of this, that is why they are asking, and taking, more and more powers for themselves and their enforcers (police) all over the globe, while they try to minimize the power of individuals, even as they mockingly dribble on about the "Rights of the Individual and Democracy".
As the world collapses you can throw out the thoughts of the Endtime by shutting your mind for a little. But even your own body seems to want to drive you insane, and if you do not strike a balance with its changes, especially as all things around you are corrupted and collapse, you may suffer the mental torture of the obvious decay of physicality to a degree greater than necessary.
You could slip into the gloom of depression or even Terminal Madness, which I have said often enough can be fatal. If you do not focus adequately on your goal, which is to eventually get out of this dimension with as little spiritual damage as possible, you may be distracted by the physical deterioration you, I, all of us, are going to undergo as the physical corrupts absolutely.
On a personal level, if you do not balance the physical decay that you are going to undergo, with the thought of a healthy existence elsewhere, you may suffer more than you need to. Many, of course, suffer terribly, even apart from the spiritual perspective, as they perceive those things which they thought were of utmost importance to them to be waning, namely their physical attributes, their looks, athletic prowess, sexual function, etc.
Many have perversely taken their own lives as they thought they had lost their charms or abilities. Others kill themselves because of loss of wealth, prestige, social standing, etc.
These things are all useless tinsel ornaments for the evil-created ego. They are not only useless, but banal as well. Aging and becoming less well, less capable, less physically active and less attractive are not new, but each must fight the mental battle of dealing with these processes. That has always been the case. But now extra preparation is needed, by each of us, for the confusion caused by, among other things, the collapse of parameters we thought we could once rely on is sending us into a tailspin when added to all the other considerations needed to be confronted in this Personal Mental War of the Endtime.
Do not allow reduced health or wealth to blackmail you.
To Be Continued...
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved
Joseph and Sophia Chiappalone

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