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Psychiatry, The Struggle For Your Soul 
Preface From My Book

By Dr Joseph Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It
Psychiatry means, literally, "soul doctor". It is a battle for your soul. The question is: What are the opposing forces in this battle for your soul, and how can you distinguish them? The typical person suffering from mental distress who finds his or her way into the psychiatrist's office needs to understand what he or she is really getting into, to make an informed and intelligent decision. In this book we will uncover the dark forces lurking behind the facade of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and psychological or "self" development.
Despite attempts by psychiatrists to catalogue and systematise mental disorders in ever-increasing numbers, modern psychiatry is unable (or unwilling) to locate the true causes of mental disorder and mankind's suffering. This failing of psychiatry to understand the deeper causes of mental illness has not only led to erroneous treatment of many unsuspecting patients, but has, in fact, greatly increased suffering. Why this is so will become apparent as we examine psychiatry and its favoured sons, including Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, in a greater light.
Ignorance, scepticism, and narrow-mindedness are not anyone's salvation. Yet, as we shall see, these are the hallmarks of psychiatry. It is not possible to discuss the mind, soul, spirit, psychology, and psychiatry without delving into metaphysics and philosophy. Psychiatry, rather than simply being "objective science", does in fact practice a very restrictive and dominating philosophy.
Hence, psychiatry generally denies the existence, validity, truth, or reality of such things as: consciousness existing outside of the physical body; Divine beings, a True God, angels, demons, and other spiritual agents; aliens, UFOs; other dimensions and realms; ghosts and apparitions, beings in other dimensions; psychic ability, precognition; clairvoyance, clairaudience, and communication with beings on other levels, realms and dimensions, or at a distance; the existence of Evil as a force, a wilful intelligence which can and does act through humans and other beings; auras, energies, thought implantation, demonic possession, and emotional rings of influence; past lives and reincarnation; the existence of the spirit or soul; the validity of meditation and other spiritual practices for connecting with one's source (or the True God); mystical experience; astral and etheric bodies, beings, and dimensions, "heaven" and "hell"; life after "death"; near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences (astral travelling); alien abductions and implants; the control and programming of human behaviour by forces beyond human conception; spiritual accountability and judgement; etc. 
All of these things are valid facets of existence. How can scientific disciplines such as psychology and psychiatry function in the main by ignoring such valid facets? Not only is it impossible that they can function effectively, but they must, by ignoring these facets, present a false picture of reality which, in the end, leads to greater problems, greater distress, more confusion, more mental symptoms and more suffering. And that is exactly what occurs.
It is obvious is it not, that if the mosaic of one's reality is not fully recognised, any diagnosis of problems in one's life and the treatments to such problems will be half measures and more than likely not only erroneous but also capable of inflicting more harm, and making things worse. This is exactly what we have with psychiatric diagnosis of mental problems and in the treatment of psychiatric illness.
As we shall see, the basis of psychiatry as practised today is the wilful denial of any Greater Reality or Truth; treatment is invariably designed to forcibly suppress any connection with this greater reality. The obvious (but false) solution offered by psychiatry to mankind's problems is to label any tendency to not fit into life, any tendency to not closed-mindedly accept everyone and everything as they superficially appear to be as some form of abnormality, delusion, or disorder. 
So-called "successful" treatment is, in fact, attained by cutting off the True Being, the inner consciousness, from its Source, its Truth, and its awareness of a Greater Reality beyond the gross, superficial, illusory physical dimension.
If Science and Medicine in general seek to limit our awareness, understanding, and "solutions" to the "measurable", then psychiatry is seen to further limit our minds, our awareness, our thinking, our being, to the least common denominator of human experience. As we shall see, it is a discipline to lock minds into the false reality, the Virtual Reality, presented as ordinary existence. It acts as the threatening guardian of this Virtual Reality and diagnoses as abnormal any mind which ventures beyond the Virtual Reality, and impinges on the Truth of the Greater Reality. It acts to subvert the connection to any Truth by using ridicule and condemnation, and the stigmata of abnormal mental function and implied incapacities. And its treatments minimise mental function, biochemically, electrically, and by the suggestion from its registered practitioners -- pseudo-priests fully flared in their Arrogance of Ignorance (some exceptions do occur) -- so that connections to higher mental states and other concepts of Reality are virtually impossible once the "patient" falls under the sphere of influence of such psychiatric ignorance and therapeutic abuse.
Modern psychiatry, again keeping in mind that some exceptions do occur, allows for nothing beyond the perception of life as a bio-chemical reaction to our environment. In this perverse mindset, psychiatry seeks to forcibly adapt us to our environment. So, if you happen to have a problem with anyone or anything in life, in relationships, in society, in this world, then you are in danger of being labelled the abnormal one, being declared mentally ill or dysfunctional. If you are aware of, perceive, or merely suspect that there is more to life than gross bio-chemical and physical interactions, if you have a true sense of what deeper forces motivate human life and relationships, you are in danger of being destroyed by psychiatry. Think of the innumerable examples of those abused by the priests of psychiatry, that were drugged, or had their brains fried with Electro-convulsive Therapy, or even been jailed in mental institutions without a trial, just for speaking up about UFOs, aliens, incubi and succubi, dimensional portals, visits to hellish dimensions, etc., etc.
But, what if you do not fit in and go along with things, or imagine that people are exactly as they pretend to be? What if something inside you cries out, "No, there is more going on here; there is more to life than the commonly accepted explanations"?
The problem of psychiatry is not just that it does not believe in anything beyond gross physical existence as the be-all and end-all of "life", but that people who experience a Greater Reality are treated as abnormal or insane by psychiatry. Psychiatrists spiritually assassinate, and physically, electrically, or bio-chemically lobotomise such a person who has come to them seeking help and greater understanding. The false premise of course, is the idea that psychiatrists know more about life and reality than the one with an expanded awareness who seeks elucidation from them.
The authority of science misused is a terrible thing. Surely it does not serve the best interests of a patient struggling to cope with an awareness of a Greater Reality which is denied, suppressed, invalidated, and ridiculed by psychiatry. Perversely, psychiatry defines "reality" in the most narrow and restrictive terms, and then declares anyone who experiences anything beyond these boundaries as mentally ill. 
By its very nature and practice, it is easy to see that psychiatry is but another facade used by the evil Archons to obfuscate the Truth and sustain the Untruth, for the benefit of the controlling Evil Essence of the Plane.This will become even more obvious when we discuss the "Fathers of Modern Psychology and Psychiatry" -- Freud and Jung -- who were both poorly disguised demons!
How has psychiatry become the advocate of methodologies to destroy the brain, the mind, and the spirit?
True awareness of a Greater Reality is attacked by psychiatry as the greatest threat. But, threat to whom? We must address the question of whether it is truly awareness which is the problem, and whether vehement denial of greater awareness is the solution, or whether the opposite is true. In this overview of psychiatry and of what went terribly wrong with the "science of the mind" we will investigate the split between "materialism" and "spiritualism" mandated by psychiatry, the valid psychic and spiritual bases of psychological experience, and the most common but misguided attempts to treat people who experience something beyond the physical.
We will look at the work of people such as William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Anton Mesmer, and L. Ron Hubbard. And, we will explore the grossly exploitative practices and misleading ideologies which have robbed countless people of their true self-direction, of their spiritual energy, hope, finances, and sanity, all in the name of "helping" them.
We will examine the perverse roots of psychiatry which encompass everything but the Truth, Light, and ultimate Good. And we shall see how and why organised psychiatry has moved ever further from the realities of spirit and mind, to arrive at the present day in which the focus is almost entirely on body chemistry and drugs as the underlying cause of mental illness and claims these are the routes to our "salvation".
For those who have read some of my previous books, the theme of removing the True God and the Divine from our experience and understanding, and installing in its place a false doctrine and false "god", will be instantly familiar. I have explained the theme in detail, and it is the ancient Gnostic teaching of the usurping of this dimension and this world by Evil which has suppressed the truth at all costs and in its place propped up a false "god", its "favoured sons" -- the archons -- and every possible misleading, exploitative, and harmful practice in science, religion, economics, politics, government, law, etc. 
There can be no other word for it but "Evil": that which removes the True Godforce from our view, our understanding, our experience, our hopes and desires, and instead offers us the false salvation and false understanding of worldly illusions and philosophies. Freudian philosophy has, in particular, as its central basis the total denial of spirituality. And, in the case of Jung, we will see how psychiatry has actually embraced, as the path to salvation, that which destroys man: the dark side, the shadow.
I have written this book with the assumption that readers will be reasonably familiar with the Gnostic concepts of Reality which I have written about in previous books, and that they are aware of the metaphysical anatomy of beings, the concepts of other non-human and discarnate beings, the existence of multi-dimensions, the Phase of Imminent Correction of the Celestial error as far as this earth is concerned, and so on. This foreknowledge will make concepts discussed here more readily understandable as space prevents full explanation of every concept mentioned in passing.
Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved
Joseph Chiappalone

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