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Six Days That Changed Everything! 
By Jim Kirwan
Today marks the forty-third anniversary of the 1967, six day war that changed the military and political world forever. The history of events that transpired during that war literally upended the global power structure that had been operative until that point. This article will attempt to clarify the treasons committed by Lyndon Johnson and his administration when he became a traitor to this country that he was supposedly leading during the six-day war.
To understand Johnson's actions it is necessary to go back to JFK's final days, in 1962 before his assassination, when he was dealing with Israel's Ambassador to the US. Kennedy had summoned the Ambassador to a small White House office with only RFK in attendance.
The public might remember that during the Watergate hearings the fact that JFK had installed the now infamous taping-system that gave the world the Watergate tapes. Because of the existence of those clandestine tapes much of what took place at this meeting between these men could be known. The topic of this particular clandestine meeting was Kennedy's determination to inspect the nuclear facilities ofIsrael, at Dimona, for evidence of Israel's development of offensive nuclear weapons. (the 'inspection' under discussion never took place ­ but the death of JFK is a matter of historical record).
"JFK: Now-the problem of your government's nuclear weapons site at Dimona is of great concern. I have told you many times now that I want our American inspectors to be allowed in regularly so we can find out
AMBASSADOR: No! Israel is a sovereign nation! A nation at war!
Have you forgotten that your inspectors were allowed inside Dimona in May of last year? For an entire day, I would remind you! No further American inspections will be allowed at Dimona, Mr. President, and that is final!
JFK: There is no war now! If you don't want Americans, we can approach a neutral nation to send inspectors! I insist that the Dimona Nuclear Site be opened to scheduled, outside inspection!
AMBASSADOR: With respect, Sir, you do not understand! Israel is ALWAYS at war! No foreigners will EVER be allowed to see the workings of Dimona Nuclear Site on some schedule they might demand!
AMBASSADOR: With respect, Sir, you do not understand! Israel is ALWAYS at war! No foreigners will EVER be allowed to see the workings of Dimona Nuclear Site on some schedule they might demand!
RFK: Sir, the president has authorized me to advise you that he will seek to cut off American aid for Israel until our inspectors have been allowed in at Dimona. We know you are producing offensive nuclear weapons there!
AMBASSADOR: That that is not a good decision, Sir! It may cost your brother-- dearly! Israel's enemies-all of them-- will be crushed!"
It is against this background that one must begin to evaluate what happened during the six day war throughout the Middle-East.
When the six day war began Israel's coastal waters were the same as every other nation ­ twelve miles from their coast. As Israel's war grew to include Israel's attack upon Egypt; Israel unilaterally declared a one-hundred mile stretch of the Mediterranean as Israeli territorial waters in which they could attack anything they wished to, because "they were at war." The United States ship the USS Liberty, a spy ship, was sailing on station inside that exclusion zone and yet the US government did not advise the Liberty of Israel's unilateral decision to destroy anything, not Israeli, that was operating in those waters. The consensus was that Israel and the US were allies; so the Liberty would not be in danger.
What was unknown to the US at the time was that Israel had targeted the Liberty precisely because her sophisticated listening devices were monitoring everything that Israel was doing in the war; and that Israel did not consider that she had any allies; that everyone was her enemy and anyone that might be able to prove that fact would need to be destroyed. So the fate of the USS Liberty had to be sunk, with all hands so that there would be no evidence of the actual Israeli treachery involved. The sinking of the Liberty was to have been blamed on the Egyptians in order to get America to attack Egypt and thus give Israel that which she was unable to get for herself: A total military victory over Egypt.
Again the history is important. It seems that LBJ and Mossad had a working relationship while Johnson was Vice-President and money had changed hands. This was the Israeli-Ace-in-the-hole, so that when the time came Israel demanded payment for their help with Johnson's problems that were magically solved by JFK's murder. To this end a Mossad agent summoned Johnson to a secret meeting-room beneath the White House.
"JOHNSON: You wanted to meet? Why?
MOSSAD AGENT: The time has come, Mr. President, a time of great dangera time upon which the hinge of history will turn-a time of great sacrificefor everyone, I mean
JOHNSON: Say it!
MOSSADAGENT: Very well. We have destroyed the Egyptian and Syrian Air Forces and we occupy the Sinai. Our army is poised on the east bank of the Suez Canal! We are still not sure how many weapons and men the Egyptians have in reserve-possibly enough to maul or even repel our forces in a stand-up fight. We cannot be certainWe want your Navy and Air Force to attack the Egyptians so there will be no
JOHNSON:God-dammit, why? We have no argument with those sand niggers!
MOSSAD AGENT: There is also the matter of your ship, the spy ship off our coastlistening to our communications...the LIBERTY...
Listen, motherfucker, everybody in the fckin' world has those ships! We're not gonna stop you! Do what the fuck you think you have to do. I told you, we have no argument with any god-damn rag-heads right now!
[Every major nation has these spy ships ­ this is very similar to attacking other nation's embassies. It is not permissible to attack other nation's spies, because that would invite the same response to one's own spy-ships, so It's just not something that other nations do to each other ­ Israel in this case felt justified ­ because they are ISRAEL, and they are always 'at War' everywhere in the world.]
MOSSAD AGENT: If that ship wereattacked, ahhh we feel that a response should, ahhhh would be forthcoming from the United States
I mean-that your forces could, let us saycontain the Egyptians, while we go about the business of ...ahhh expanding our nation's territory. We want the Golan, the Sinai, the West Bank, Jerusalem mmmm, forthe future and national security of the Jewish people, of course, and
JOHNSON: Them fckin' Egyptians know better than to attack us! We'd destroy them!
MOSSAD AGENT: We will do the attacking, Mr. President. It is only one ship a very small ship and not well armed at that, as you know. We have photos It would only take a few minutes, we feel not long, really. After we sink her, you could go on televisionsay it was the Egyptians... Your Navy and Air Force could hold them at bay if you strike rapidly at their rear and bomb Cairo when we start our advance across the CanalThey have no planes left to fly It is for Israel! Of course...there will be no survivors to... tell a different story...we will see to that...
JOHNSON: What the fuck! What are you saying, you cocksucker! You crazy bastard! I'll kick your ass myself, by God! Right here and now! Bomb Cairo? Fuck you!
MOSSAD AGENT: You owe us, Mr. President! You owe us everything! Everything-the White House, the presidency-everything. I said everything! I am here to collect ! Now, NOW is the time to pay! Remember, we control your corporate media...
JOHNSON: Alright. But as God is my witness, there can be no survivors! You understand? I'll deny it all if anyone is left alive to talk! You understand me?
MOSSAD AGENT: Of course, Mr. President. Certainly I, that is --we... understand. We will make it brief and as... painless... as possible. There will be no survivors. We will see to it!
JOHNSON: Get out! Get the fuck out of here! Now!"
And it was this critical series of facts concerning the factual-culpability of LBJ that led directly to the attack upon the USS Liberty and to the deaths and injuries suffered in that attack 43 years ago today; (1)
However Israel despite all of its oversized hatreds and military deceptions was unable to sink the USS Liberty which led directly to the US military failures created by Johnson and the then Secretary of Defense McNamara that should have resulted in the impeachment of Johnson and the prosecution of everyone involved in forciong the recall of the Navy fighters that had been sent to rescue the men of the embattled and unarmed USS Liberty. Here's how that went down.
"SIGNALMAN: Schematic (Sixth Fleet) this is Rockstar (USS Liberty). We are being attacked by aircraft. I just saw one with Israeli markings. Help us! Do you read? Help us!
SARATOGA SIGNALMAN: Rockstar, this is Schematic. I don't read you clearly. Repeat your message
LIBERTY SIGNALMAN: Repeat. We are under attack by aircraft, some showing the Star of David! We need help!
SARATOGA SIGNALMAN: Rockstar, I read you. Authenticate. Repeat, authenticate.
LIBERTY SIGNALMAN: Authenticate? Shit! Shit!
Oscar Quebec! Oscar Quebec, SARATOGA! Oscar Quebec, for Christ's sake! You read me?
SARATOGA SIGNALMAN: I read you, Rockstar. You are under attack! I will stand by for further traffic. ...SARATOGA SIGNALMAN: Take this to the bridge! Now!
And later on. . . LIBERTY SIGNALMAN: Schematic, we are still under
strong attack by aircraft. We need help!
SARATOGA SIGNALMAN: Rockstar, your message has been relayed
LIBERTY SIGNALMAN: (kicking open the doorway to let in the sounds of the attackLiberty says) Authenticate this, you jackass!
The SARATOGA SIGNALMAN listens to his receiver, amazed at the loud series of thudding sounds and fierce explosions coming over the
airwaves as the latest attack unfolds. At last, he is chastened.)
SARATOGA SIGNALMAN: Yes Rockstar, authentication accepted."
On the USS Saratoga the Admiral at 2:20 pm issues orders:
"Scramble the duty squadron! We have a ship under attack!" and then reports his actions to DOD.
ADMIRAL: Phantoms launched, DOD COMMAND. Responding to air attack on USSLIBERTY!"
McNamara, inside DOD answers almost immediately.
"SARATOGA! DOD Command to USS SARATOGA! Come in!
This is the USS SARATOGA!
(At 2:26 pm) This is DEFENSE SECRETARY Mc NAMARA! Recall all
planes! Bring them back at once. Do you read me?
ADMIRAL: But Mr. SECRETARY, one of our ships has been attacked! They say they're afire and have dead and wounded!
McNAMARA: What do you plan to do?
ADMIRAL: We're going to find out who is attacking our ship, Sir. Then we'll...
McNAMARA: By God, you bring those planes back now! Do you hear me?
ADMIRAL: Roger!"
After Israeli torpedo boats have attacked the Liberty and hit it with one torpedo, Israeli helicopters with troops on-board begin to circle the dying US ship.
Helicopters circling with possible boarding crews! Are you gonna help us or not? Where the fuck you at?"
On the Saratoga at 3:45 pm
"ADMIRAL: Launch a squadron!
Tell the AMERICA I want a squadron launched. Send them to the last known position of theLIBERTY!
SAILOR: Yes Sir!
ADMIRAL: We have launched a second squadron and I have ordered the USS AMERICA to launch a squadron. Our planes will provide air cover above the USS LIBERTY, the ship under attack. Our men report seeing Israeli markings on both the boats and planes firing at them
ADMIRAL: Mr. SECRETARY, we are in a battle zone! We have a US vessel attacked and burning with many wounded aboard. I think it might have been the Israelis! Do you read me?
JOHNSON: ADMIRAL, this is the president. Do you recognize my voice?
ADMIRAL: Yes, Sir.
JOHNSON: This can all be explained. It is...ahhhh...a tragic mistake. Bring all of your planes back to base. I will not embarrass an ally! Do you read me, ADMIRAL?
JOHNSON: Very well. Help the wounded as best you can.
ADMIRAL: (to a sailor on deck) Call all planes back here. "
This treason and its cover-up by a sitting president is what Americans were not allowed to know about for the last 43 years.
However the whole story of the Liberty was also integral in the power shift which the six-day war created based upon Israel's understanding of the failure of American arms in both Korea and in Vietnam, whichIsrael took to mean that the USA was finished as a leader in the world. So using deception and blackmail Israel decided to take over from the US and keep us hobbled through corruption and the cowardice of our leaders that has led the world directly to the events of the last week when Israel decided again to kill people blatantly and viciously, with US collaboration, for their actions even before they boarded any of the ships in the Freedom Flotilla. (2)
I began my career in political commentary with an attempted unpublished expose on the Johnson administration (long before the internet), but if I had had any real knowledge of what that war-criminal and thoroughly corrupt politician had been up to then, I think perhaps an entirely different outcome might have taken place then instead of now. (3)
However given the fact that most of America seems to have taken up permanent residence beneath some very heavy rocks of ignorance in order to hide from the truth of what has been happening at least throughout the first ten years of this new millennium-it would seem unlikely that even small bits of the raw proof against this traitor and collaborator with our enemies, who was a president at the time, might not be enough to cause any real change in the attitudes of the public here.
I don't really expect this to change anything substantially-I just want the willfully ignorant to know exactly what it is that they have been ignoring for the last forty-three consecutive years!
Happy Anniversary Amerika!
1) Today in History: June 8th 1967 ­ video
2) Was the Obama Administration Involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack On the Gaza Freedom Flotilla?
3) The State of the Nation 1966

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