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Feeding Us S**t
By Alton Raines
The box art you see to the left is real. This is an actual motion picture. Several million dollars were spent to make a movie about a doctor who surgically attaches the mouth of one human being to the anus of another human being as an 'experiment in survival.'
Is there any doubt we are done for as a species?
Yes, there is still beauty in the world, Virginia. It's just getting harder and harder to find, and very little of it is being shared in art, films, literature and other avenues which should serve to uplift, or at the very least, entertain us.
Now, if watching people tormented, suffering, trapped and forced to commit atrocities against nature is your idea of entertainment, then you're already dead. Your respiratory function and heart beat is a mere reflex. You ARE a 'human centipede' eating feces as sustenance. We don't need a movie about that to prove its true; there is no grand artistic socio-political statement being made, it's just German hollywood run amuck. Sick for the sake of being sick.
The rise and multimillion dollar popularity of 'torture porn' in films represents an apocalyptic milestone of human decay and societal erosion. When people are willing to pay hard earned cash to be realistically plummeted into godless maelstroms of madness and pain where the most brutal, sadistic and deforming acts are the only way out or the salvation of the victim, then the viewing public has truly lost its heart, mind and soul. It is mass, voluntary demonic possession. People can no longer feel anything subtle, true, inspired; it has to rip through nerve ends like a root canal to kick any emotional response from them and resonate with absolute darkness; it has to tap into that well of utter inhumanity and tweak the hell-nerve because somewhere inside it is acknowledge as much deserved punishment.
'May God have mercy' may be asking too damn much.

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