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Promises & Pipedreams
By Jim Kirwan
When the idea of 'society' became universal, it was based on expectations derived from promises made between individuals, families, and a wide variety of larger groupings, that eventually grew into what is loosely called a civilization. Over time 'societies came to recognize certain basic principles, like the Magna Carta and later the U.S. Constitution, as being of intrinsic and inalienable value to the well being of people everywhere. At the core of these documents and many others were the written and observed laws by which men and women everywhere might live and prosper.
When the Constitution was written, its laws and procedures were intended for a society in which not all members of the government could be or would be corrupted. However this is the situation in which we find ourselves today: Now we have a government, which in the words of George Carlin, 'has no interest in investigating themselves-and are not about to do so-because power never permits such things!'
Legalities aside; when the Robber-Barons began to plan their revenge upon the public, for limiting their outrageous powers, they began by targeting the very essence of every society. The tool they designed for this task was none other than the government itself, that institution which people looked to for protection and help in virtually every aspect of life. They chose this 'weapon' because it was the power of the government that brought down the power of the Robber-Barons in response to demands by that 'long-ago' public that first chained the beast of the Corporatocracy and shackled the lusts of unregulated commerce-and it was the descendents of those same anti-humans that decided to steal government from the people and use its powers to tyrannize and imprison people. To be more precise, the goal has been nothing less than the total redistribution of wealth from the many to the few-and to do it using the power of the federal government to issue the contracts, block the investigations, and reward their friends at the expense of everything the public needs to survive.
As people we have always lived by the selected fictions that we have each chosen to represent our lives. A partial answer as to how this became so important to so many comes in some paraphrasing of Richard Bach, from his book "Illusions." One way of understanding this phenomena is to grasp what we are seeing whenever we watch videos or films that we have seen before. 'Even the world's finest films are illusions, are they not? The pictures on the screen aren't even moving; they only appear to move. Changing light that seems to move across a flat screen set up in the dark? Why do people watch these films: "Why then are we watching when [we know] they are only illusions?"
When we buy tickets to films or buy the video we are agreeing to believe in the reality of space and the reality of time [as portrayed in the film] as opposed to the real lives we are probably trying to live. For many, film is an escape, for others it can provide educational opportunities or enhance some social purposes.
"We are game-playing, fun-loving creatures, we (used-to-be) the otters of the universe. In these illusions we cannot die, we cannot hurt ourselves anymore than the characters on the screen can be hurt. But we can believe we're hurt, in whatever agonizing detail we want. We can believe we're victims, killed and killing."
Films and video are only one way of 'seeing' the world, but it seems to be something that has become pervasive today, especially when the subject is politics, world-government or the police-state mentality that has become all too real right now.
Movies and video have been used as canned and "safe" substitutes for real life, yet we never seem to get around to asking others or even ourselves ­ "Who writes these films?" "Who acts in them? Who projects them, who is distributes them and [above all] who watches this all happen? We are!
But we are also free to walk-out in the middle, anytime, or to change the plot whenever it suits us; just as we are free to watch the same film over and over again. The charade s portrayed exist only in our own minds,' that also serve us as the projectors, which enables us to interpret how we could actually understand those parallels to our lives that we might believe we have discovered; through these illusions that we subscribe to almost routinely. It is this tool that the New World Order has used and abused so well, almost unnoticed, but one that has allowed us to become people without connection to anything at all except perhaps to our beloved delusions.
In the USA today we are a people without a country, without laws or justice, without jobs or much of any kind of future, and yet we continue to behave as if nothing has changed since life in the twentieth century ended with the arrival of the New Millennium.
As people the world over, we continue to wonder at how it is that so much of the living hell that surrounds us on all sides, continues to go unnoticed. The answer is simple: We are too busy believing in our own illusions to ever become really aware of the actualities in world of blood and death and dying-wherein those that "die-on-screen" do not get up when the lights come on-because they're dead and were never part of the safe-illusions.
Because of this continuing success over our own perception of ourselves, the Criminal-Conspiracies have used the opportunities we provided them, to take down the whole-world instead of just destroying a few nation-states. The war against nature and mankind has moved into its final phase while most of us are still locked into our own little bubbles, of what we think of as protection, from the world outside ourselves.
So until the satellite goes down, that enables cell-phone functions, as well as the transfer of cash from the ATM to those that still believe they control their own accounts: Nothing much will actually change-so long as we can retain our private illusions that have kept us firmly imprisoned while we are being plundered, raped and murdered by the state that we refuse to see, for the true enemy that it has clearly been, since the new millennium began.
The "Promises" which any society needs to survive has been trumped by the "Pipedreams" of the multiply addicted along with the indolent-slaves to power that have already-surrendered their lives to artificial substitutes for the real pleasures that can only come from living authentic lives.
What we have now is no longer a nation but just an afterthought, a pipedream really, especially for those that love to suck that little glass dick (the meth-pipe) wherein the crystal-rock, that cracks the brain and kills the body, melts-away as it burns away the personality along with every aspect of truth or meaning in any life that that has been corrupted by it. But that rock will kill them far-sooner than most might ever believe.
American Meth has swept over this country like a not-so-subtle plague that has stripped those that buy into it of everything, except the need to have the drugs. Some of the components in this deadly concoction are: Cat Litter is used to filter the substance. Glass is used to make the rock-pipes because the glass will hold the smoke on the inside so that it can be re-smoked a second time. Lacquer thinner, "heet" (a gas treatment used to amplify sluggish gasoline engines), isopropyl alcohol, fertilizer, aluminum sulfate, battery acid, brake cleaner (for the ether content) iodine, lithium (extracted from batteries), Red Sulphur, caustic lye (drain cleaner), Drano liquid plumber, acetone, paint thinner, ammonia, rock salt, and Sudafed or Actifed. This is a deadly drug by any measure. (1)
Those afflicted by addiction to American Meth have no other connection to the world than their continued use of this drug, which is one of the ways in which Americans have been able to remain oblivious to what is happening. This substance and its use and abuse, are reaching epidemic proportions, but are only one of the ways that people are becoming increasingly divorced from reality.
For any society to succeed the people must have real connections to their society and to the world. In this light "promises" both political and social must be kept just as the violations of those promises must be followed by charges that will lead to the convictions of those that have broken all the basic rules of life.
1) American Meth ­ video

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