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A Nation Of Complete Idiotic,
Brain-Dead, Cowardly Sheep

By Clark McClelland 
Former NASA Scientist
This once great nation known as the United States of America has now disappeared.
You may ask, why? - especially if you are a MORON.
Because most of YOU who are reading this are to BLAME. I call all of YOU STUPID BRAIN-DEAD COWARDS.
You have NOT initiated ACTION to save our beloved country.  Can you UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD?  YOU have elected many other BRAIN DEAD and treasonous sheeple to govern YOUR LIVES.
Many in the USA have, in recent years, attacked the French.  Why? At least the French have taken courageous action in their past to behead those who have caused mass death and destruction to their country similar to what is now happening in this once great nation.
The birth-right, taxpaying, patriotic citizens in this now dead society have allowed a mass invasion from the South to destroy OUR educational and health systems and essentially, most of our State and Local economies.  These invaders from the South have brought disease, drugs, crime and racism to all American citizens of all ethnic backgrounds.  Does that sound like homeland 'security' to any of you? No, it is TREASON from DC and the Red House.  Yes, there are a few from the South who deserve understanding...but that figure is virtually zero compared to the total of 30+ million illegals who have been INVITED to come here.
YOU have elected 'politicians' from all parties who are continually committing HIGH TREASON against you and our country. Many members of the US Congress, Senate and the White House should be so charged.
Obama cowardly bowed to the Mexican President and KISSED his ASS in our own naton's CAPITOL. Obama agreed with Calderon that OUR State of Arizona is wrong in trying to STOP the flood of illegal immigration into the US.  Arizona is only complying and enforcing EXISTING Federal Law.  A so-called US President agrees with Calderon who cannot stop massive corruption, criminality and drug crime massacres in his own country.  Has this action shown that Obama is also very stupid? And is it the plan of HIS bosses, the Shadow Government, to destroy the USA?
There is a very dangerous and parasitic disease - a cancer - eating away at our beloved country and our freedoms. It has destroyed our industrial base and jobs that our birth-right citizens should be employed in.  Obama agrees with that decision. Wise up, America...that is called HIGH TREASON.
Our brave and courageous military is presently fighting two unjust foreign wars in which the US has genocided at least 4 million human beings.  Meanwhile, OUR nation is being destroyed from within.  Our military must come home and fight to save our own country.  We can start by placing them on the Mexican border and CLOSE IT DOWN.
There is NO difference in the two major political parties.  The Democrats and Republicans are equally greedy, self serving, and treasonous criminals. They are controlled by an EVIL Shadow Government, as is the sock-puppet Obama.
Both parties and Obama are destroying our NASA Manned Space Program.  It is NOW, without question, the Russian Space Program. They are still the USSR.  Our so-called, former (former?) enemies have, with the help of Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc., now taken total control over your US Space Program and what is called, the International Space Station.
How many of you who voted for Obama are even aware that US tax money, YOUR money, paid for about 97 percent of that International Space Station??  Yes, you built and owned it...but now it belongs to Russia.  The USA will now be forced to depend on Russia to orbit OUR NASA Astronauts to the ISS.
You say WHAT??  Yes, WAKE UP!  If the Russians refuse to serve NASA wishes, what can we do about it?  Start WW lll?  Russia and China are allies. Think about that statement. We have massive treason going on in Washington DC an most Americans continue grazing on tv, beer, sports and 'entertainment.'
Ironically, the present shuttle mission that just successfully ended and the future final shuttle flight are dedicated to...get this: RUSSIA!   Yes, DEDICTED to RUSSIA!  Your dollars in action serving and honoring Russia. 
The remaining three Space Shuttles are the final three that were constructed by Rockwell...and they can continue to fly.  It is as if you bought a new car and retired it from use after it has reached 10,000 miles.  Yes, they all will be history. Will our nation soon be history? Or, is it already history with Obama?
The shuttle has presently delivered a new Russian Laboratory and a docking assembly that is used by the shuttle and Russian crafts to dock at the ISS. It was designed and created by America to allow two separate spacecraft to dock. It was used on the past Apollo (NASA) and Soyuz (USSR) missions. Prior to that flight, we GAVE your tax paid docking assembly to the USSR.  Our nations were still enemies at that time.  Our own criminals in our past so-called Federal Government sold us out back then . And all these 'new' criminals continue to do so today.  IT IS NOTHING LESS THAN HIGH TREASON.
The USA Atlas V rockets that put into orbit many heavy satellites, etc, have Russian-built rocket engines in them.  Yes, they work well, BUT, our nation needs jobs to put our own people back to work.  WHY are those Russian engines NOT replaced by rocket engines made in the USA?  More TREASON again.
My family and I spent much of our lives building the US Space Program.  Now Obama has, in a very short time, cancelled YOUR national Manned Space Program.  Doesn't that appear seriously dangerous to you?  Is it TREASON?  Is grass green? Remember, all those in the Congress, Senate - and in White House - when you vote this year and in 2012.  That is,  IF we can still vote in the future.
Obama and his Secret Shadow Government that now controls ALL of the US Senate, Congress and White House have again SOLD US ALL OUT. 
--Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
NOTE: Except for Super Patriot, Jeff Rense, there is no one else to spread these honest words.  The News Media is controlled by that secret government.
Email - Clark0003@hotmail.com 
Website -  www.stargate-chronicles.com

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