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What's Going On - Part 3
The Mental War - Section Two 
By Dr Joseph And Sophia Chiappalone
Our Motto - Take it or leave it
As the physical decays, morality will decay further. This is obvious even now as the degree of dishonesty has reached unprecedented proportions. None of the demonic amorality is hidden, nor is there any longer shame in those who degenerate so acutely.
The notion of accountability seems lost in decaying minds, but it will be remembered again soon, very soon, as each is asked to account and then receives exactly what it deserves, not one iota more and not one less.
As we become more menaced and restricted by a threatening society, do not react adversely. As the roads become killing fields rather than bitumen ribbons, lighten off, use them less, if possible. Go by bus or train, if you can. Of course you realize doing that presents a new set of problems, unique to this so-called wonderful world!
Already many a feeling the thrust of anarchy looming large on the horizon even in the most civilized (so-called) western nations,
As the biological breakdown proceeds and we become subjected to more and more illness, do not lose sight of the fact that we are all in the same boat, and besides, when you die, regardless of the cause, it will mean your time to be evacuated will have come, if you are a Viable; you will have completed your mission if you were on one, and you will be out of the mess.
Even now, some are contemplating suicide to end their misery. But that is not an answer to anything, If one does that, their consciousness may be forced to wait in a cocoon of inactivity in the Lower Astral Planes where conditions are worse than on Earth simply because they will be unable to take any action whatsoever to ease their own suffering.
Poisonous water, soil and air are going to affect us all eventually. You and I can be poisoned by food as readily as anyone else. The excessive radiation from Ozone depletion does not discriminate. It may trigger mutation in your susceptible genes, which you have had since you were conceived, and cause fatal cancer just like it can in anyone else. You may suffer cataracts from excessive ultraviolet exposure just like any other biological entity on this doomed globe, including any animals, birds, reptiles, etc. Depleted Uranium and toxic waste from accidents such as the recent Gulf Oil Disaster will take tremendous tolls in suffering and death,
Mentally prepare now to accept the fact that your body will deteriorate. And so will your mind deteriorate, unless you protect it. You cannot really do much about the physical but your mental preparation can help you greatly to not suffer the anguish of senility, or of incapacity, or of perceived loss of physical attributes.
If you had been wise you would have resolved long ago the fact that time and gravity beat all of our bodies. But, all of us, being all too human, rarely focus on, and resolve, unpleasant things unless we are forced to. If you have not done so, now is the time to resolve this aspect of physical perishability, lest your autumn of life turns prematurely into a harsh winter of discontent and self-pity. 
Do not allow yourself to become destructive or be destroyed by the degenerating despondency, by the desolation of depression, or by the despair of demiurge's sponsored disillusionment.
The memory too can be a nuisance. Many are ashamed of the horrible things they had been programmed to do in the past and how much damage could have resulted from their actions. But that is water under the bridge. We are all subjected to evil programming, pollution and indoctrination.
If you are in, or have gotten into messes, honour social obligations; mend your ways, look for better physical and mental ground. 
Forget the trauma of old. You are now mentally better; with this knowledge you are better able to cope. You have to look into your own heart and see how sincere you really are about all this. We have all been kicked around by the system and some of us have traumatised others by our foolishness or inattention or whatever. And these episodes may play on your mind.
Forgive yourself and move on. After all, you acted that way because of evil programming, pollution and indoctrination. Fully aware, you would not have done what you did. Yes, the Devil made you do it. He set you up to knock down others and then programmed, polluted and indoctrinated others to knock you down. That is how this vile system works. Look at child abusers. They were, in almost all cases, victims of the same crimes which they commit!
However, one of the traits of True (non-evil) Beings is the ability to rectify mistakes and give assistance whenever it is needed or whenever it is asked of them. If you are asked for help, give it. If the recipients are demons, the help will not do them any good. If they are genuine, it can greatly assist them and ease, soothe or enhance your mental state even more.
The ever-increasing pollution of the plane, in all its forms, is going to have an ever-increasing deleterious effect on mental function. It would be wise therefore to take steps to reduce the pollution to which you are exposed.
Dietary pollution is one form which can be lessened somewhat. Because animals are undergoing the same Mental War, and most of them are part of the Counterfeit Creation, they will be heavily polluted. 
The consumption of animals is therefore almost mental and spiritual suicide at this time, apart from the physical dangers which will see diners devouring the carcasses of dead animals rot with the diseases of food poisoning and such things as Mad Cow Disease, as I have written about. If you think that is exaggeration, just wait and see! Milk and eggs are relatively safer but need to be cleansed.
All these measures alert you to the importance of knowledge at this time, to the need for awareness, protection, cleansing and alertness. God only knows what they put in food these days, and what is in the kitchens of fast food chains, on the hands of the unhygienic waiters and servers, on the table tops of preparation rooms, etc.
I have added these comments because disease and physical strain can all increase the mental strain as one fights the good fight in the Mental War, so it is better to be prepared.
At times of confrontation or aggression, what do you want to settle, the score or your Mind? Which one of us does not at some time or other want to lash out and seek personal vengeance once we become aware of the abuse, the injustices, the humiliation and the exploitation we have suffered at the hands of the evil ones? Our emotional body reacts and we want to show our anger at the gross injustice of this plane.
But that is not the way to go. How many can we attack before the evil system extracts even more energy from us with its greater acts of retaliatory injustice?
We could "get" very few indeed. And what could we do to them? Is that what we want really? Of course not! All the evil beings need to be harnessed once and for all. 
The best solution to the injustices of this world is to play our individual roles in order to assist in the manifestation of the final solution to the Problem of Evil as quickly as possible on this level. Then we will be free forever from the scourge called Evil. Until that time, grin and bear the suffering, the humiliation and the abuses. Time for Evil is almost at an end.
Smile at those who persecute you, as they target you. And tell them mentally they are doomed in a way they cannot even imagine, not because you want that fate for anybody, but because they have shown that is what they desire by refusing to change their evil nature. 
Live not in darkness and despair, turmoil, worry and sorrow. Those are things of this dimension. They are not part of your true, viable spiritual nature; they never were. With this knowledge, step into the Light, the Love and the Wisdom of a truly serene Divine existence. Make your mind a heavenly place, even as this hell crumbles around you. 
Cultivate in your mental plane the Peace, Joy, Harmony and Beauty you seek. No one else is going to do it for you. And if by chance you are caught up in the maelstrom of the Illusion, with all its pain, suffering, darkness, deception, exploitation and horror, detach and live in the Heaven you have created within. You know evil things are going to be around you. You know you may have to suffer degeneration and disease before you can drop the shell and leave this plane.
OK, prepare for these eventualities and smile. You know you are going to be disappointed by the exposure of the ontological nature of many you thought were worth cherishing. Well, realize you had been fooled.
Move your mind to a higher plane. Drop all thoughts of sadness, vengeance, guilt, remorse and sorrow. Your future has none of these things. Your future has all the Light and Love you can ever wish for.
Whatever price you have had to pay, whatever price you need to pay the demonic jailors to let you out of here, is more than worth it.
Change you attitude; change your views; see the increasing horror of this plane as an indication of its terminal deterioration and eventual total destruction.
See the exposure of all Evil, of all evil ones, as a preparatory act for their final, total eradication.
See what is happening on Earth as the answer to the supplications for the Superior Force to "Deliver us from Evil".
Take this advice and you will live happy and well, even as the cancer of Evil grows to engulf all the scenery around you.
Ignore it and you will be in danger of being engulfed yourself into the Gloom of Doom affecting the evil ones who no longer have hope. You will be affected by the Terminal Madness of the plane, and the despair of such madness is not a feeling one could wish on anyone.
Remember, far superior minds are conducting the Corrective Process. We must believe they will perform better than humans ever could and that the solution they reach will be the best possible one for all. To think less of them is simply egotistical madness!
To Be Continued
Copyright: Joseph Chiappalone, July 24, 2010.

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