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Freedom Fighters, Terrorism,
World Financial Collapse

By Dr. Joseph Chaippalone, MD
From 11-29-98
It appears that in the jargon of today's jingoism, any who increase one's national hubristic ego and wealth by violence against others are freedom fighters, whereas those who do so for targeted foreign nations are terrorists.
Those who fight Evil in this evil system are often called terrorists by the evil systems also, but let that metaphysical concept be seen in the Light of Truth, and such so-called terrorists are the REAL Freedom Fighters against Darkness, and they strive to liberate the dimension.
This leads me to the recent news that more Israeli soldiers have been killed by attacks from Lebanon while stationed in the area which Israel self-proclaimed as a safe zone. But, we need to ask - a safe zone for whom? What right did they have in the first place to invade Lebanon? "None whatsoever" is the answer. If they do not want the "terrorist" attacks on themselves, they should address the cause of the so-called terrorism, not inflame it. Why do they not leave Lebanon as they had been ordered to do by the United Nation's Security Resolution more than 20 years ago?
Was Israel's invasion of Lebanon not an act of War? Indeed it was.
Was Israel's attack on Palestinians not an act of war? Indeed it was, as were its confiscation of lands, bulldozing of houses, rape of women, murder of adults and children, wholesale imprisonment of justifiably angry youths.
Was Israel's unprovoked attack on Iraq's power station long before the Gulf War not an act of War? Indeed it was.
Was the dispossession of Palestine's population, be it Muslim, Christian, or whatever, by Israelis, not a contravention of the Balfour Agreement which allowed an influx of Jews into Palestine? Indeed it was.
Two topics are relevant in this context.
The first is that Israel, under the American Zionist umbrella, has been able to act this way, quite criminally, and in terrorist fashion, with arrogance and impunity. That behaviour can be understood when one realises the huge strength of the USA's Military Machine and the power of Zionism which controls it.
If you do not think Zionism controls the USA and its Might, Wealth, Military, Congress, President, Media, Commerce, and just about every other aspect, you are naive.
Under the present circumstances, anyone who even contemplates going against such Zionist-USA Might is contemplating suicide. To act, as Iraq did, IS suicide. And from the genocide imposed on Iraq and its people by criminal Zionism, this we know is the case.
Having mentioned Iraq, allow me to divert for a little, as it is all relevant to this discussion.
US President George Bush stated repeatedly in late 1990 and 1991, and the American administration continues to state repeatedly, that the USA's violence is not directed against the Iraqi people, only Saddam Hussein.
In this, we see what bad liars they are. If the US-Zionist Nexus had no fight with the people, answer these questions:
Why have they imposed murderous sanctions which fail to weaken, and often increase, the strength and control of the ruler against whom they are imposed?
Why did they impose sanctions on medicines for geriatrics and children, thus killing these defenceless, non-threatening members of the population? How many weapons of mass destruction can be made from heart medicine, from antibiotics, and from baby colic medicine? "None" is the answer!
In the Gulf War (massacre) why did the USA-Zionists use spent-uranium shells, knowing the radiation would kill everything in the area including animals, vegetation and the innocent swamp people whom they claimed they wanted to help in overthrowing Saddam?
Why did they abandon Saddam's Iraqi opposition in the north and allow these to be slaughtered, with impunity, by the so-called friendly Turkish murderers?
The Nexus had no intention of helping these people at all, had they? Their plan has always been genocide, has it not?
They have wanted to depopulate the area, to at least have a weak, useless Iraq which could be taken over by a puppet sooner or later. This fits in exactly with the not-so-secret Henry Kissinger plan of the 1970s for a Greater Israel and conquest of the Middle East oil fields! That also explains their actions against Lebanon, Iran, and the plots to keep the Arabs separated by disputes, marginalised, weakened and certainly not presenting a unified front.
So, as in the case of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Haiti, and other countries which have refused to bow to the evil might of Zionism, as administered almost exclusively by the USA and its sycophantic, striding minion, Britain, we see that any who even attempt a move against the US-Zionist Nexus and its huge power, pay a great price. This Nexus controls most of the rest of the "free world" through its financial rapaciousness, imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. If the line is not toed by dissenting nations, money is withheld or not lent. I will enlarge on this in a separate essay.
The other topic I want to address for now is this:
Will this scenario in which the USA-Zionist Nexus plays bully, with impunity, last forever? My contention is that it will not last very long at all!
Two factors, looming on the horizon and due to inexorably precipitate into the affairs of this world, are set to destroy this Nexus as nothing else could. And then it will be war for young and old. What are those two factors?
World Financial Collapse
This inevitability must be as obvious as it can be to those with "metaphysical" knowledge. The US-Zionist Nexus, as I said, controls most nations through finance. When this advantage is lost, their control will dissipate, and those nations, who no longer can be ruled by financial blackmail, will slip out of the bully's control and seek their own agenda.
Not all will be inimical to the US and other Zionist minions, such as Israel and Britain, of course, but many will be. And they will remember the exploitation and humiliation, the double standards and abuse they have had to bear at the times they were in no position to complain. It will be at such times that new friends will be sought even more than we see now. Examples are easy to spot: The Russian-Sino connection is unmistakable. Both see the USA-Zionist Nexus as the enemy.
Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, most of the Arab nations, most of the African ones, India, Pakistan, North and South Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Japan, China, Russia, many of the former USSR States, Nigeria, Mexico, the Central American Nations, South American ones, Zimbabwe, Libya, Iran, Cuba, etc., etc., are sick of the Zionist bullying and/or control of their countries, or even its undue influence, and will move against Zionism and the methods by which it expresses soon enough.
Natural Disasters
These will reduce the Might of the USA so dramatically that this once great, but now very, very arrogant and decidedly murderous, nation will be left as a weak,defenceless target suffering the effects of all the ill will it spawned around the world.
Could such things really destroy the USA so quickly and effectively? The answer: "Indeed they can and shall!" Whether you want to believe what I write now is your business entirely.
Soon, very soon, even beginning within a few short years, a series of climatic and geographical calamities will reduce the North American continent into a fragmented, diseased and poverty-ridden desert which will resemble the worst battleground of any war-torn Third World country. The effects of the recent cyclone "Mitch" will indeed look minor in comparison to what is to come.
Massive earthquakes will devastate the USA. California will be no more. Can you imagine the US economy without the 12-15% of Gross Domestic Product whichCalifornia generates? Financial Collapse will be inevitable. But worse is the result, for the Eastern seaboard will also suffer compensatory quakes, and the fires, lack of water, lack of food, diseases, looting, mayhem, will take their toll.
As land fractures, seas will roll in and inundate to an extent which cities cannot survive. Thus will population centres be destroyed. Chicago will be in ruins as theGreat Lakes are filled with inundation from the sea.
Los Angeles and San Francisco will be no more. New York and environs, the Washington-Baltimore area, and most of Florida will be gone. Hence, most of the important centres and their populations and control will simply disappear.
With no central government and no control, with most military bases destroyed, with vital computer networks down, with panic, etc., where will the Might of the USA-Zionist Nexus be? There will be none. Information and communication from satellites will be useless, as no processing of data will be possible.
Add to this increasing acute diseases and the effects of the chronic diseases such as HIV-AIDS, the Gulf War Syndrome, Mad Cow disease, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Hepatitis, etc., and also lack of sanitation, inevitable starvation, rodent and insect infestation, etc., and indeed, a Doomsday scenario develops.
It is then that countries who have awaited their time will strike. Evil will destroy Evil. If you have understood my other writings and the inevitability of such a Clearing Process, you will be fully informed of what is going on and will not panic. This stage is just one of many scheduled in the Fragmenting Process of the planet. But most will panic, and many, being extremely distressed, will take their own lives. Others will become deranged, and they will murder at will as they loot and pillage.
Chaos will be fuelled by confusion and paranoia. Destructive anarchy is inevitable. World War 3 is a certainty in these conditions. A nuclear holocaust is scheduled. Zionist nations have no nuclear weapon advantage. Where do you think all the missing former USSR nuclear warheads and missing (numbered 84 plus) suitcase-size nuclear bombs went?
The planned imminent, and completely unjustifiable, bombing of Iraq will steel the resolve of most non-Zionists to retaliate when the time is right. Most have now seen through the evil propaganda which has entrapped Iraq and Saddam, and which describes the Zionist targets, all of them, continually in the most demeaning and terrifyingly evil terms.
Such propaganda is to program the masses in hatred, of course, and to justify their murderous reign. They have always done this - in Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala,Grenada, Cuba, and many, many other places, both overtly and occultly. When it was not done militarily by their own efforts, Civil Wars, as in Biafra and other places, were started with the funds available to them.
Australia has experienced this, as even its democratically elected head - PM Gough Whitlam - was removed in the 1970s by Zionist efforts, and CIA manipulation and money.
The Biafran civil war of a generation ago resulted from British Zionist influence in which British Petroleum exerted its efforts to keep the local oil under its control. That influence cost 10 million African lives. Vietnam is now acknowledged by most as a CIA diversion to allow its establishment of the Golden Triangle for its drug production and distribution. It cost 2 million Vietnamese lives and 50, 000 American ones.
Of course, spurious rationalizations are always given by evil ones to hide the real intent of its mayhem. Evil knows nothing but fraud and deception. But no more will this ploy of Evil work! Hence, now in this Phase of Clearing, it cannot survive exposure, for that is what the phase is all about.
The worldwide economic devastation caused, in part, by natural disasters, set a record in 1998, with the cost being some $US 150 billion. Thousands of lives were lost. But, as I explained in the last Sightings interview, natural disasters have not begun in earnest yet. What is to come is unprecedented, and millions will perish. All eventually have to leave the physical.
Why then is it that in this essay I have mentioned Freedom Fighters for liberation, the criminality of the Zionist controllers of Israel and the USA, their disobedience to United Nations directives and resolutions, the genocidal actions as seen in Iraq, and elsewhere, the evil intent and actions of the IMF and the World Bank, and the coming Destruction of the USA?
It is because they are all aspects of the exposure, and the coming destruction of, Zionism, which is the Evil Essence of Jehovah, the evil controlling demiurge, who has been in control of this planet and physical dimension for a long, long time.
If you are not familiar with my writings, I suggest you read some of them, and do not confuse Zionism with Jews. Not all Jews are Zionists, and certainly not all Zionists are Jews. Zionists and those still programmed by them will no doubt object to these words, but that will not alter one aspect of the Clearing that is scheduled to take place. Minor details may vary, as can the timing. But have no doubt whatsoever. All this will come to pass. The Process is unstoppable.
Copyright Joseph Chiappalone
November 29, 1998

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