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Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD
Everything one reads these days seems to be about Terrorism and anti-terrorism, about War ­ past, present and future ­ about loss of Civil Liberties, about the deteriorating environment, about poisoning from Chemtrails, about poisoning from foodstuffs with genetically modified material in them, about illegal profiteering by those who steal from the masses with impunity, about financial collapse, and about scientists attempting to play God.
One reads of hatred, violence, threats, vengeance and destruction. And one sees nothing but brutality around the world, nothing but anxiety, sadness, madness, rage and depravity.
Even when benevolence, so-called, is examined with the proper vision, one sees it as no more than emotional exploitation which leads to the detriment of participants.
Ulterior motives, of malice and greed, are being exposed as never before.
Compare the movies Hollywood is producing today with those of 50, 40, 30, and 20 years ago. In general, there is a vast difference. The mentality of producers and of the actors has definitely changed for the worse. The plots are far more evil than ever before. Even movies of 10 years ago had far less Evil in them.
World leaders are no longer even attempting to hide their thoughts of vengeance, plunder, and the use of force or the murder of weaker nations for their own selfish ends.
Exposure of Religions, of the clergies, of religious differences, of the malice one religion has towards another, etc., all lead one to a profound conclusion.
The conclusion is that there has been an inexorable march into the mentality of Hell.
In fact, this plane has always been a level of Hell. It is just that now all its Evil is being exposed as the Final Days are counted down.
These exposures are mandatory. Everyone must know why an end has been called for.
The concept of Finality is difficult for the outer mind to not only conceive, but certainly also to accept, for it itself has been created with a sense of being an entity of perpetual existence when, in fact, it is simply a part of a temporary apparatus ­ the physical body ­ which must end, without exception.
Most people with adequate reasoning get to the stage of accepting physical finality, but the mind of most lingers on the concept of perpetual existence even when the thought that one must "pass on" is totally accepted. Some express this as continuing as one who is remembered in the annals of History, or living in the hearts of those who still reside in the physical, and so on.
The crunch comes when one's mind conceives the thought of total extermination. This is a concept not readily accepted by anyone, except nihilists perhaps, who are themselves victims of a very destructive, debilitating and evil programming.
The thought of Total Annihilation ­ even by those who deny the existence of Life after Physical Death - is a terror-provoking thought that leads many to PANIC!
Most cope with the thought by considering the idea that Humanity will continue forever, and so they themselves will somehow be part of that continuation.
It is only when they are confronted with the idea that Humanity may cease to exist that they panic.
This explains the great number of movies made of late with existential threats to Humanity, and the victory of Humanity in those movies, against all odds, thus ensuring its own survival and reassuring audiences that Total Annihilation will not eventuate.
These movies are not being made simply for entertainment purposes. They are being made as urgent responses to the more and more recognized thoughts within individuals which hint to the possibility of Total Annihilation.
Why am I writing this today?
I am writing it in preparation of what will develop in the minds of the masses all around the world in the next few months and years.
Those on a Spiritual Path have ample opportunities to consider the end of the physical and the journey into other realms and dimensions. In general the masses have not. Indeed, many religions cater to a vague notion of a hereafter. But most people do not even really believe that, nor do they believe that this Earth will really end, for they see this physical existence as God's work. Even when they speak of Armageddon they quickly add the interpolated notion about the one thousand years of peace that are to follow. That, of course, is all nonsense.
When, due to the horrendous changes that are scheduled to occur in the years ahead, the minds of the masses are forced to think about Finality of the planet and of the Human race, most will be forced into panic mode.
They simply will not cope and Terminal Madness, in hitherto unseen proportions, will be evident. It will then be noted that further malignity and the hatred of demons will be unleashed on this sorrow-filled planet by those who realize Finality, which they have denied for so long, will be upon them.
You need to fully understand this question of Finality, and the concept of Spiritual Viability, so that you will NOT be stressed unnecessarily with the coming changes, and that you will NOT panic as the masses do.
You will also need to mentally prepare yourselves for this reaction by the masses and the horror of what the Minds of Evil, now totally uninhibited, can do. The more aware ones have already seen and tasted what these Minds of Evil can do.
Alas, these are necessary steps that must be undertaken in order for Evil to self-destruct.
Most of us will still be in the physical as these terrifying changes occur, and the mental preparation, in order so that we may cope, needs to be made by you NOW.
I will write about the mental changes that are required to cope with what is the coming soon.
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