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Correcting The History By Opening the Records
By Jim Kirwan
It has been over forty years since the 1967 War in which Israel blatantly and viciously attacked the USS Liberty in the International Waters of the Mediterranean. At the time Lyndon Baines Johnson was the President who allowed this attack to proceed while blocking the US Navy from coming to the defense of this unarmed US ship that was under attack by coordinated Israeli military forces from the air and from the sea. I've written about this several times since 2006, and so have many others but the public response has produced only continued silence. (1)
June 8, 1967, was the day of the Attack upon the USS Liberty that has never been investigated. In four days time June 8, 2010, it will be 43 years to the day since we allowed Israel to murder to maim and to wound American seamen in a vicious attack upon the USS Liberty; which was an act of War. Thirty-four American troops were killed and 171 were wounded: The American president not only blocked the rescue of the ship and its men, but LBJ then tried to make the entire event vanish from history. America did nothing! (2)
It is time to lift the treasonous veils of national-secrecy that can no longer be allowed to shield the treason or the war crimes that that LBJ and his underlings committed on that day; against not just the crew of the USS Liberty but against the people of this nation: To serve the criminal-purposes of the fledgling but still unfinished state of Israel. No provision that protects traitors should be allowed to continue to prevent the world from knowing what transpired between LBJ and the leadership of the still rogue state of Israel.
What began in 1967 as an unchallenged treason by LBJ, has continued to stain every action between an essentially hostage US government, that has remained under whatever blackmail was used, to allow what happened to the Liberty to go unpunished. It was this failure of the American-government to defend their own people, against the open warfare of Israeli military force that has directly led to so many other massively criminal attacks throughout the world. What just happened in the Israeli attack on the flotilla could not have happened if Israel knew that there would be US reprisals for their acts of piracy on the high seas ­ because at least one American was killed in that attack.
Yet now we have a vice-President that is an avowed Zionist and a President in name only, that is a coward, and his Chief of Staff with connections to Mossad and the IDF, who collectively along with many others in this administration that are blocking any attempt to censor Israel for what they so callously did in the pre-dawn hours, to unarmed and peaceful civilians who were trying to focus the attention of the world upon the plight of the Palestinian survivors of the Israeli occupation in Gaza.
This outrage has only just begun to reverberate around the world: Because Turkey, which is a NATO member, has called for a meeting of the NATO powers to consider how to deal with this attack uponTurkey by Israel. As a founding member of NATO the US must defend the NATO member states when they are attacked ­ and this could well trigger a major war that could well consist of the world versus the outlaw state of Israel; not unlike what the US Marines were formed to do to the Pirates in Tripoli ­ because Israel has become an international pariah among the community of nations that can no longer be tolerated! (3)
America's part in this 43 year long crime that has still not been confronted ­ is to open an official investigation of LBJ's actions during the 1967 war. If evidence of treason is found Johnson needs to be impeached posthumously and dishonored for his treasons. His "Presidential Library" should be labeled as the archive of criminal-collaborator and Israel should be censored as a hostile foreign government that can not operate in this country as anything other than an enemy of the United States. The public records of those involved in the USS Liberty incident that covered-up this crime, also need to be held to account by history and by the public that has remained in the darkness of ignorance about the events of June 8th1967.
This is what happens to nations that refuse to review their mistakes or to prosecute their own criminal leadership; at the time that real crimes take place. And while the USS Liberty is not the only crime of this type; its resolution by an outraged American public could go a very long way to beginning to correct corrupt government activities across the board.
Israel is not our friend; she has been an enemy of this country since before that nest-of-vipers declared themselves to be a state, inside a country that was never theirs in the first place. The world must delegitimize what is commonly called the State of Israel or face the global disaster which failing to do this, will obviously create. Part of our part in all of this would involve the removal from all government jobs; of any and all persons possessing a dual citizenship with what is now Israel. All Zionist-Israeli organizations would be labeled as hostile organizations and their ability to give money to any American office-holders or officials of this government would be forbidden, by law, just as it is for any other foreign government. If we fail to do this then the so-called United States needs to recognize that we have become nothing but a subservient and wholly-owned state that serves Israel; with our money and our blood as well as our lives that are now of lesser value, in whatever Israel might demand of us in any future situation!
Remember The USS LIBERTY, by ending this nightmare and delegitimizing Israel - forever!
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The Anniversary Americans Do Not Celebrate
2) USS Liberty: This month in history
3) McKinney: 'Israel bought the executive branch'

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