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What's Going On? - Part 1
By Joseph Chiappalone MD
Realizations are about to be forced upon the people of this planet which they may not wish to make.
In the past, I have attempted to prepare people for the inevitable changes that are being forced upon us for specific reasons, but few were prepared to listen
We have now reached the time when all are being forced to listen.
Everyone has to know why the End must come. Physical life simply cannot continue this way.
Horrendous changes are affecting every aspect of the assumed homeostatic reality we once took for granted as being friendly and infinite.
Everything that we can look at is fragmenting around our ears.
Far worse physical changes are to come.
Now, because of destructive changes everywhere, we are beginning to realize, or are being forcefully awakened to the fact that this is a Virtual Reality in which things are not what they seem. This has been repeated by Sages throughout history.
More that that, we find on closer examination, that we seem to be in a Battle For Survival. 
The elements now appear to be our enemies, as are microbes, old and new, which appear to be becoming more virulent and pathogenic by the day.
As well as that, the Sun whose radiation we previously thought was indispensable to us, has turned inimical towards us, and apart from its own degeneration, it is seen as an harbinger of near fatal Coronial Mass Ejections in the not-too-distant future.
Our Earth, called Gaia, beloved by so many, our home, which we cannot leave really, is dying. Events like the recent Gulf Oil Spill are symptoms of a dying planet.
Nature is suffering the same Terminal Madness I predicted for unprepared Human Minds and this we can see and catalogue daily.
We ourselves are suffering maladies in every sphere of endeavour in the following manner:
The Physical Body - we are living longer for sure, but becoming sicker with a decreasing quality of life.
The Emotional Body - is suffering fragmentation in unprecedented magnitudes, so much so that Anxiety, Depression, signs and symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and reactive Paranoia have reached epidemic proportions around the world.
On the Mental Plane we, as a race, are becoming more and more demented by the minute. And this is not only manifesting as Confusion and loss of memory and of self worth, but also as an aggressive tendency to be unreasonable in striking out, and not obeying the rules that protected us as a species, especially the Golden Rule. The rich and powerful have become the bane of the poor and weak that now live in fear more so than ever in history. And this has a great deal to do with the 4th factor:
The Consciousness of "Humanity" is expressing more and more in Demonic ways via its greed, destructiveness, lust, pornography, exploitative cruelty towards Mother Nature, the Earth, the Animals, the poor and the weak. There are valid reasons why this is so and I will write about them.
Understanding these things makes one realize that there is a Physical Endpoint to come and this, is the ultimate realization we call need to make.
Make no mistake, we are caught in a Final Battle of Essences, and many will not survive in all aspects of their existence.
To understand that last sentence, you will need to understand that we, in human bodies, have a physical existence and a spiritual existence.
The former is of absolutely of no importance, even though through the Ignorance imposed upon us by the ruling Archons of this Virtual Reality, it has been made to appear important.
We are born into bodies, we live for short or long periods and then die off, only to repeat the ridiculous cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth simply because the sector of Creation in which we are has been artificially closed off and we cannot progress at all. Avatars are an exception. They are visitors to this realm having come to help those needing to be helped.
There is abundant medical and psychic evidence for the existence of Re-incarnation found in the ancient texts, including the Judeo-Christian bible, and in modern reports made by many doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have been able to regress many people back to their past lives.
It is the Spiritual Survival that is important.
The majority will not spiritually survive this Final Battle of Essences that is heralded by the processes we see on Earth, the Solar System and the Universe in general.
The reasons for non-survival are spiritual and metaphysical, of course, and will concern us later.
The ones to survive (I have called them Viables previously) who are still on the planet need to awaken and make certain realizations to prepare for a transition to a New Dimension and Reality.
Those who have failed will soon exist no more, not physically or spiritually.
I will use the platform of a new FATAL BULLET (one of many) affecting Humanity called Morgellons in order to explain, in further detail than previously, what it is that is actually going on, for we have 2 processes affecting us simultaneously. And with no understanding, the degree of suffering and emotional exploitation we are subjected to can be greatly increased.
Thus it is that I am going to reveal stark details of what is going on here on Earth today and what is in store for the immediate future.
These details may cause fear, distress and anguish to unprepared minds and to those who really do not want to know what is going on in truthful terms.
If you are easily frightened, or do not really what to know what is going on, and have no wish to understand, I ask that you move on and do not proceed to read what follows.
In October, 1998, during the tenth interview I did with Jeff Rense, I mentioned that the Earth and all beings in it, including humans, animals, fish, reptiles, insects, etc., were being flooded by prions and prion-like particles created by Alien consciousness in earth laboratories for specific purposes.
At the time I stated the specific purpose was to control the minds of humans and subdue them for the coming years which would be harsh.
I mentioned specifically that these particles would be spread ubiquitously by Chemtrails which we still see everywhere, and by foodstuffs, drink, vaccines, drugs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and insects.
By 2003, the name Morgellon was given to the condition that manifested as a fibre infiltration of skin in diverse people.
Through the wonderful investigative work of Jan Smith who has appeared on Jeff Rense's shows many times, and others, we know the nature and properties of these fibres.
I have also, in the past, mentioned that these fibres are activated to be destructive in the Human Bodies by microwaves, specifically disseminated by mobile phone towers.
I also mentioned that the dermatological effects which awakened many to the influx of these prion-like particles into flesh was an unsuspected side-effect of the infestation and that the primary purpose of these fibres was to cause detrimental effects on the brain function of people. And this, too, we are seeing more and more. Younger and younger people are manifesting mental illness and especially Dementia for no valid pathological reasons.
To complicate the matter further, the ones using this Fatal Bullet are obscuring the origin, nature and purpose of those particles for they want to act as they always have, in secret.
But they cannot. The cat is out of the bag.
The Side I represent, who has charged me with the work of gathering those who are going to spiritually survive, is the side of the True Divine Consciousness. It is the one who decides who will continue evolution into infinity.
This Divine Consciousness has shared the information I am now writing about in order to expose the demonic nature of the currently ruling destructive, pretentious Archons, also known as Illuminati, and the many classes of Reptilians, which those with extended vision are easily psychically, and physically, seeing.
OK, Ok, so some of the Sons and Daughters of Darkness will want to keep calling me outrageous, irrational and deluded as I write such things.
Let them. It will not be long before these facts will be seen by all as self-evident truths.
Thus you see, we are caught in the midst of 2 actions:
A Plan of action by the Archons to kill most of us off physically, and
The Plan of Rectification of the Divine Consciousness wanting to put an end to this Virtual Reality and rescue those worthy of spiritual survival.
The $64,000 question is this:
Why do the Ruling Evil Archons want to kill most of us off?
The answer is simple and yet rather complicated at the same time.
The simple answer is that there are far too many bodies on the planet as they see it, and they wish to cull Humanity to about one billion.
The complicated part has to do with the answer to this: Who are they and why can they decide and execute such things?
These Archons are representatives of Jehovah which is a subordinate consciousness produced by the Evil Mind that was spawned of a Celestial Error, and which temporarily has had full control of this evil dimension, this evil creation and all within it.
These Archons created these bodies which we use on this Earth.
These bodies have evolved from viral, bacterial, fungal, vegetable, insect, reptilian, avian and animal DNA which they continually experimented with.
The bodies are simply machines inhabited by differing classes of consciousness.
Far fetched you say? Not at all! These Archons are billions of years ahead of us, their subjects, in physical evolution. As lowly as we humans are, we have begun creating 'physical life' via laboratory DNA, so the quest of the Archons, being so much more advanced, is not so far fetched. Why they wanted to create these bodies is the topic for another day, however I will mention it briefly below.
The consciousnesses within the bodies are a separate issue.
Some are artificial. In fact, the majority are artificial. These are biological robots. Some of these have earned the right to become Viable Beings and will be spiritually modified to live forever elsewhere. These are the ones my partner Sophia S. Bella and I are seeking throughout the world.
(BTW Many of you know that previously I worked with a woman called Amitakh whom I had actually married. Her LUST for power, her love of money and her supposed affection for a Vulturite Reptilian and the wealth she thought he had ­ one who calls himself Steffan Stanford [previously Steven M. Birch of Washington State] saw her choose the Dark Side. They are both liars, plagiarizers and very dishonest. I exposed them in no uncertain terms in 2008 and 2009 in Courts of Law. They, of course, in retaliation, wrote the defamatory nonsense you will find on various sites on the Net about me, in an attempt to paint themselves as reputable. They are not.)
Some consciousnesses are demonic, also created by Jehovah and his gang. These are deemed for total destruction for they are immutably evil. They are represented as the Illuminati, Reptilians, etc.
A small percentage of today's human population are of a Divine Consciousnesses. The majority of the Divine Consciousness had been spiritually evacuated in a large exercise in November 1999 and I have written about that elsewhere.
Here is a point that readers have perhaps never contemplated previously:
None of us own our bodies. We virtually rent them from the Archons. 
The rental price is the energy the evil ones extract from us. 
The real targets, of course, are the Divine Consciousnesses, for the evil Rulers have little to gain from their own robotic, artificial creations. 
Now that there are so few Divine Consciousnesses, and the supply of Divine energy has been cut, as I have explained elsewhere. these Archons are starving to death.
They created the bodies and in most cases, the artificial consciousnesses that inhabit them.
Divine Consciousnesses on this level have either been trapped in them, or else have chosen to use one in order to assist the Rescue Work.
Thus you see, the Archons, being owners of the bodies, have every right to do what they like to them.
Hence, they have decreed that there are too many and will kill off 5-6 billions.
They have always done this culling to some extent with wars, famines, catastrophes, plagues, etc. Such mechanisms have been artificially induced throughout history.
Most of you are familiar with the Eugenics program commenced by the Archons in the 1920s at the Wilhelm Institute and continued as the Eugenics program in the USA after WW2.
What is manifesting now is the success of such a program.
In recent times they have tried with repeated wars, the worst of which are to come, with Ebola, Marburg, HIV-Aids, SARS, Swine flu, etc., etc. to reduce numbers. They truly see humans as cattle.
But it is the Morgellon fibres with which they have hit their target the most accurately.
There is great detail around the Web about the Morgellon fibres.
They are of genetic material. They come together and form lower life forms in the human and animal bodies. They splice nonsense genes from the DNA sequences within us and the activated nonsense genes cause us further problems. In small vessels they simply act as fibrin-like clots, reducing the blood flow to vital cells, as in the brain, thus causing atherosclerotic dementia and atrophy of organs.
They also act as transponders and give feedback to the Archons. Thus we can all be traced.
And in due course this disease will decimate populations.
This suits the Divine Consciousness, for it cares nought for the putrid evil-created and evil-causing bodies. They are part of the physical which must be completely eliminated. Thus, as a side issue, you can see who sponsored the nonsense called the Doctrine of the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven.
Also, consider this: If you think you have free will to do what you wish with your body, you are deluded.
There is no freewill on this level.
There is in the Spiritual level.
On the physical level, all actions and reactions, decisions, etc, of the unawakened consciousness are simply reflexes of the body which is programmed, polluted and indoctrinated by certain factors specifically created by the Archons to do just what it does. This includes such drastic actions as murder and suicide. I have given elaborate details of these factors and how they work in my books.
Thus it is that no solution to the problem of Morgellons will be found.
Certainly we shall attempt to make people suffering this malady, and all other maladies, as well as their families, more comfortable.
But the biggest satisfaction will come with the understanding of what is going on.
Those who are viable, and who are to continue, will have an internal realization that this is so, and they will awaken on their outer minds even.
They will welcome this message.
They will come to the realization that the Physical is worthless and finished.
They will rejoice the end of Evil and all the pain, suffering and misery that it has caused, and continues to cause in people's lives and the lives of animals and all other living consciousnesses.
They will eventually want to proceed as quickly as possible, with the least amount of pain and suffering, anxiety and fear, and they will require the appropriate preparation and assistance
Thus shall we see 2 groups in societies everywhere:
Those who see only Doom and Gloom with what is going on and
Those who see the reason to celebrate the end of Evil and the beginning of the real Life Eternal
To Be Continued...
Copyright  J Chiappalone, July 9, 2010.

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