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The Art Of Resisting Zionist Terrorism
By Michael James in Germany
You are being murdered. You are hated and despised. You are excess to requirement.
You know this. What you don't know is that you are the willing participant in your own destruction.
Laugh not, my friend, for though you do not perceive your ultimate end by a million cuts, you are slowly bleeding to death; even though you sit there wasting your time in trivial pursuits, watching television or dulling what few vestiges are left remaining of your intellectual wherewithal in expending your last functioning brain cells in gawking at distracting mainstream media news and meaningless tittle-tattle that excites nothing more than your basest instincts.
You were created in the image of an unimaginably gracious Lightness of Being more transcendentally magnificent than you could ever dare to imagine in this fallen, materialistic, satanically Zionist world. You are a prisoner of your own volition. An addict unto your own selfish and egoistic desires.
You are consumed with worry and anxiety. Why? Because you are a consumer, not a human being. Beings who take on the form of humanity are not consumers, but creators. Creators of their own destiny. Endowed with an imagination and an ability to innovate, even beyond all of the laws of physics (for humans IN BEING are metaphysical creatures), you ­ Yes, Sir ­ my fellow brother who lives in a trailer on a dollar a day or who slaves around the clock for an exploitative employer for just a few quid an hour ­ are infinitely more powerful than you would ever hope to dare.
On this planet, regardless of race, creed or colour, every man is a King and every woman a Queen.
Please allow me to reiterate: The greedy fascist bastard you work for is merely a mortal being in human form who obsesses over money, the precious fragility of his own brittle ego and, perhaps, his inability to satisfy his wife or mistress in a way commensurate with his own sexual self-perception. He is not invulnerable. He empties his bowels each evening in fear of the retribution with which he may meet lest he fails to deliver on-the-line to his major investors. He may act tough; but he is less than those he employs. Terror rules his life.
Terror, by means of a strategy of tension, rules all of our lives ­ if we allow it so. Although I consider myself a veteran of many political struggles, most of which I won at great pain to myself and those who loved me, I would never deign to impart to you advice as to how best you may be able to avoid the pitfalls of treachery that the Kabbalist World Order has opened before every tentative step you take in your journey through life as an inquisitive, naturally loving human being. But I shall make a few humble suggestions.
My first advisory principle is this: Have no fear. The ruling classes and their elite, super-rich clients rely upon maintaining social control by instilling fear within what they regard as 'Joe and Josephine McPublic', who, as I have already stated, are ROYALTY: natural-born, self-autonomous, FREE citizens.
My second advisory principle is this: Destroy your television set, or donate it to a psychopathic brain-dead cretin. Do you really need to listen to all that 'pop' garbage that despoils and meta-forms your mind by means of radio? You may argue that it helps you in your daily tasks, providing you with a smart musical overture that glides you painlessly through the day. Have you ever asked yourself why it is that you cannot possibly clean your apartment or cook dinner for the kids without listening to pornographic 'Gangsta Rap'? Do the messages of criminal hoodlums, as mediated by their Zionist-controlled music companies, really help you to catch that last little piece of dust at the end of the window ledge?
Just take a look at all the other mind-controlling government-sponsored crap you have lying around in your living room, and ask yourself: "Do I really need this shit?"
No, of course you don't. But THEY have convinced you that a daily subscription to an mainstream media publication, one thousand channels of Zionist hell, and a constant blare of illuminati-inspired trash music are somehow essential to your ability to function as a natural BEING in human form.
Deep down inside, you already know that your addiction to comforting, self-reinforcing 'positivistic' mind control is harmful to your natural development as a FREETHINKING being in human form. But, my, oh my, how difficult it is to take a sledgehammer to that Image of the Beast. And bestiality it is: every aspect of human nature is degraded and laid bare for those receptive enough to become moulded unto this world, to become IN-formed, inwardly DE-formed.
You were born into this world, regardless, or on account of your 'social disadvantages' and 'physical handicaps' to overcome, to conquer, to set new frontiers in pushing further the horizons of all things imaginable; for those things that, in our generation are imaginable, are more possibly realised in the next.
My third advisory principle is this: Do not participate in their game by voting. Democracy is a scam. Imagine that they gave an election, and nobody came. But, lest you do so, vote for the candidate, probably an independent, who betrays the least signs of psychopathology. Never, ever, under any circumstances, vote for a candidate backed by an established Zionist or Freemason-controlled political crime syndicate, such as, in America, the Democrats or Republicans, or, in Germany, the Israeli-financed Murder-Incorporated war criminals, the CDU, CSU, FDP and the eco-fascist Green Party.
If you're British, beware of Zionist-owned political groupings, such as the British National Party, the Labour Party or the English Defence League. They serve only the interests of an illegal apartheid and deeply racist, fascist state known as 'Israel'. They are neither patriots nor romantic nationalists, but, rather a grouping of (in many cases) sincere men and women who have unwittingly allowed themselves to be profiled as future 'useful idiots' in the furtherance of a brutal One World Executive. (In the case of the virulently anti-Muslim English Defence League, we're talking about direct finance from USAID and Tel Aviv. Intelligent British lads ­ my people ­ brainwashed by Zionist robots who care not one jot as to their welfare.)
My fourth advisory principle is this: Release yourself of any anger you hold in your heart, whether directed against yourself or any other human being. Most of us are angry, not because we perceive flaws in those around us, but because we are singularly unable to come to terms with, or, at least, change, those aspects of ourselves that bring us the most grief.
I really despise the practitioners of 'Positive Thinking', if only because I defend the right of those who feel empowered by adopting the power of 'Negative Thinking'. The world is not paradise, and none of us can ever help to make it so; and even if it was, you can be sure that some Chosenite would come along and drop a huge turd upon the bed of our dreams.
Which brings us to the question I guess most of you have been waiting to hear: What about the Jews?
Well, what about them? Those I knew at school, college and in my profession as a freelancer in London were, to me, just as English and decent as English and decent could be. Some became my best friends. They weren't parasites or scroungers, but remembered my favours in terms of a Scotch or a much-needed cigarette. I loved the guys, and so it did not bother me in the least that most of them slid almost seamlessly into positions of executive authority into almost all divisions of the corporate UK media. I put it down to 'talent', or that universal cop-out, 'synergy'.
That said. I never resented the fact that my lesser talented English Jews got to the top of the media ladder before I'd downed my last beer and made a stumbling move to mount the third rung. Besides, they never forgot me, and threw a whole load of contracts in the direction of "Good 'ol Mike."
In 2008 I was prosecuted by the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Who stood by me and offered me moral support? A German citizen? An Englishman? An American Christian? No! A French Jew who insisted that the so-called 'holocaust' was nothing more than a lie designed to extort from Europeans vast sums of taxpayers' cash in memorial of a 'crime' that simply did not happen.
However, I won the case on my own merits and did not use any of Bernhard's argumentation, for it was MY war, and, uniquely, I won, though my 'false witness' defence ­ which shattered German law overnight ­ has failed to take traction among historical revisionists who cannot, for scientific reasons born of arrogant academic hubris, even begin to grasp the sheer magic of my philosophical reasoning. I gave them a victory on a plate and they complained about the texture of the sauce. Well, fuck them.
My fifth advisory principle is this: Accept every Jew as your fellow countryman and compatriot until he proves otherwise. I'm a natural Arabist. According to one of Shimon Peres' recent outbursts, all Englishmen are "anti-Semites". Cognisant of the fact that almost 95 percent of Semites are of Arab extraction, it's my guess that this fucking arrogant son-of-a-bitch meant "anti-Jewish". Nonetheless, the Jewish lobby does not represent ordinary working Jews, many of whom loathe and detest the Satanic, NATO-created terrorist state of Israel.
My sixth advisory is this: Do not rise to the Zionist bait and blame the economic depression on Muslim immigrants in Europe and elsewhere. For sure, I'm as mad as hell when I read of 'honour murders' in accordance with illegal Shariah law and fully approve of sending in the full force of law to hang the bastards for any crimes they may have committed against their own children on secular soil. But remain vigilantly wary of the mainstream media and their hysterical reporting, and avoid any association with Zionist controlled organisations, such as the English Defence League and the BNP. They are the anti-English tools of the Zionist New World Order establishment.
My seventh advisory is this: Love your fellow human being, whoever he or she may be. We are all about to face a severity of economic hardship unknown to even the eldest among us. The ruling elites will rejoice at our apportioning the blame to this group or that. They always win by means of dividing us and setting us at war with one another.
We have a unique opportunity to defeat the billionaire psychopaths who rule the world by standing as one and rejecting their economic blackmail. Do not, under any circumstances, turn against your neighbour on account of his religion or the colour of his skin. He did not bring you into the world of misery you are now experiencing. He was not responsible for robbing your children and your grandchildren of the future that was rightfully yours.
The time for Left-Right schisms and inter-cultural wars is over. If you wish to live, then fight in a non-predictive, highly asymmetrical, logic-defying, stupendously erratic, creatively spontaneous, massively original, highly surreptitious and breathlessly innovative way. Never, ever allow the Ruling Parasites to label you as 'left wing', 'right wing', 'Islamist' 'patriot' or 'nationalist'. Leave the bastards grasping for words they can barely articulate.
And then forgive them.
Because you are a human being.
You are here on this planet because you have every right to live.
You are loved, though you may find yourself abandoned and alone, hungry and in despair. Ask for love, help and compassion in good faith, and it will be yours.
You are a free man or a free woman, subject not unto the laws of legislative psychopaths, but unto the loving advice of a supremely adoring Spirit, who knew and loved you even before you were born, and will, no matter how pitifully you have disposed of yourself on this material plane, take you back into the bosom from whence you came and say with an air of curious amusement: "Heck, Kiddo, tell me something new."
Jesus Christ, who fashioned from the sheer love of his own heart every immortal soul, came into this world not to establish a new religion, but to abolish dogma once and for all time. He came to set us free from the slavery of our own egotistical machinations.
He gave each and every one of us a choice, and, being your dad, he is not particularly offended as to whether you stupidly choose to call yourself a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Materialist, Atheist, Agnostic or a Big Orange Bunny. You're his kids, all screaming for different flavours of the same ice cream.
He'll never desert you. For those who are last in the queue shall be served first. Be patient, and a world that brims to the full with justice ­ a world that sees the money lenders and parasitic elites do daily penance for their crimes against humanity ­ will be yours.
For this much is true: Whether you are homeless and begging on the streets for your subsistence, living in terror of losing your job, infirm and unable to pay for your medical expenses, lonely and depressed, heartbroken and estranged from a world you no longer recognise as your natural home (which it isn't), know this: You are not alone. For no man found himself more alone than your Father, who died in the flesh in order to blaze a safe trail of freedom for you in your heart. If only you would search and find it.
No matter who you are, and regardless of your cultural or religious disposition, you are lucky to be alive, right now, right here.
You were born into this world with the God-given right to freedom and liberty. You forgot and grew fat, or half-starved, on Mammon: consumerism, big government, television, corporatism, public 'education', usury, personal greed, the illusion of democracy, and established religion. Now, whether rich or poor, something inside of you troubles you greatly.
Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Look deep beyond the eyes you see in the reflection, and ask yourself: "Is there anybody in there?"
There'll be no answer. Not at first. But persist. Do this every day.
After a while, you'll begin to notice that the "anybody in there" is beginning to show you a world completely estranged from the one you thought, and were conditioned, to know. You'll begin to read between the headlines set by the government-controlled media and discern an inkling of what really is happening in the world. You'll laugh at all the lies the mainstream media is telling you and even rejoice at its bumbling attempts to obscure the truth.
Now you are free.
Reveal the same unto to your fellow captives, and prophecy is fulfilled. This is the meaning of scripture.
It's up to you, and you alone.
Mike James, an English republican patriot and Gnostic Christian, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.

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