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A Note From Jeff Regarding
'I Forgot What It Is...'

From The Real Jeff Rense
I greatly enjoy these often brilliant essays but only see them if someone sends them to me.  I received a batch just now and will be posting them shortly in Featured Stories.  If the author would be kind enough to send these directly to me, I will post them every time.  I always look forward to seeing and presenting the Dog's ruminations ... there was NO "eliminating my presence without explanation."  I don't owe anyone explanations, I simply can't post what I don't receive.  My days are gone before I get up in the morning.  The deluge of news is unrelenting and I operate in total overload all the time.  That's just the way it is nowadays.  Hope this clears up any misconceptions.
Email them to: sightings@mindspring.com with cc to rensewebmaster@gmail.com

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