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La Dolce Vita
Fracturing the Illusion of this Virtual Reality

By Dr J Chiappalone MD
Some time ago, in response to my assertion that this whole Universe is an EVIL VIRTUAL REALITY that needed to be entirely dismantled, a few said I was wrong to say that this world deserves to end because it was pristine and beautiful, and so honest and candid, and so full of pleasure and unending promise and contentment and
So, is it really 'The Sweet Life'?
The inquirer said:
"My dear doctor Chiappalone, indeed you are the author of so many poems and 
books written with a Gnostic point of view. But, I wish to say that I am another who thinks indeed quite a lot, and I also want to disagree with you,
Why, to me this is a world full of beauty, and pleasure, everywhere where one can go. Look around you and this pleasure unmistakably will show.
Are you being purposely pessimistic in trying to convince us of your particular point of view?
It appears you are narrow-minded, and have no real world clue, about how wonderful this life is, with all the pristine pleasure and how much it, in its greatness,
we ought to really treasure."
And I replied:
"Indeed it is not I who is myopic, inquirer, rather it is you who are living fraudulently in an illusion which will cause you now, with fracturing of the world, even greater confusion, for this world you call of beauty and of pleasure will dissipate, for it is a poorly copied fraudulence, a gross deception, and not a treasure.
Beauty to some extent is well within the eye of the aspiring beholder, but it is programming, evil and malicious, which makes one sycophantic and, a bold defender for this system.
In truth, the beauty is a sham, as we will, in due course, see, and any pleasure is at a price paid tragically to Evil of necessity.
We can take any aspect of existence on this plane and see that only one who is truly anaesthetized to miss the actual reality, or else is totally insane, can say that, from this life, valid pleasure he can gain.
Take the pleasure of the warming sun, within minutes now it burns you like a bun and so many have skin cancer as a devastating disease, that sun-baking is no longer a wise practice that does please.
Food, so much a programmed pleasure but indeed, most no longer, for many reasons, do treasure. More than 11% suffer food poisoning in many ways, in and out, every year, and that is certainly not a statistic welcomed by anyone, nor cause to cheer.
With carcinogenics added to the food, people, even without suspicion, rot, if hepatitis or cancer and/or Mad Cow Disease and many other ills they have not got.
Where is the pleasure now to know that is the way most, out of the physical, with untimely death will go?
Adulteration, contamination, lack of adequate sanitation, make even essential water
a very risky, dangerous drink, and thus many in gloom with disease all over the world sink.
Many side-effects from simply living in this realm are horrible, and excused away by the demons and robots as something that must be taken as a normal life.
But why do this nasty pain and utter misery have to run rife, especially if they contend this is a life of so much pleasure, and so sweet, which they vehemently state,
repeatedly, that they so much respect and, in its falsity, do treasure?
From the food and digestive process, I see nothing of beauty, nor pleasure do I see in death from unknown toxic additives, allergies, or spliced genes, nor even from cancer of the bowel, nor from ubiquitous food poisoning, nor from hepatitis and anaemias pernicious.
Of any who say all such unnecessary diseases are pleasing I would be indeed more than a little suspicious.
Why do I say unnecessary in this way? Because things never should have been thus.
It is only because we are living in the false Creation, in an evil Day.
When the likes of you talk about the pleasure of love, you mean nothing more than physical sex, for sure. With all horrible diseases from copulation I will not you bore.
But you ought to know that more than 50% of the world's population, suffering from, Herpes, STD's, HIV-AIDS, are in need of more than just condoms and band-aids.
For those who caught the viruses from sex, in a few moments of stolen pleasure, there is nothing in their plight, in their deaths, they can treasure.
`Ha, but,' you will want to say, a nubile lass is beauty that one can admire and longingly appreciate!' But, I say, only if one accepts totally the illusion and the mocking depravity from purposeful falsity.
Less often strikes Cupid's arrow of True Universal Love midst the urge to breed, fostered hormonally upon us, by Evil's implanted appetites and tricks.
In some, mascara, false eyelashes, tinted hair or a horse-tail wig, silicone breasts,
girdles and lipo-sucked hips accompany artificially painted face and brows and lips,
such that the beauty from this deception is only in the desire of beholders of the illusion to be fooled, and, by the fatuous sex and procreation act, by which they're sucked in and spooled. 
And as the hormones wane soon enough in those without Love True, what was programmed by Evil for Evil, namely, the need for bodies to increase, in those affected, more often than not, we see that programmed bond acrimoniously cease.
Without Love True in their hearts none can live with others in peace.
And so let us turn our attention to capitalism, exploitative commercialism, no less,
euphemistically called prospering for some, doing daily business in this busy world.
More than one person I know has been cheated quite substantially and had his hair pulled or greyed and curled, by deceitful rotters one finds everywhere, to saturation point, inspite of laws to stop them. This situation an honest person cannot bear.
My opinion is that Diogenes must have died a lonely, lonely man in his failure to find just one whom he could call honest and had, against evil, won. Where is the pleasure of being cheated everyday, by the shop-keepers, the professionals, the tradesmen, the vendors, who know to do just that in every way?
There is no fun in being the victim of dishonesty, and the problem is really very big and out of control, for the thousands upon thousands of laws passed are inadequate to deal with things properly.
Let us talk further of pleasure in this dimension. Only one who is completely in denial of reality would fail to see its absence in the things I mention.
So many live in poverty around the world, while a few have hoarded riches they cannot possibly use, that to tell these, of the starving throng, that their life is sweet and made of great pleasure would be startling news.
And how do we measure the suffering of so many languishing unjustly in jails? Is that pleasure? Sado-masochism is a ploy of devilry. Can you not, the satanic brutality in these ever-increasing numbers of institutions see? They are called rehabilitating and correctional centres very hypocritically, but in truth they are energy extraction centres, for the evil system, where Evil teaches the many tormented minds of innocent victims not Good, which it can never do, for it has no Good to give, but how to be even more deranged demonically so that it assures its future harvest of energy.
Do you not think it is strange that so many of the population are forever calling for more and more of these horrible, horrible, iniquitous torture centres? The reason for that is because the majority are evil and no thought of True Love, of forgiveness, of true rehabilitation, into their black hearts and closed, bigoted, ignorant minds ever, in reality, enters.
If this truly was La Dolce Vita, they would sweeten it even more for the misfortunates who are forced in many ways to deviate from the righteous path, and
change conditions so that crime would decrease, and conditions being so good, from temptations those previously disadvantaged would desist.
But that will never happen, for the evil scoundrels, who are the major part of the population, would then not share in the nefarious energy feast which they share with the sponsoring ghoul of this all, none other than the demiurge, Yahweh, Jehovah, Satan, the Fool, the Moloch Beast! 
Is it pleasure that is felt by the 50,000 infants who will die today from preventable causes? How sweet was their brief life? Or is it, as I contend, an unjustifiable tragedy?
It seems to me you have never seen a child die or its distraught parents struck by such evil, fatally.
What joy is there in unfaithfulness, in motor accident deaths, in fatal drug overdoses, in rape?
We are nonchalant, almost oblivious to these things until we are affected intimately, personally, then pain, and not pleasure, in them we see.
And the suffering of war is something we truly all should, if not programmed by evil, totally abhor. Scarred for life are victims of such violence and they live a nightmare when affected by bellicosity. Only a fool would value such warring atrocity.
Scientific destruction is no more pleasurable than any other form of mass destruction as I can see. Look at how scientists have wrecked this world acting
as they have so uncaringly, so wantonly.
Lies and propaganda from whatever the source, especially in the media, have added to our distress and increased the mockery of life, of course. 
What pleasure, pray, I ask, is there in the falsehood of advertising and talk of a spurious brotherhood?
Religious rhetoric delivered constantly, so deceptively, as religious hierarchies increase pain ubiquitously, simply has confirmed the deceit of life earthly. In them, pleasure, intelligibly, cannot be.
Add the hatefulness of racism, patriotism, nationalism, and we have the recipe for friction which leads everywhere to clashes and deaths in tragically unnecessary,
evil-created, explosive, perpetuating, contradiction, and much energy-rendering, for the Moloch.
Who is having more fun according to you then, the honest adult who is ripped off by the system in every way, and for the privilege made unfairly to pay, or a child sexually molested, abused and made miserable, and scarred for life? 
What about the young and old victims of genocide, from deadly war, from starvation forced to hide?
Who find more pleasure in their lives, those blown up by landmines, by bombs they never see or hear, or those having throats slit by knives?
What about indigenes on the globe everywhere, bullied by brutal police, and by rorting politicians who for others have no care?
The increasing incidents of suicide in the elderly and in desperate juveniles clearly tell me they're not having fun at all. Life for them, so stark, so bleak, is no
celebration; they are certainly not at a ball! For them life is not sweet.
Many others to end their anxieties and terror seek escapism in drugs and overdose even, to leave this prison. Others perversely engage in paedophilia as a must.
What pleasure has the raped child whose life is reduced to prostitution or to a worth less than dust?
Those who seek fun in sport often practice murder by killing animals instead of seeking peace further. Only a demon would find perverse pleasure in seeing
lambs being torn apart by wolves, or penguins eaten by sharks, or even seals ripped apart by bears. Such visions are but destructive evil which tears at the hearts of any non-evil, loving beings.
O what a sham this life really is, with its pain, its oppression, its tyranny, its fraudulent show. This exposé has confirmed to my mind, more than ever, it must not last; it all has to soon go.
Even if we picture a Western child playing in a garden, joyfully its business wanting to mind, we can see the toxic lead in the air, and the microwave radiation around, to it being most unkind.
And what about the ubiquitous, unrelenting fear of many things, in which most people live? How much thought to that did you give? Unless they understand from a Gnostic point of view what this barbaric and very evil realm is all about, they bury their fears and go into denial as they feign happiness and from useless pursuits they
claim, like you, that wanted pleasure they rout.
Many are programmed, as if stoically, not to complain as if, in the acceptance of their misery, there is gain, but although they may say nothing openly, they cannot always hide their psychic pain.
Indeed, the disguise of their fear is very poor, for doctors and psychiatrists, psychologists and other health workers everywhere cannot fit all the fearful patients in their waiting rooms and close the door. Most who attend are sick, not from physical illness, but from the effects of their known and unknown fears, and such a life they do not really hold all that sweet or dear.
And in those with physical illness, it is not pleasure that I see when I practise as, for example, pleading eyes seek the nature of a breast lump and beg for reassurance, from me, to them come near so they can dispel the obvious deadly fear.
Many a serious diagnosis gives rise, in spiritually unawakened minds, to the deadly Gloom of Doom, and the fear reverberated in them like a boom, shattering the illusion that their life was so sweet and well.
It is then, confronted by their inescapable mortality that they reveal the pain and misery of this hell, regardless of how previously they said pleasurably in it, in their jobs, in their dishonesty, they did dwell.
When the pain, physical, emotional, psychic, earnest health professionals now try to ease, more often than not with time's inappropriateness do they muddle and even increase iatrogenic disease and this does not, the suffering patients, please.
Even when apparently perfectly physically well, more and more now live with several secret keys behind locked doors, to prevent unwanted entries. Thieves everywhere threaten all; and many other threats, in every aspect of existence, do not please. Why even rubbish tins are chained and padlocked, in cities whose citizens' anguish cannot be blocked.
Psychosomatic diseases have increased explosively. If this was a world of pleasure, that would not be. Antidepressants, tranquillizers, and mind-numbing intoxicants are the best sellers in the world, for sure. Can we say these victims of fearfulness are immersed in a life of fulfilment and pleasure galore?
Of course not! They are wrecks with emotionalism in the form of baggage which ruins their lives and for many years now in practice I do see them. I have seen the pain, I have seen the tears. Many premature deaths result from untold fears. 
I will admit there appear to be many who gain perverse pleasure from the evils of this world and from the unrelenting suffering of others. Entertainment has taken a turn for much the worse as with stupid, senseless violence actors rehearse, or else stories are produced with distortions upon distortions to camouflage this plane's ruse and curse.
Of ignorant, perverse profanity is it a measure when fools describe this as a world of pleasure. It is an evil-created torture chamber to be sure, and with innumerable more examples of exploitation and iniquity against this evil system I could roar.
The Law of Inverse and Diminishing Returns seems to operate alongside Murphy's Law efficiently. Hence, whenever some gain is made initially, many a recipient seems to be trapped nefariously, by hubris, ego's self-aggrandizement or gluttony,
so that more and more does he, or she, seek of gain in which less and less satisfied he, or she, will be.
Lust acts destructively in the exact same way and many for its supposed pleasure tragically do pay. We have all seen this often and see well where greed destroys avaricious demons of hell.
Knowledge and its acquisition you would think could be pursued freely, innocently, patiently, joyously, but really, the system will not even let that be. Most of what is available is rhetorical absurdity which one must repeat to gain a higher degree.
Other books like the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, etc., which are protected by law in many places where it is unwise and unlawfully dangerous to criticize, are full of nonsense, myths, half-truths and lies. 
The most popular books are purposefully salacious, of soft pornography, pandering to appetites rapacious. Or else they are of untruthful, so-called philosophies which tell evil ones how good they are, and will be. Naturally those of dark hearts soak up this sophistry and increase their illusion as they bury truth deceitfully.
And, as the last disappointment for all, is it not the case that those whom we elect
to safeguard what little we have of social security often turn out to be the very vultures who rort the system most and treat us all despicably?
I am referring to none other than our politicians whose mendaciousness is matched only by that of lawyers, whom, with misfortune, one may be needing, even against one's wish, when into serious matters one is compelled by this crooked system, and into its noxious, badly misnamed, so-called Justice system one is forced to initiate some proceeding.
They, in turn, are no worse or better than the clergy to whom quite a few turn,
in ignorance, for understanding, or for counselling, or perhaps for spurious forgiveness and for illicit mercy.
I have not done a hatchet job on the idea people like you have of pleasure in what you want to call La Dolce Vita. I have simply detailed the truth of things and alluded to the fact that life for all should be, indeed will be, if they are deserving, far, far, better!
Awakening to the absurdity that is stupidly called La Dolce Vita, The Sweet Life, is what leads real thinkers to this, my valid conclusion, and to the much longed-for solution.
It is then that unrestrained joy, in our lives, no matter how apparently miserable,
and God's happiness, we can rightfully employ.
Hence, if you really want to know the truth and the value of this land as a final score, awaken from your damaging illusion and see the misery, the real pain of others, and not just your own selfish pseudo-pleasure. 
This, I sincerely implore. As I see it, the greatest pleasure for viables is in the thought
that this horrible, horrible, evil-created nightmare will soon end. We owe sincere thanks to the Real Godforce, for this realization not only awakens us, but also,
protects us mentally so that we are not driven, in desperation, by Evil, at this obviously fracturing Endtime, round the bend, into the depths of the engulfing, ubiquitous Terminal Madness."
© J Chiappalone 2010 - All Rights Reserved

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