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Rothschild World Domination Plan
Via Private Nuclear Weapons
When nuclear power is eliminated from the hands of all nationalist
governments, the Rothschilds will control their own as a monopoly and their secret private
space-based delivery system as well. Say hello to your new god.

By Dick Eastman

Obama's Plan for Elimination of Nation-Controlled Nuclear Power is a revival of the "Baruch Plan" for a world government monopoly of nuclear weapons, ensuring that no individual nation could control atomic power either for defense or peaceful uses. Under the Baruch Plan (a plan worked out with Rothschild agent and infiltrated communist agent Secretary of State Dean Acheson and David Lilienthal, the Lazard Freres head of the US Atomic Energy Commission, who invented the term "multinational corporation" and who later founded, with money from Lazard Freres, the international engineering venture company, Development and Resources Corporation, funded by governments and following the model Lilienthal developed from experience gained heading the Tennessee Valley Authority, the US's first great socialist development project. The Development and Resources Corporation functioned much like Halliburton, Schlumberger and Tesco. Although originally funded by Lazard Freres, the company was later bought by the oldest son of Nelson Rockefeller, Rodman Rockefeller, president of the International Basic Economy Corporation (a pioneer and leader in commercial genetics and global agribusiness ­ Rodman also was the American co-chair of the Mexico-United States Business Committee which produced the North American Free Trade Agreement -- but Development and Resources Corporation foundered when the Shah of Iran was overthrown by a movement of Moslem nationalists abrogated all contracts with the company.
Baruch invented the term Cold War, just as his owned minion Winston Churchill invented the term "Iron Curtain." Lilienthal, for a time, headed that part of the Military Industrial Complex that kept the US in atomic weapons, in an arms race bankrolled with borrowings from Lazard Freres and other Rothschild-allied investment banks.
As I was saying, the Obama Plan is simply the latest attempt at implementing a version of the Baruch Plan for a monopoly of atomic power by international power unanswerable to any nation.
Baruch, Acheson and Lilenthal proposed an International Atomic Development Authority with complete power over atomic development all over the world and complete power to use atomic power to prevent atomic power. The movie The Day the Earth Stood Still was based on a story that was propaganda for the Baruch Plan, with the UN AEC taking the part of all-powerful and indestructible Gort the robot ­ the message laid out by Clatu the representative of the "united planets" being: "follow us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration." When nations no longer have control of nuclear power only Zionist Internationalism (the interests now running the United States against the interests of the American people) will have them and peace and cheap electricity will not be their primary function.
Obama's plan to eliminate all nuclear power from countries not under total Rothschild control and then to phase it away from governments completely so that only weapons secretly in the hands of the Money Power's own secret private (mercenary power above the armed forces of national powers) will exist to rule the earth brooking no interference from any organization of resistance.
When nuclear power is eliminated from the hands of all nationalist governments -- Iran is one of the last -- the Rothschild interests will have a monopoly of true nuclear super-power status -- a term that today is absurdly applied to the United States which no less a Rothschild asset than is Israel, a nation the Rothschilds' have won in a financial crap game using loaded dice. those of the "approved" Zionist internationalist arsenals and their secret private space-based capability as well.
If you doubt this than you have failed to thing long enough on the power of secret multi-trillionaires who control a monopoly of credit in the world as well as a network of secret societies that have worked to place their members in every geopolitical strategic point throughout the world ­ including China, Russia and India. Not only does the Jewish money power control secret stockpiles of nuclear weapons (in addition to the secret arsenal of Israel -- likely known only to Zionist Jews and any others whose absolutel loyal to the Money Power dynasties has been firmly established.
I should mention also here my conclusion that Baruch Plan nuclear domination of the species will also be augmented by already existing systems of weaponized weather modification and the ability to destroy and coercively control through what may be called weaponized private international credit monopoly.
The Obama plan is no more for world peace and the peaceful development of cheap energy for mankind that was the Baruch Plan.
Once the threat of even the potential of non-Jewish-controlled atomic weapons that could threaten Jerusalem and Jewish global supremacy is eliminated, you will see a ruthless arrogance against all critics of Jews that will make all previous genocides of history (both real and imagined) pale in comparison.
Obama is working for the Rothschilds and his plan for eliminating atomic weapons from the hands of representative governments (like the US wishes it still was) and national governments (like Iran) will render Obama's masters the Lords of the Earth (which they pretty much are already.) With this final power over others, Zionism will become not so much a global nobility as a global divinity with the power of Gods over men ­ the bankers having stolen from general mankind the gift of Prometheus so they can lord over them with impunity.
I wish Iran luck -- but they are in big trouble because they mistakenly believed that Putin was independent and would back them up. The truth is Iran has no friends it can count on, even as Iran may be one of the few nations remaining that the American people, if they understood their true best interests, could call their friend.
The Obama's Baruch Plan is probably going to succeed -- just like Obama's (formerly Hillary Clinton's) Health Care Plan.
I've looked at the leaders you keep throwing up for me to get behind -- Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Ralph Nader, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura...and on that basis I can tell you with confidence -- you're getting the new Baruch Plan and you have earned it.
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